The news seemed to suggest that Bernie Sanders was giving up. He lost big the last few weeks. Like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton won the Solid South AND the Eastern Seaboard. Donations were down, and Bernie was even laying off hundreds of workers. It seemed like the end.

Bernie’s vast network of individual donations was his strength. With many contributors of small amounts, they could give and give again. But that flow has slowed.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign raised $25.8 million in April, a notable decline from a month earlier, when he raised $44 million.

The Sanders campaign reported the latest fundraising haul on Sunday, noting that it surpassed “the campaign’s average monthly total of $17 million.”

Still, what was far more conspicuous was the decline in the most recent fundraising numbers from a month earlier.

Meanwhile, he has been cutting staff.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign started letting hundreds of field staffers go on Wednesday, hours after five states in the Northeast voted and the Vermont senator fell further behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination, five people familiar with the situation told POLITICO.

It’s not the campaign’s first round of departures, but it’s by far the most significant, coming at a time when Sanders is signaling that he is looking to shape the Democratic platform at the party’s convention, but also insisting he will remain in the race until then. . .

Sanders insisted to a crowd in Indiana on Wednesday that he is still in the race to win it, but his focus now is primarily on influencing the Democratic platform if Clinton is the nominee. He continues to seriously compete in Indiana and California, where the race is likely to be far more expensive than any other to date.

In fact, Bernie admitted how hard it would be.

“For us to win the majority of pledged delegates, we need to win 710 out of the remaining 1083,” Sanders said. “That is 65 percent. That is, admittedly, a tough road to climb.”

That’s what people thought: That Bernie was giving up on the nomination, and was focusing, instead, on getting his planks into the platform.

But suddenly—there’s talk of a contested convention on the Democratic side.

Bernie Sanders predicted Sunday that Hillary Clinton would not win enough pledged delegates to claim the nomination ahead of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, and he delivered his most forceful call yet for superdelegates in states he’s won to consider throwing their support to him. . .

Sanders said that in the states where he handily defeated Clinton, superdelegates who aren’t supporting him should reconsider aligning themselves with the will of voters of those states. . .

Clinton currently has 1,645 delegates and 520 superdelegates, while Sanders has 1,318 delegates and 39 superdelegates. In total, 2,383 delegates are needed to win the Democratic nomination.

Sanders conceded that it wouldn’t be easy for him to close the margin, but he said he would continue fighting.

At a press conference, Bernie made it quite clear.

“Let me be very clear. It is virtually impossible for Secretary Clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by June 14 with pledged delegates alone. In other words, the convention will be a contested contest.”

Meanwhile, Hillary is trying to paint herself as “the presumptive nominee,” as did Donald Trump last week. She’s trying to pull the party together, with ads such as this, focusing on women and African-Americans.

But even if she gets the nomination, it’s not going to be easy to woo back Bernie supporters. An April poll shows that one-out-of-four Bernie supporters won’t vote for Hillary.

One out of every four Bernie Sanders supporters said they will not support Hillary Clinton in the general election if she is the Democratic Party’s standard bearer, according to the results of a McClatchy-Marist poll out Wednesday. .with Sanders holding wide advantages among those younger than 30, Latinos, political independents, unmarried people and those identifying as liberals.

Clinton, meanwhile, leads by significant margins among those 60 and older, among African Americans, married people and those identifying as Democrats.

In order to win the nomination outright, Bernie would have to woo Superdelegates and also, as he says, win 65% of the pledged delegates from here on out. That’s a tough challenge. In Tuesday’s Indiana primary, for example, Real Clear Politics’ average of recent polls puts Hillary ahead, 49.7% to 43.5%. And the odds makers are giving Hillary a solid 3-to-1 chance of winning the state.

But remember, Bernie doesn’t have to win the nomination ahead of the convention. He just has to keep Hillary from winning it. However, that will be tough, too. If she can hold onto her Superdelegates, Hillary stands at 2,183 delegates (New York Times count)—just 200 short of the prize—and there are well over 1,000 yet to be awarded.


  1. Give it up, Bernie. You lost and now you’re the Ted Cruz of the Democratic Party. Pretty pathetic.

    • Hillary has manipulated the election, bought off support, and obviously can’t even handle the level of security clearance that she already has, how the hell can we trust someone like that for the head of our executive and military branches? Let alone her gross dismissal over the future of the democratic party (the American youth) for the favor of wall street. Her nomination would mark the death of the party, more my generation, which will one day be in power, will forever swear off the democratic party as the rigged game that betrayed us with crooked politics. As far as the short term goes, there’s still no chance outside of Bernie… You think America will elect her despite her lax handling of secure servers? Most of the states that she received majority in are red states anyways.. Smh it amazes me how so many people have their judgement clouded by petty issues and misplaced loyalties instead of looking at the whole picture logically rather than purely emotionally

        • Big Blue Vision is owned by head of Clinton super PAC. Brock. I hope he beats her ass in California and New Jersey. We don’t want her. Trump will beat her handily

      • The last line of your rant should be applied to all you delusional Sanders supporters. lol

        • My comments: examples given
          Your comments: mindless ranting
          But of course you’d have to have some level of intelligence to be able see that

      • Why do you guys lie to yourselves so much? Hillary has won states in every region of this country, which is more than we can say for Sanders. She has way more of the popular vote than he does and way more delegates, aside from the super delagtes. She’s not paying for the millions of people who’ve voted for her. Sanders is just not as popular as you think he is and she is more popular than you give her credit for. And your silly argument about crooked elections has been going on for decades. Most politicians have always been like Hillary or far worse, be they Democrat, Republican or independent. You think this Sanders generation is the first to ever bring these issues up? You’re not. Sure, something needs to be done about it, but it won’t happen today, it won’t happen during this election and Sanders will not be the one to bring about the necessary change. There is a far larger issue, with this election, but silly and unreasonable people like you are too upset Sanders lost to see reason. Glad MOST Democrats get it and won’t destroy the party simply because some idiots are throwing a tantrum. Moving on.

        • So debates in past years have been broadcast late night instead of primetime? Large numbers of registered democrats having their registration changed post-primary? Get your head out of Hillary’s nether regions and maybe you’ll actually be able to see clearly enough to see reality as it is – not how you wish to see it

        • Yeah she won only by voter fraud and suppression among corruption. That’s the only reason. Stop drinking the Clinton kool aide lady. She won’t be president and I will still vote for Bernie Sanders in November no matter what happens. Clinton is a liar and a criminal.

          • Yes, voter fraud only. Forget that she’s got 3,000,000 more votes than Bernie overall and he can’t win minorities and women. lol. You’re an idiot.

    • Lying,crooked Hillary is the one that’s pathetic!! By the way I’m not a democrat or republican.

      • Yeah yeah, ok. Again, Sanders lost. He fought the good fight, but he lost. It’s over. Guess he feels the need to give his $27 a piece donors what he feels they paid for, but he’s hurting the Democratic side by doing so. Which makes him petty and stupid.

        • To try to make logic of Sanders…where there is none, is a waste of time. At one time I thought he was looking for a graceful exit. Another, the wishes of the people with the popular vote. And now……he is intentionally damaging the Democratic Party. Is that because he is an Independent? Or a Socialist? I would question whether Sanders has become corrupted with the system, with the power and the money.

          • I think he’s as deluded as the people who think he still has a chance of winning the nomination.

          • The grammatical errors run rampant amongst your post… You and Jenny are displaying quite well that Hillary exploits the uneducated with just as much fervor as Trump

          • Whatever dude. Fuck the DNC he don’t owe them shit. They screwed him over and over again. He is doing what’s right by the people. So get out of here with the lies. We all know better.

            • You’re the bot, dumbass. “I’m voting for Bernie no matter what.” Man fuck Bernie, his old ass is toast. Burnt and done. And fuck you and all his nutty nothing supporters. Can’t wait till I’ve heard the last of his old ass and you nutters. lol

            • You, your opinions and gutter language represents BS well. This anger BS encourages, just like Trump, is not dignified of the American political process.

        • I have a few choice words for you in re to your degrading remarks about Bernie Sanders. They will keep for now. You keep on believing in hillary.

          • OMG, it’s Mother’s Day weekend and you’re in the mood to brute on this website. Let me turn off my notifications so you can enjoy yourself. I’ll go enjoy my kids and my mom.

            • Maybe if she actually could afford college with Clinton we won’t be able to go to College as nothing but negative change would occur that is if she actually wins. I am voting for Bernie Sanders in November no matter. Feel the Bern. This election isn’t the end its the beginning.

            • I graduated college in 1992, milk toast. lol Got one just graduated from college last weekend and one on her way next year. Another serving our country. You’re a horrible judge of character. Probably why you don’t see Bernie for the empty promise he is.

        • Not over yet till convention or hopefully they will indict her finally for the country. I want her ass in handcuffs and chains and put bottom of the jail.

  2. ‘Hillary stands at 2,183 delegates’ when you incorrectly add in superdelegates before the convention!

    She actually has about 1,666 pledged delegates to Bernie’s 1,367. If the Democratic Party truly wants to grow in number and strength, they will need to consider the overwhelming unaffiliated support for Bernie as our Democratic nominee.

      • Both parties face imminent extinction, neither constitute even a third of the electorate. Dismiss independents at your peril.

    • The superdelagtes will go to Hillary since she will have more pledged delegates and more of the popular vote. Anything else would be Bernie wanting special privileges. Gee, wonder where he gets that idea from?

        • How so? When she won popular vote in 2008, but lost delagtes, she admitted defeat. Bernie is losing BOTH. He is a petty asshole.

          • Lies. She didn’t win the popular vote in 2008. Caucuses were not accounted for in that number and Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in two states. Lol. Hillary is as crooked as they come and over half of the American electorate can’t stand her and doesn’t trust her whatsoever. If Hillary does get the nomination, we have a really big chance of having president Trump, and you people voting for her will have yourselves to blame.

            • I hear people calling Hillary crooked all the time, but I can’t think of anything legitimate that she’s done that’s so damn crooked. No more than most politicians anyway. You need to stop lying to yourself. Bernie lost. He knows it. If that means president Trump, in the fall, so be it. I don’t give a damn anymore.

            • Glad you feel that way. Still voting for Hillary though. I just don’t care who wins. But it won’t be Bernie. lol

            • You’re the disgrace, so passionate for a man who’s done NOTHING of real note in over 39 years in politics except cry foul. lol

          • As my grand daughter says, “Nanny that is a bad wurd”. You need to relax, breath deeply. Calling Sanders bad names is really not going to make his supporters react. I would not give you the satisfaction of spewing hatred towards you.

          • Nope he is fighting the system. Clinton is a corporate socialist. She won’t win. Never!Clinton is a tool. Bernie Sanders is a great man and a true Democrat. The rest are nothing more than Reagan republicans with a Democrat label. Clinton, DNC and their supporters against Sanders should be ashamed of themselves. They are suppressing and tarnishing a great man and for what. They are scared of him cause he will do what he says.

            • Bernie ain’t fighting nothing but his colon. He’s useless. Smart people recognize that someone with that many years under him should’ve been widely known before 2016. He’s a mouth and nothing more. He hasn’t done anything worth mentioning.

      • You’re a fool. Clinton should get her money back from you. Hilbots makes me sick. Play with sharp scissors.

        • I’m not a Hillary or Bernie supporter, nut bag. lol I just know facts. Unlike you nutty Sanders asslickers.

  3. Not voting for the Dem nominee essentially means you’re willing to wipe out Bernie’s legacy. Because a GOP President and GOP-dominated Congress will do everything in their power to erase everything he’s ever fought for over the past 30 years like it never even happened. But you go ahead. I’m sure he’ll be grateful to you for that.

    • Lol, Trump is actually to the left of Hillary on several issues… money in politics, trade, he rejected the war in Iraq. Trump has pointed out the corruption, the bought and paid for politicians… Hillary hides behind the corruption because she personifies it.

    • I will vote for Bernie Sanders in November no matter what happens. I will reluctantly vote blue down the ticket also. I won’t forget 2016.

  4. Good for Bernie!

    He knows that crooked Hillary’s next stop won’t be the White House, but the Big House.

    If Bernie does not win the nomination — learn this two words, dear Clinton Zombies: President Trump.

    • Isn’t Donald about to be brought up on charges for defrauding students out of money for his fake college? lol Fraud and stealing money is an actual crime.

      • If true, Trump should be indicted.

        But, you Clinton zombies cry “foul” when Hillary must be indicted for the High Crimes she has committed against our nation.

        “Some are more equal than others” — according your brainwashed asininity…?

            • Yes, emails that were retroactively classified due to rules that were inacted after she’d left. And still no charges, no indictment. If it was as cut and dry as you people love to yell about, she should be under a cell right now. Why wouldn’t such a clear horrible crime, such a clear threat to national security, take so long to investigate?

      • Are you from Mars? How can you compare Trump’s record with Hillary’s. Lets see, fraud compared to jeprodizing America’s national security. Take Bernie, nothing to write home about. Clean slate.

        • Let’s see, open racist, endorsed by David Duke and the KKK, philandering misogynist, wants to ban all immigrants, thinks the good old days was when black people were punished for protesting, his idea of handling protestors is having his nutty supporters punch them in the face, wants to ban all Muslims, thinks the current minimum wage is too high, has shipped countless jobs overseas, thinks name calling and mudslinging is appropriate behavior, calls women fat pigs or ugly if he didn’t like them, has a 10 year old’s vocabulary and doesn’t understand basic politics. Yeah, he’s waaaay better than Hillary

  5. Hillary will not beat Bernie! She won’t stop the wars, she won’t stop military spending that is not essential, she won’t keep her campaign promises because she never has before. She was a dismal Senator for NY & only introduced 4 bills the whole time she was senator. She caused a horrible mess while being Sec. of State. Indiana people aren’t stupid. They won’t vote for her. She’s already trying to woo Bernie’s supporters to her side & they aren’t moving! In fact, many of them won’t vote for her no matter what. Head to the polls Indiana & let’s win the State for Bernie Sanders!

    • Sorry, I got on this ride late. Bernie won Indiana as you know. And Hillary will not be able to be successful no matter how much she woos us. No way!

      • Hahaha! She doesn’t have to woo you. She’s ahead in the popular vote by over 3 million votes, ahead in the delegate count by enough that Sanders will not be able to catch up. Hillary won just as many delagtes in Indiana as Bernie and only lost the popular vote by like 5%. Even if he wins all the other states, which he won’t, she will continue to gain more ground and continue to gain just as many delegates as he does, keeping the gap open. You guys must be new to politics. lol Bernie isn’t even close to winning

  6. Bernie is not going to ‘give it up’ as you GOP Trolls wish. It’s not even close to over – there are lots of states left who haven’t voted yet. There is a movement to get rid of superdelegates once & for all so we’ll see where that goes. Jenny, Bernie has not lost. He will lose when & if all the votes are counted & the mess straightened up in Arizona, Illinois & New York plus a few other states. IF he loses then, fine. But it’s not over & the fat lady hasn’t sung. Let’s see what happens with the rest of the states. I’d hate to see you eat your words but … In addition, Hillary may be indited at any time which pretty much takes her out of the race. According to some sources they are going to indite (sp) her pretty soon. So suck it up & calm down. Bernie is not quitting before the race is over. You can’t compare him to Cruz because Bernie has won lots of states & some states that declared Hillary the winner may have to retract their declaration when the voter suppression & cheating machines show the real winner to be Bernie. Why on earth would he quit with all that going on?

    • No indictment yet. Plus word has it that not only do they have nothing, they never did. lol Tsk tsk. What really galls me is that so called liberals are looking for someone to be arrested for something that so obviously a political ploy. As long as it suits you, I guess. Such hypocrites, I swear.

  7. Stop using the damn super delegates. Neither of them have super delegates until the convention in Philly.

    • Nutty buddy, he will STILL be behind in the popular vote and pledge delegates in June. There will be no logical reason for Superdelgates to switch sides, especially to someone who doesn’t support them. lol. Y’all are so stupid.

  8. Hillery is such a flawed piece of whatever the dems came up with a socialist to run against her and he actually won several states, he was never suppose to win, ok Bernie here’s your huge sack of cash. Now fall in line

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