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Libertarian Party 2020 Platform

Where Do Libertarians Fit in the 2020 Landscape?

Reader Starchild has complained that the media focus on the two major parties, making it impossible for other candidates to get a hearing—which, of...

Race Spotlight: Nevada Senate – Rosen (D) vs. Heller (R)

Dean Heller, the incumbent Senator from Nevada, has been called the most vulnerable Republican in the Senate. Donald Trump lost the state of Nevada...

Race Spotlight: Texas Senate – Cruz (R) vs. O’Rourke (D)

Looking at the toss-up Senate seats in 2018, so far we've covered Florida, Indiana and Tennessee. Each state has a close race that will...

Race Spotlight: Tennessee Senate – Blackburn (R) vs. Bredesen (D)

Reader Zulalily asked for info on the Tennessee race, so we moved it up in the order of our “Race Spotlight” series. Ask and...

Looking Deeper in the Polls, Here’s the Good News for Trump

You'd think the end was near and the President will be handing in a resignation letter soon depending on which media outlet you watch....