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What’s Going to Happen on Election Day?

Well, here we are. Countdown to 1 day until Election Day 2018 and the verdict rendered by voters in the midterms will soon be...

Trump Predictions Reviewed From 2017

Happy New Year. It’s 2018, so what can we say about 2017? Or, more precisely, what DID they say about 2017? Even more precisely,...

Professor Who Predicted Trump Win Now Predicts Impeachment

Last year, when Donald Trump’s approval ratings were even lower than they are now, one, lone voice said that Trump would likely win the...

Forget the Polls—Many Signs Point to Trump Win

At least artificial intelligence thinks Donald Trump will win. No kidding. That really is the story. CNBC reports that Trump is...

Technical Indicators Point to a Trump Win

The polls have been up and down this year, so it’s been hard to figure out who would win. Part of the problem...

Maps Show Various Views of the Campaign

We love maps. It’s so much easier to look at a graphic and see how the campaign is going, without having to dig...

Forecasts, Forecasts, Get Your Forecast Here!

Everybody likes to make predictions, especially now, while we’re at the actual beginning of the “fall” campaign. So let’s take a moment to...