DNC Chair Tom Perez Calls for Iowa Caucus Recanvass: “Enough is Enough”

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been fairly quiet since the debacle started in Iowa on Monday, but they're quiet no more. On Thursday,...

Campaign Shifts To Iowa Where Biden’s Gaffes Steal The Show

With Iowa still holding the coveted position as the first stop on the 2020 primary calendar, the Hawkeye State is a constant draw for...
Beto O'Rourke Pete Buttigieg 2020

Beto Down, Mayor Pete Up

We at “USPEN” like to scan many different sources, to bring you angles you may not have seen. One of them is the betting...

Beto O’Rourke Drops 2020 Presidential Campaign

Beto O'Rourke is reportedly ending his 2020 presidential campaign and dropping out of the race. The news broke late on Friday as the former...
Mueller Testimony 2020 Election

Robert Mueller’s Testimony Leaves Voters In Charge

Following a day of intense testimony from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill, the end result seems to be that President Trump faces...
Tom Steyer October Debate

Tom Steyer Qualifies For October Democratic Debate

You may be asking why candidates missing the cut for the September Democratic debate can still qualify for the October Democratic debate. That's a...
Biden Sanders 2020 Polls

What Do Historical Primary Polls Tell Us About 2020?

Given the literal smorgasbord of (sometimes inaccurate) polling that exists in recent election cycles, we have a vast collection of numbers to sift through...
Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

Bernie Sanders Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

As we reported over the weekend, it appeared that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was inching closer to launching a 2020 Presidential campaign by recording...

Iowa and New Hampshire Not Reliable Forecasters

Attention is beginning to turn to the early Democratic primaries. For instance, the last two polls in Iowa show “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg gaining strength....
Democrats Turn Left in 2020

Should Democrats Turn Left in 2020?

Someone once asked humorist Will Rogers about his politics. Rogers replied, “I’m not a member of any organized political party. . .I’m a Demmycrat!” The...
Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Student Debt

Student Debt Cancellation: Bernie Sanders vs. Elizabeth Warren

The topic of student loans and educational debt spawning from the ever-increasing cost of higher education has been a topic discussed during every modern...

Poll Shows September Democratic Debate Battle Between 3 Candidates

An important dynamic as we head toward the ABC Democratic Debate on Thursday, the race is becoming more and more relegated to a battle...