Nancy Pelosi Donald Trump 2020 President

Why Nancy Pelosi Should Run For President

We’ve been having discussions about the fact that, above all, Democrats want to win in 2020. Although the party has been coming up with...
AOC Green New Deal

2020 Democrats Respond to the “Green New Deal”

Newly elected Democratic Congresswoman from the 14th district of New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, released her plan on Thursday for what she calls the "Green...

Republican Convention Attendance Scaled Back Due to Coronavirus

First, the 2020 Republican National Convention was scheduled to take place in North Carolina, with Charlotte as the host city. Years of planning goes...

The Presidential Debates Have Become A Hot Mess

There have historically been controversies with debate moderators or with the way the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) operates, but there has never...

Despite the Polls, Trump Could Win in 2020 (Part 2)

This is part two of our article (read Part 1 here) that says Trump could win despite the polls. In our article,...

Democrats Battle Over Superdelegates in 2020

If you recall the bitter primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016, then you probably already have a strong feeling on the...

Could We Still See Hillary Clinton Nominated in 2020?

This is a series of unlikely presidential tickets that have been proposed. We’ve already done Trump-Tulsi, Mitt-Mike, and Justin Amash. Today, we have (believe...

Kasich: I Might Run Against Trump in 2020 to “Send a Message”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich didn't come too close to the GOP nomination in 2016, though he was one of the last candidates standing along...

Friday Afternoon Funny: Hillary 2020?

It's Friday, let's put this week to rest, but not before we explore the off-chance that Hillary Clinton is seriously considering running for President...
Harris Warren Dem Primary

Harris Loses Support After Detroit Debate While Warren Shines

Heading into the second Democratic debate, an event which CNN pitched as a "rematch" between Sen. Kamala Harris and former vice president Joe Biden,...

Will Trump Ride the Supreme Court to Victory or Defeat in 2020?

As 2020 continues to twist and turn, we now find ourselves in a similar situation to 2016 where a Supreme Court justice has died,...
Biden 2020 Announcement

Biden Considers VP Announcement and One-Term Pledge

Perhaps the question to ask concerning why Joe Biden would feel the need to dabble with campaign gimmicks like announcing a Vice President on...