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Bernie Sanders Wants Another Debate, Biden Says ‘No Thanks’

The original schedule released by the Democratic National Committee back in early 2019 included the possibility of up to twelve debates. Well, we've had...

Where Did Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Go?

With gatherings being canceled around the country, former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders have continued their primary campaigns, but from a...

Could We See “President Patrick Leahy” Next Year?

Conspiracy theories have said that Donald Trump will not leave office if he loses. Bill Maher has been saying so for several years, as...

Coronavirus Cancels Many Democratic Primaries in March and April

The remaining primaries and caucuses to be held in March have all been postponed essentially clearing the calendar for a minimum of several weeks,...

Biden Sweeps Arizona, Florida, and Illinois. Did Anyone Notice?

There were primaries on Tuesday night where Biden cleaned up, but you'd barely notice amid the Coronavirus chaos that continues to reign. Parents and...

Full Video: CNN Democratic Debate With Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders (March 15)

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders met in a DC studio on Sunday night for the eleventh Democratic Debate. The...

Watch Live: CNN Democratic Debate Tonight With Biden and Sanders From DC

If you've been following recent events and the ongoing Coronavirus threat, you're probably aware that the eleventh Democratic debate, originally scheduled to take place...