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What’s Going to Happen on Election Day?

Well, here we are. Countdown to 1 day until Election Day 2018 and the verdict rendered by voters in the midterms will soon be...

NBC: Republicans Edge Democrats in Early Voting Nationwide

According to findings by NBC News, Republicans are actually leading Democrats in early vote counts based on the nationwide numbers. As it stands today,...

Trump Rides Migrant Caravan to Election Day

We're just 5 short days out from Election Day next week, and both sides are making a final push toward the goal line, sparing...
Halloween Midterm 2018 News Roundup

Trick or Treat: Halloween 2018 Midterm News Roundup

Alright, folks, we're less than a week out now from Election Day next Tuesday. The month of October seems to have flown by and...

Blue Wave Rises as Kavanaugh Fades?

Well, Democrats see it rising in their quest to take back the House, but maybe not the Senate. New data which follows the post-Kavanaugh...
Trump Biden Midterm Rally 2018

Will Trump’s Midterm Barnstorming Save the House?

In the remaining days of the 2018 midterm campaign, President Trump is attempting to completely capture the narrative and will spend a lot of...

Democrats Fearful of 2018 Election Day Disaster

Despite history saying Democrats should win, despite electoral models saying Democrats should win, and despite President Trump's approval rating saying Democrats should win, some...

The Urban-Rural Divide May Define the 2018 Midterm Elections

There are often demographic differences between voters: income level, gender, age, etc., but there is one difference that cuts across all those barriers and...

Kavanaugh Dragging Down GOP Midterm Prospects

The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court is still in limbo after a long weekend of will she/won't she over...

How Presidential Approval Affects Midterm Losses

A party's performance in midterm elections, which are classified as elections outside a Presidential year midway through the President's term, is often tied closely...

Rundown of Midterm Polls From Wisconsin to Texas

Aside from Cohen-palooza happening in DC, where Democrats think they now have an opening to paint the GOP as a corrupt enterprise, there are...

Some Primaries Tuesday Will Decide November Midterm

Wake up! We’re finally rolling toward the midterm elections. After months of special elections, and months of, well, nothing, we’re having our first big...