Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was questioned about a new documentary in which former secretary of state Hillary Clinton says “nobody likes” Bernie in Congress, and made other disparaging remarks.

Video Transcript

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Look, uh, right now today I’m dealing with impeachment and right now my focus is, outside of the impeachment trial, doing everything I can to defeat the most dangerous president in modern American history, that is Donald Trump and that’s really about all I have.

Reporter: But, Senator, some of the things Secretary Clinton said was about your supporters . . .

Sen Sanders: Alright, look, look, look. Secretary Clinton entitled to her point of view. My job today is to focus on the impeachment trial, my job today is to put together a team that can defeat the most dangerous president in the history of the United States of America.

Reporter: Why do you think the Secretary is still talking about 2016?

Sen. Sanders: That is a good question, ask her



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  1. Translation: I’m stupid and don’t have a clue or I’m having my problems with Warren or I don’t want to criticize another Dem as I can’t win without, or with, her support or Time magazine just told me I was a loser.

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