Report from CBS News on a new documentary in which former secretary of state Hillary Clinton says that nobody in Congress likes Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Video Transcript

Norah O’Donnell: Turning now to the presidential campaign, an extraordinarily personal attack from Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders, she’s accusing him of cultivating a sexist culture in his campaign. Ed O’Keefe reports tonight in Iowa.

Ed O’Keefe: Four years after Bernie Sanders nearly derailed her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton is still holding a grudge.

Hillary Clinton: There is a set of expectations out of a first lady . . .

Ed O’Keefe: In a new documentary about her life, Clinton says in Congress, “Nobody likes Sanders.” She dismisses him as a career politician and adds, “It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad people got sucked into it.”

Asked by the Hollywood Reporter if she would support Sanders if he wins the Democratic nomination, Clinton said, “I’m not going there yet.” And, that he has created a “culture” where his staff and his supporters attack his competitors, particularly, the women.

Sanders, back in Washington for the impeachment trial, tried to downplay the criticism.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: On a good day my wife likes me so lets clear the air on that one.

Ed O’Keefe: Asked why he thinks Clinton is talking about him, Sanders said . . .

Sen. Sanders: That is a good question, ask her

Ed O’Keefe: The interview came the morning after Sanders apologized to former vice president Joe Biden for an OpEd written by one of his surrogates that called Biden corrupt.

Sen. Sanders: It’s absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way, and I’m sorry that that OpEd appeared. We don’t need personal attacks, I mean our difficulty is, I appeal to my supporters, please, engage in civil discourse.

Ed O’Keefe: We caught up with Biden at a campaign event this afternoon and I asked him about Sanders’ comments, and he told me, “I accept his apology.” Norah . . .

Norah O’Donnell: Alright, from Des Moines tonight, Ed, thank you



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  1. Whenever the Democrats have something going like the sham impeachment at the moment leave it to Hillary the pantsuit pachyderm to suck all the air out of the Democrats sails. With Hillary it is always about her, her and only her. The world has never yet seen or ever will see a bigger egomaniac than her. I am glad she is a Democrat.?

    It is incredulous to hear Clinton attack Sanders when in 2016 she screwed poor old Bernie and his supporters seven ways to Sunday. If it weren’t for her lackey Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was chair of the DNC Sanders would have won the Democratic primary and run against President Trump. But Billary couldn’t possibly lose to any other Democrat, talk about meddling in the election. Will she ever be grilled about it like President Trump was? She is nothing but a jealous, vindictive wench.?

    • Can you imagine how she and Bill relate? Ice in her veins? Naw.

      Hillary just can’t accept that she was defeated. And if she’s not good enough to be president neither is anyone else.

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