This week’s Democratic debate on Thursday could determine the nomination, for all practical purposes. If Bernie Sanders loses big in New York, as polls suggest, his path to Philadelphia may be “condemned.” Hillary Clinton will have broken his string. Does that mean he’ll quit? I doubt it.

The importance of New York makes Thursday’s Debate in Brooklyn (sounds like the title of a boxing match), critical. If Bernie knocks out Hillary in this round, he has a shot at the title. (We got tired of “horse race” metaphors.) And by the way, we usually use first names for Dem candidates because “Clinton” still means “Bill” to most people, and Bernie has actually preferred using his first name (“feel the Bern,” etc.).

The candidates are not taking it easy. Hillary has delivered some body blows.

“I have noticed that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in New York, Sen. Sanders has had trouble answering questions,” Clinton said, a reference to the senator’s interview with the New York Daily News editorial board. “He has had trouble answering questions about his core issue, namely, dealing with the banks. He has had trouble answering foreign policy questions.”

Sanders struggled to cite how he would break up big banks during his interview with the New York paper, a fact the Clinton campaign has revisited repeatedly ahead of the April 19 primary in New York. . .

But NewsHub suggests she should not question Bernie’s right to run as a Democrat.

Trying to insinuate that only “real” Democrats should be allowed to run for office through the Democratic Party is a risky tactic. How many of Clinton’s fellow endorsers used to not be Democrats? The political sphere is riddled with “turncoats” and “evolvers” who switched from one party to another. And Clinton is among them: As a teenager, the devout conservative was a volunteer “Goldwater Girl” for 1964 Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater.

And, in this corner, Bernie has been hitting hard on the environment.

Bernie Sanders, campaigning across New York State on Monday, called for a nationwide ban on fracking and pointedly criticized Hillary Clinton for her record and stances on environmental issues. . .

The senator also pushed back against many who question whether Mr. Sanders’s proposed policies — a single-payer health care system, tuition-free public colleges and an expansion of Social Security — are achievable.

“What may have been considered unrealistic or pie in the sky just a few years ago has now been achieved in New York because you made it happen,” Mr. Sanders said.

Here’s a Bernie “left hook” on fracking:

But when it comes to campaign commercials, you can’t beat having the “Voice of God” in your corner—Morgan Freeman.

Meanwhile, Hillary is jabbing Bernie on guns.

When challenged on his gun stances, he frequently says, I represent Vermont; it’s a small rural state. Here is what I want you to know: Most of the guns that are used in crimes and violence and killings in New York come from out of state, she said.

And the state that has the highest per-capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in New York come from Vermont. This is not, Oh no, I live in a rural state, we don’t have any of these problems.

The LA Times has offered questions that should be asked (edited for space).

FINANCIAL REGULATION–What’s wrong with your opponent’s plan? Why shouldn’t we take both measures?

FINANCIAL TRANSFER TAX–Sanders has called for a tax on financial trading as a way to raise federal revenue. . .Clinton. . .called for a much narrower tax only on computer-driven “high-frequency trading.”

PANAMA PAPERS–Is there anything the next president should do to fix this problem? Is there anything more the federal government can do to stop U.S. corporations and individuals from avoiding taxes by stashing money abroad?

ISLAMIC STATE–Should the United States lead a ground force — including U.S. troops — to take Raqqa?

NATION BUILDING–Should the United States return to the Cold War approach of supporting autocratic regimes — in Egypt, for example — in search of more stability?

DEALING WITH CONGRESS–How do you propose to avoid continued gridlock and dysfunction? Or will you aim for confrontation, and organize your presidency around the goal of capturing both houses of Congress in 2018?

OBAMA–What are the biggest mistakes Obama has made, and what have you learned from them?

Those are tough questions. And if Bernie is knocked to the mat, going back to the initial question, should Bernie Quit? Hillary apparently doesn’t think so.

“Let’s remember, I went all the way to the end in 2008,” Clinton said, referring to her Democratic primary race against then-Sen. Barack Obama. “I am not making any comment about how hard anybody competes. I am for a good, tough contest.”

This year is reminiscent of the GOP 2012 campaign. The outsider, Ron Paul, fought to the end, against “the establishment candidate.” But Ron was denied a chance to even speak at the convention, due to brand new convention rule 40(b), written just for him! It increased from five to eight, the number of states whose majority support a candidate needed to get his name into nomination. Why not six or seven? Ron might have gotten seven.

The Democrats don’t have a rule like that. And Bernie is just as adamant as Ron was to get his points across. That’s why he’ll stay in the fight, why his individual donors will continue to give, and why Bernie will keep swinging like Rocky Balboa all the way up to the convention in “The City of Brotherly Love.”


  1. I didn’t like what I just read. It’s probably correct but I’m hopeful that before Philadelphia, the Democratic Party can come together for one candidate. I don’t want questions at the upcoming debate that allow the candidates to use their buzz phrases. I want the network to have the balls to turn off the candidates microphone if/when they go past their allotted time. I actually believe we’ve heard enough. Let’s talk about comprehensive election system reform (Voter ID Laws, manner in which to expand the numbers to vote, length of time to campaign), education reform (Pre-K through High School only) , and equal pay for women reform (not in senior level positions but in mid-level and lower positions). Talk about an obstructionists Congress and ideas to restructure congress based on metrics of completion of laws, appointments, etc. (For example: No vacation or holidays or reduced pay/benefits for reduction in performance/not meeting metric). And during the debate……please, please, please…….have a moderator to dig deeper on answers to questions. With any luck it will be the last debate. Nothing to lose!!!!!!

  2. When are you going to do more than just report the “facts” as they are? When are you going to break the cycle that literally EVERY mainstream news media goes through reporting the “facts”, but not bothering to fact check them?

    Whether you decide to acknowlege it or not, these articles gave A LOT of influence over the people that read them. That makes ityour responsibility to report the TRUTH over the “facts”. Because while it’s true that Hillarry said Bernie was incapable of explaining his bank policy during an interview, this is ENTIRELY false.

    Bernie was asked how the FED would go about breaking up the banks. Despite never once mentioning the FED once, and his actual answer being Dodd Frank, when he replied I don’t know, (to the question regarding the FED), the media EXPLODED. Accusing him day after day of being clueless on ironically, a question he aswered correctly.

    The FED have nothing to do with Bernie’s plan. And the fact that you reported this without telling the truth first, makes you no better than CNN or MSNBC.

    • 1. im from swizerland and for the past 4 month your “election” has been my favourit soap opra.
      2. Guy has a point if he sais you guys must fac-check those statements. For exemple: if hilldog sais “per capita” she wants vermontg appearing at the top of that list. If she doesnt put in those two little words the argument fals apart. I wont start on that supid article wich was filled with with “got you questions” becaus the one on which a guy is bashing was by far not the only one just the one the most appritiated by media.
      3. sorry for my terribel english and greatins from swizzy

      • Thank you for your valued imput. You bring up a good point. The hypocrisy of the media’s bias towards Bernie is saddening, but unsurprising at this point.

    • As President, he should know!!!!
      Come on!!
      When it comes to playing a specific role , who ? And what? It’s different story!
      Even as you said that Birnie has nothing to do with The Fed or whatever, he still can explain and be able B to respond to the question because simply as president he should already know all the details! And that’s the purpose of the interview!

      • You should do some research. The FED don’t have the authority to break up banks. And, therefore have NOTHING to do with the question. The interviewers inserted the FED to confuse Bernie. But it didn’t work. He gave the same answer he alwaya has: Dodd Frank and Glass Deagle*.

    • Not sure to whom you’re addressing this comment. There’s no reference to “the Fed” in the article.

      • That was the entire context of the interview. Every mainstream news outlet is claiming Bernie has no policy substance based around distorted question. Hillary’s statements ate lies. You’re reporting lies, not facts. THAT is my problem with this article.

        • You misunderstand the purpose of this site. What we do is bring to you what is being said in the media, and give YOU the opportunity to discuss it.

          What strikes me is how myopic most people are. Let’s look at this article in particular.

          We quote Hillary saying, basically–nothing. Match it with Bernie talking about fracking. Then we add his commercial on the topic. For Hillary? We threw in a generic spot saying she’s nice. And said she shouldn’t question Bernie’s party loyalty, since she worked for Goldwater.

          We did quote Hillary on guns, but then added a quote from her that reads as if she wants him to stay in to the end.

          We even compared Bernie to Ron Paul, who seems to be everybody’s hero–and then compared him to ROCKY, for crying out loud.

          • Then why don’t you ever report on what matters? I recall a conversation you and I had about the possible voter suppression in Arizona where another user an I asked when you were going to do a story on it. Half of the tabloids on the map were talking about it. After you asked for a source I did just that and to this day there was still no justice given to that case.

            Just like then, now everyone is criticising Bernie about his policies while NOT ONE major outlet bothers to scrutinize the context the questions were asked in. I bet I could find 15 differrent articles on how Bernie was misrepresented in that interview, but you won’t report on it.

            And I’m willing to bet my left nut there won’t be a story about how thousands of people in NY couldn’t vote due to neglect and false party swapping last minute. Or how the districts in pro-Bernie heavy areas had their voting time CUT IN HALF from 6am-9pm to 12pm-9pm. The material is out there, I personally think you’re just intentionally ignoring it.

            • Again, you misunderstand what we do here.

              Mostly, we bring to you what is being discussed in the media, and ask YOUR opinion.

            • But you always source with website articles. Are you telling me you’ve NEVER posted an article thst hasn’t aired on natiomal TV?

              I personally think you’re missing an enormous demographic by not posting the stories people WANT to see. You don’t have to be pro-Bernie. But it wouldn’t kill you at least be skeptical.

            • A Guy:
              Is this the Nevada “suppression” you’re talking about?


              The Nevada State Democratic Party on Friday vowed to prosecute people who “violate the integrity of the caucus process” after a local College Republicans chapter encouraged GOP voters to participate in the contests of both parties.

              “After reviewing Nevada law, we believe that registering under false pretenses in order to participate in the Democratic caucuses for purposes of manipulating the presidential nominating process is a felony,” Nevada Democratic Chairwoman Roberta Lange said in a statement.

              “These Republican plans to interfere with the integrity of Nevada’s Democratic caucuses are shameful and immoral,” [Harry] Reid said in a statement. “Rather than letting voters decide and allowing our democratic system to work, Republicans are resorting to trickery and gimmicks in an attempt to subvert the will of the people. The Republican Party has long decried voter fraud, but with this latest scheme they are now encouraging it.”

              On Thursday, a College Republicans chapter at University of Nevada, Reno, encouraged its members to exploit a loophole that allows voters to switch party allegiance in time to participate in both party’s caucuses.

  3. Birnie = Trump ( listen kind of language used at Birnie’s rally!!
    You know why ? Because of his false accusations and his negative becoming more negative and more aggressive !! It will not do him any good!! Birnie is extremely desperate that he’s going crazy!!!
    Violating all his promises that his campaign will never take that dirty road!! Very disappointing!! Exactly what Trump has been doing!!

  4. Birnie Sanders, as you violated your promises about keeping your campaign more substantial and respectful, all your fake promises as free tuition and so forth which you have no plan for any of that !!
    You couldn’t come up with an answer regarding these matters as well as the foreign policies! It was embarrassing!! Go back & listen to your interview by NYDaily news!! My God! You want to be USA president!!!! Seriously!!!

    • Youre saying: bernie how dare you to fight back! Right?
      We can read no need to scream

      • I never heard Birnie being called names or accused of dealing with the devil as Birnie and his campaign has been doing to Hillary!!
        Even N Y Daily news criticized Birnie on facts: his own words showing a lack of knowledge regarding foreign policies and not being able to lay out some plans for his exciting wish list!!
        As an American, as a democrat, I’m so proud of my country the most civilized, advanced and powerful country on earth!! I was so excited watching Birnie and Hillary debating , talking about issues and very respectful civilized real American way until Birnie, and his campaign chose to start copying Trump!
        I appreciate his apology today and I hope that we all keep it in that high level to come all together at the end to defeat republicans who caused us a “huge” embarrassment missing up our image in the rest of the world’s eyes!!

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