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Halloween Midterm 2018 News Roundup

Trick or Treat: Halloween 2018 Midterm News Roundup

Alright, folks, we're less than a week out now from Election Day next Tuesday. The month of October seems to have flown by and...
2018 Midterm Important Races

9 Must-Watch Races on Election Day 2018

With literally hundreds of House races to watch, and another 30 or so Senate races, where should you be looking on election night if...

Recap: Tuesday’s Primary Results in AZ, FL and OK

As we noted yesterday, some states are still in primary season in the run-up to the 2018 midterm election on November 6, 2018. Arizona...

Rundown of Midterm Polls From Wisconsin to Texas

Aside from Cohen-palooza happening in DC, where Democrats think they now have an opening to paint the GOP as a corrupt enterprise, there are...

What Tuesday’s Primary Results Mean For November

There were few surprises in the latest “Super Tuesday” primary elections. In California, Democrats avoided being left off the November ballot, and in New...

Election Day 2017: Watching Virginia (and New Jersey)

It's Election Day, and most localities will be voting on town council seats or state referendums. Except in Virginia and New Jersey, where voters...