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Rand Paul opponents see opening on foreign policy

Notable mainly in that Rand Paul, out of the entire GOP field, stands outside the norm in terms of Republican foreign policy, so he...

GOP rift over whether invasion of Iraq was justified

The new question of choice to ask the 2016 Republican contenders is whether, given "what we know now," the United States should have launched...

2016 contenders sound off on Iranian nuclear deal

The Obama administration has announced some kind of initial framework towards a deal with the country of Iran over the topic of nuclear weaponization....

Rubio Slams Rand Paul on Cuba Policy Response; Update: Paul Responds

Don't look now, but the 2016 presidential campaign just shifted from the back burner into at least a low simmer on the front burner....

Candidates beefing up foreign policy credentials before 2016

As the world continues burning, foreign policy will likely play an expanded role in the 2016 presidential election, when compared to 2012. A lot...

Rick Perry calls out Rand Paul on foreign policy

Between this intentional move to differentiate himself as a candidate and his spotlight on the border issue, the alternate headline could be "Rick Perry...