The media has certainly embraced the “inevitable” story line with regard to Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Democratic nomination, but many Democrats in the base of the party have not. Notable are the sentiments in the early caucus state of Iowa where Democrats are not so eager to crown Hillary as the nominee, at least not without a robust debate.

Report from Marketwatch:

Iowa Democratic leaders say they are troubled by the prospect that Hillary Clinton could win the state’s 2016 presidential caucuses without a serious challenge, a view primarily rooted in a desire for a more liberal candidate or at least a robust debate about the party’s policies and direction.

Interviews with more than half of Democratic chiefs in Iowa’s 99 counties show a state party leadership so far reluctant to coalesce behind Clinton. County Democratic officials also voiced qualms about Clinton’s ability to win a general election and her fundraising ties to Wall Street firms and corporations, which remain a target of liberal ire.

Many county officials said they would like to see senators including Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont enter the race, though they were split over whether any could gain traction and overtake Clinton.

“My heart wouldn’t be in it for Hillary to the extent that it might be if it was a different candidate,” said Jennifer Herrington, chair of the Page County Democrats in southwest Iowa. “I admire Hillary, she’d be a great president, but you know, she isn’t my first choice I guess.”

It’s these types of sentiments that open the door for other candidates to at least take on the formidable challenge. Hillary Clinton lost the Iowa caucus back in 2008 so she is not invincible within the borders of the Hawkeye State.