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Justin Amash Ends Libertarian Presidential Bid

A month ago, we had an article saying that Michigan’s Justin Amash was looking into a run for president. We have noted...

Will Libertarian Justin Amash Hurt Trump or Biden More?

It was often said that 2016 should have been the year for a third-party bid to intrude into the general election with a stronger...

Could We Have a Real Trump-Biden-Amash-Ventura Race in 2020?

This is, indeed, an unusual year, even without considering Covid-19. It may go down as the year third parties broke the two-party...

Could We See Justin Amash Run Third-Party in 2020?

Justin Amash was the only Republican who has dared to stand up to Donald Trump. And, so, he had to leave the “Trump Party.”...
Donald Trump Justin Amash Impeachment

Trump’s Impeachment Fate Is Controlled By Republicans (Part 2)

Over the weekend, Michigan’s Republican representative Justin Amash announced that he feels that the Robert Mueller report clearly shows that Donald Trump did obstruct...
Justin Amash Donald Trump 2020

Justin Amash May Run for President as a Libertarian

Reader Starchild asked if we cover third-party candidates. Well, if they make news, we do. Mostly, what we do here is scan all forms...