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Could We Have a Cuomo Candidacy in 2020?

When Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential primary race on Wednesday, the Biden camp breathed a huge sigh of relief. However, while even...

Live Results: Super Tuesday Voting, Poll Closing Times (March 3)

Today could be a turning point in the Democratic primary which sets the stage for a run to the convention for one candidate or...
Electoral College 2020 Election

Electoral College May Become Obsolete

Donald Trump won the 2016 election in the Electoral College, despite losing the popular total by about three million votes. Since the founding, there...

What If Delegates Simply Abstain From Voting for Trump?

The “Dump Trump” movement is not as dead as it seemed. After William Kristol promised a prestigious opposing candidate with a powerful organization,...

AP Calls the Nomination for Hillary–But Why Today?

Everything is in dispute this year, of course, but the Associated Press (AP) is reporting that Hillary Clinton now has all the delegates she...

Two Ways Trump Can Win Without 270

Previously, we discussed possible options for the Republican Party. One was to rally around its nominee, as always. Two was to throw caution to...

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Trump Could Be Denied the Nomination

Should a party’s nominee be chosen by the party, or by voters? In most of our history, two groups (tribes) had a hierarchy, and...

Kasich Big Loser (not Trump) with Cruz Deal on Indiana

The polls and betting odds give Donald Trump the edge in Indiana next week, despite Sunday’s announcement that Kasich would forsake the Hoosier State....

Cruz, Kasich Collude; Trump Looks Ahead

Donald Trump can still win the nomination before the convention. But if he doesn’t, as with everything else he does, he won’t act...

‘Everybody Loves Rubio’ (Not a Sitcom with Ray Romano)

The campaign is beginning to turn to the question of running mates. As we earlier reported, Donald Trump said he likes Marco Rubio,...

Polls, Odds, States, Delegates, Popular Vote–Where We Stand

This page is our effort to give you a view of both what to expect from Wisconsin primary, and where we stand in the...

What Happened at the Nevada Democratic County Conventions?

Over the weekend, Democrats in Nevada held their county-level conventions which is part of their process to select delegates which will head to the...