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The ‘Power’ of a Donald Trump Endorsement

Just over a week ago, JT Lewis, a candidate for Connecticut’s 28th District at the State Senate level, claimed that President Trump was “73-0”...

Midterms Becoming Trump vs. Obama

Last week, President Obama released a list of 81 candidates across the country which have received his endorsement for their midterm election in November....

Republicans Fall In and Out of Line Behind Trump

Since Donald Trump claimed the mantle of "presumptive" GOP nominee on Tuesday, Republican power brokers and elected officials have been called on to decide...

Are Endorsements Now a Negative?

Why did Ted Cruz pick Carly Fiorina as a running mate? After all, she’s like Ted in a skirt, not a balance. ...

Will President Obama endorse a successor in the primaries?

With Hillary Clinton likely running in 2016 alongside Vice President Joe Biden, will President Obama be swayed to endorse one or the other before...