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Sanders drawing large crowds, Hillary feels the Bern

Apart from Hillary Clinton, no other name on the Democratic side of the presidential candidate list has created anywhere near the buzz to that...

Bernie Sanders within 12 points of Hillary Clinton

Sure, it's New Hampshire, a state where you'd expect Bernie Sanders to do well given that he's been in neighboring Vermont statewide politics since...

Challenge from the left: Bernie Sanders officially launches

While Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders filed his intention to officially seek the 2016 Democratic nomination several weeks ago, he postponed his campaign launch until...

Bernie Sanders jumps to second place in Iowa polling

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders just officially announced his 2016 presidential run yesterday and the latest Iowa poll finds him now sitting in second place...

Bernie Sanders launching 2016 campaign for Democratic nomination

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed socialist and lone independent in the United States Senate, has declared he will and seek the Democratic nomination...

Hillary’s 2016 Rivals Largely Silent Over Email Drama

Not that they haven't been asked about it, because they have been. They've simply decided to demure on the issue and avoid passing judgment....

2016 Democratic hopefuls offer pitch to firefighter union

Earlier this week, several 2016 Democratic contenders, not including Hillary Clinton, took the stage at the International Association of Fire Fighters‘ annual conference in...

The State of the 2016 Race

The last 60 days of 2014 saw a flutter of activity by potential 2016 Presidential candidates who began making their moves in earnest. On...

Bernie Sanders heads to Iowa exploring possible 2016 run

The race is on among progressives who see an opening to Hillary Clinton's left in several issues which are core concerns of the Democratic...