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Former 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate To Speak At 2020 Democratic Convention

Which 2016 candidate, you ask? Why, it's Ted Cruz, of course. No, just kidding, Cruz is all-in with the Trump campaign in 2020. It's...

Will Philadelphia Get Off as Easy as Cleveland Did?

On another page, we wondered if there would be violence around the GOP convention in Cleveland, like the violence around the Democratic convention in...

Parties Take Turns Tearing Themselves Apart

This year, the unexpected should have become the expected, yet still we are surprised. The GOP primaries looked increasingly raucous, even bawdy (“small...

Bernie Backers Still in Battle Mode

In 1973, the New York Mets were in last place in the pennant race. Manager Yogi Berra, who was known to turn a phrase,...

Could Dem Convention Dump Both Hillary and Bernie?

Tuesday’s the day. Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly gain the handful of delegates she needs to get the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. But only with...

Bernie Sanders Starts Calling for a Contested Democratic Convention

The news seemed to suggest that Bernie Sanders was giving up. He lost big the last few weeks. Like Donald Trump, Hillary...

Bernie Will Fight On to Philadelphia, Even if Counted Out in New York

This week’s Democratic debate on Thursday could determine the nomination, for all practical purposes. If Bernie Sanders loses big in New York, as polls...

Democrats choose Philadelphia to hold 2016 national convention

After much deliberation and the appearance of New York City as the front runner, the Democratic National Committee announced today that the city of...

New York now off the 2016 Democratic Convention short list?

Given the recent events in New York City regarding police actions, the murder of two police officers, and the rhetoric of Mayor Bill de...