With Hillary Clinton likely running in 2016 alongside Vice President Joe Biden, will President Obama be swayed to endorse one or the other before a nominee is officially chosen? If I recall, President Bush stayed out of the endorsement business until after John McCain had clenched the nomination in March of 2008. Will President Obama do the same or will he feel compelled to push a candidate who more closely shares his ideology?

Report from the Huffington Post:

President Barack Obama is keeping to himself his favorite to succeed him in the White House.

But Obama does say that Joe Biden “will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history.” He didn’t endorse Biden in his interview with CBS News.

Biden is saying once again that he hasn’t decided whether to run. He says the mounting speculation shouldn’t be a problem.

Biden says, quote, “There is nothing I would do differently if I absolutely knew I wasn’t going to run or I absolutely knew I was.” Obama said there will be tough competition for the Democratic Party nomination in 2016 and cited an “extraordinary secretary of state.” He was referring to Hillary Rodham Clinton, without invoking her name. Clinton hasn’t said if she’ll run.

I’m not shocked that the President isn’t naming anyone right now, it’s too early to know who is officially running. However, will he be compelled to endorse his Vice President who served under him for what will be eight years? Will the President jump on the Hillary bandwagon and bypass Biden? I think it’s more likely he stays quiet for quite a long time.


  1. Bob: Sounds about right. There is no upside. Besides, I think Obama wouldn’t be surprised if Clinton stumbles, and he doesn’t want be blamed for hurting her, either by supporting her, or by not.

    But this speculation is really just too much time to fill in the 24-hour news biz. Presidents want to be seen as “statesmen” as they leave office. Usually, they fade away. Truman did, Ike did, Reagan did, and Bush 41 did.

    JFK, Nixon, Ford, and GHW Bush did not leave a second term, in a position to support an heir apparent. LBJ did throw his support to Humphrey, but that probably hurt him more than help him.

    Bill Clinton is unusual as the only ex-president I can think of who became heavily involved politically after leaving office.

  2. Bob:

    LBJ is worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy. He worked his butt off to pass JFK’s laws, but no matter what he did, the public still saw him as not-as-good-as JFK.

    And, of course, he was stuck with the Vietnam War. Because of that one issue, LBJ became a pariah–yet, he saw no way out of it.

    Humphrey was horrified that he couldn’t escape LBJ’s shadow, even though HHH was as different from LBJ as LBJ was from JFK. It would have been better for Humphrey if LBJ had stayed neutral.

  3. Or, Obama declares Martial Law come 2016 — then appoints himself as the next Caligula for life….?

    LOL — sounds laughable…but, I don’t think the African Kenyan will go away without an Unconstitutional Coup d’état try…all his unconstitutional moves he’s made so far are calculated for his Final Putsch against our Free Republic (owns the DHS militants, the NSA, and the media)!

    Long Live King Bama — we’ll be singing that before long…(to get a piece of bread in the FEMA Camps he’s constructing for US as we post)!

    We can live without the Sun, but can’t live without Obama!
    Our youth is for Obama, BIG Communist Heil Hussein:


  4. Nate: “I think it’s more likely he stays quiet for quite a long time.”

    You got that right — hopefully behind bars will Obama stay quiet for quite a long time…a LIFETIME in prison (since he NEVER showed his real Birth Certificate, but a phoney one online)!

    All American Citizens MUST show their Birth Certificates BY LAW to get a Drivers License, US Passport, a JOB!

    But Obama is ABOVE THE LAW — he isn’t compelled to show his to get the Job of US President…WHY?!

    Is Obama more equal than the rest of US?!?!

    If there is still Justice for All, than Obama must either show his REAL Birth Certificate, or go to Jail for refusing to do so, by disobeying the Law of the Land!

    Once found he was born in Kenya — Barrack Hussein Obama must be removed from the Office of the Presidency, and placed in Jail as a Phoney Usurper of the White House (and sentenced to Life without Parole)!

    This should be the final story of Barrack Hussein!

    Nothing else will do Justice!

  5. That does bring up another question. After Obama leaves office, what will he do?

    He really doesn’t enjoy politics the way Bill Clinton does. It’s in Bill’s blood. But Obama will be plenty young when he leaves office.

    I don’t see him campaigning, but I could see him trying to get an ambassador job. Or maybe president of a college?

    I suppose he might start a foundation, or political movement of some kind. He has a lot of organization. Maybe he’ll try to get grassroots support for issues he couldn’t get passed as president?

    • Goethe Behr — if there is any justice left in this nation, Obama will spend the rest of his years writing how a Kenyan born got to be US President…while counting the bars in his prison cell.

      • Technically speaking, if Justin Bieber ran for president, I don’t think that would be against the law. Also not sure it would against the law to vote for him.

        The Constitution says only a “natural born citizen” is eligible. So, it seems to me, if you wanted to push the issue on legal grounds, Obama wouldn’t be the one breaking the law, nor the voters.

        It would be John Roberts–who swore him in and determined–with the nation’s ultimate legal voice–that he was qualified. If Obama were not qualified, Roberts is the only one breaking the law.

        • Goethe Behr — nonsense.

          The swearer asked the sworn (Obama) to verify the oath.

          Obama knew he was not US Born, thus Obama is the only one that needs to be jailed for life (not the one that took his word for it)!

          What’s a Justin Beaver?

  6. Barrack Hussein Obama will go to speak on many more venues.

    Knowing that, I urge all Americans that attend such, to carry their actual Birth Certificates in their hands!

    And when Obama opens his mouth — interrupt him with the following:

    “Hey, here are our GENUINE American Birth Certificates we are waving in your face, before you open your mouth Obama, shows us your real one!”

    In other words — put up or shut up!

    The MSM reporters won’t do it, since they are afraid of him, and what he’ll do to them, BUT FREE CITIZENS must not be afraid — just ask Obama to show what we MUST all show to get a job!

    • Surf:

      I seriously don’t think anybody else gives a crap.

      That arcane little clause has some value. It saves us from having a President Justin Bieber. But that’s really the only value of it–to make sure that Americans are ruled by an American. And we got that. Zzzzzzzzzz.

      • Goethe Behr — why would you think that it is immaterial if the President of the USA has gotten this office under FALSE PRETENSES?!

        This is a High Crime (punishable by Death or Life Imprisonment), but since Obama is considered black, it is politically incorrect to point it out?!

        On similar grounds, Ted Cruz is not to be allowed to run for the Presidency, according to you.

        So, what makes Obama a special “exemption” from the Rule of Law?

        There is an easy solution to this — SHOW US YOUR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, OBAMA, and the story ends, EITHER WAY!

        It’s the EITHER WAY why Obama won’t show his, since he knows he was not US Born — why else REFUSE IT!


        • Surf:

          No, I don’t think it’s any kind of crime to run for president. If anyone is guilty of a crime, it would be John Roberts, who, as Chief Justice, swore him in–and made the determination that it was a legal act. If he was wrong, he did not do his “due diligence.”

          The eligibility clause was of value only because at the time of the signing, it was not unusual for the leader of one country to suddenly become the leader of another, through marriage or consent.

          As for Cruz, it is supreme irony that the party that went WAY out on that limb is making itself look so ridiculous by doing a total 180. I said Cruz shouldn’t be considered only because it makes the party look so utterly ridiculous after throwing a tantrum about Obama.

          But, basically, I don’t think anyone gives a crap about this so-called “issue,” one way or the other.

          • Goethe Behr — are you saying that this part of the US Constitution is now, somehow “magically” invalid?


            That’s what Obama is trying to do, to invalidate the US Constitution…and these actions on themselves alone, are High Crimes against our nation.

            If Obama was white, he’d be in jail by now…!

            That’s the sad part — that his color gives him a “get out of jail” free pass!

            • No. To everything there is a season.

              The time to argue the birth certificate issue was before the swearing in. Once he was sworn in, the issue was moot.

              You can complain about drones and NSA, but birtherpalooza is a dead issue. If the GOP tried to bring it up now, they would assure Hillary’s (or whoever’s) election in2016.

              Clinton became one of our most popular recent presidents because the GOP beat the Lewinski dead horse. You’ll assure sympathy for Obama at this point if you make a birther fuss.

  7. Surfisher…did you actually read what you posted? It is openly sympathetic to George Clooney. The writer concluded his piece by quoting Rande Gerber: “We weren’t drunk,” says Gerber, who is married to Cindy Crawford. “This wasn’t about politics. It was about George standing up for a friend.”

    • Tess: I got sucked into the same story. AOL made it sound as if Clooney were abusive and so drunk he couldn’t stand up BUT when I followed the link, it was clear that Wynn made a personal attack, and Clooney just walked out. I checked several links, and as Clooney said, there were eight people at the table, and no one is supporting Wynn’s account of the episode.

    • Tess — did you miss the point…?… again!

      That Clooney is another hollywood trash that supports Obama!

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