Rep. Steve Scalise Shot; Other GOP Congressmen Targeted in Virginia Shooting

This is some breaking news this morning and the story is still developing. Some Republican members of Congress had gathered at a baseball field...

Fox Finally Fires “The Factor”–O’Really?

“Fox News has officially cut ties with Bill O’Reilly. Through the network’s parent company 21st Century Fox, the Murdochs issued a statement on Wednesday...

Special Prosecutor or Commission Called for Russia Probe

Democrats call for special prosecutor, Republicans say further investigation is needed.

Report: Obama Spearheading the Anti-Trump Resistance

It doesn't appear, at least in the short term, that President Obama has any plans to stay quiet during the Trump administration. Reports are...

Can Trump Win on ObamaCare Repeal?

It has to be repealed, Donald Trump spent his campaign saying it. Republicans have been saying it since 2010, and now they have power....

We’re More Partisanly Divided Than Ever

We’re confused. That has to be the conclusion based on new polls. We’re a muddled mess of indecision, as a whole. But that hides...

Russia’s Campaign Involvement Not So Unique

Some have said that the Trump-Russia connection was the first time that an American election was allegedly effected by candidate involvement with a foreign...

John McCain Warns of Dictatorship

In the era of “fake news,” relations between a (any) president and the media are at an all-time low. Of course, it’s not the...

Will “Indivisible” Movement Fall to Pieces?

There’s a lot of talk about progressives forming an actual, functional movement. Ordinarily, progressives blow off steam, with silliness, like the Occupy Movement, which...

Trump’s Russian Ties to be Investigated

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump confused a lot of people. While vocally espousing conservative issues, he would sometimes drop in a comment that...

Full Video: Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Debate

In case you missed it, and I know I did, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Ted Cruz participated in a real live debate held...

America First. Europeans Fight over Second

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s true. You can look it up. It’s probably also true that parody is...