Biden Warren 2020

Is Elizabeth Warren The Compromise Candidate For Progressives?

The question is being asked by a piece in Politico whether Elizabeth Warren, despite early faults, has deftly and strategically worked her way into...

Nevada Caucuses: CNN Town Hall Schedule and Will Bloomberg Debate?

Following the New Hampshire primary results on Tuesday night, we've seen three Democratic candidates decide to end their campaigns after a poor performance. Businessman...

Do Democrats Need Superdelegates?

We like to try to give you a range of views from elsewhere. Sometimes, we note that the opinion is nearly unanimous. It’s more...

September Democratic Debate Will Feature 10 Candidates

We now know firmly that the third Democratic debate, coming up on Sept. 12, hosted by ABC, will be held to just one night...

South Carolina Primary Poll: 20 Point Lead For Joe Biden?

We touched on the trend Wednesday with some recent positive polling for former vice president Joe Biden in the Palmetto State, but today brings...

New Iowa Caucus Poll: Biden 18, Warren 17, Buttigieg 13

Last week, following the October Democratic debate, we tried to explore the question of whether Mayor Pete Buttigieg revived his campaign with a solid...
Tulsi Gabbard Dem Debate Complaint

Why Didn’t Gabbard and Steyer Qualify For The Third Debate?

Fans of Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Steyer have been very upset that their candidates did not make the stage for the third debate. Gabbard,...

Tulsi Gabbard Tops Kamala Harris In New Democratic Primary Poll

Could there still be hope for Gabbard to make the December debate stage? The latest numbers out from a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll pegs...
Biden Iowa Caucus Poll 2019

Latest Iowa Caucus Poll: Biden 24, Harris 16, Warren 13, Sanders 9

We've been mostly looking at national polls of Democratic primary voters following the first debate but what about state polls in the early caucus...

Live Results: 2020 South Carolina Primary (Feb. 29)

With the candidacy of former vice president Joe Biden seemingly hanging on the line, we enter the last of the early state contests on...
Bernie Sanders 2020

Report: Bernie Sanders Taking Steps Toward 2020 Campaign Launch

The news broke earlier today that Vermont Senator, and former 2016 Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has reportedly recorded an announcement video with the expectation...

Dr. Jill Biden’s Electability Argument Shows Weak Strategy

Perhaps the alternate headline could read something like, "Jill Biden offers fragile electability defense of husband, Joe Biden," or similar. The backstory is that...