Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Student Debt

Student Debt Cancellation: Bernie Sanders vs. Elizabeth Warren

The topic of student loans and educational debt spawning from the ever-increasing cost of higher education has been a topic discussed during every modern...

Poll Shows September Democratic Debate Battle Between 3 Candidates

An important dynamic as we head toward the ABC Democratic Debate on Thursday, the race is becoming more and more relegated to a battle...
Warren Ties Biden YouGov

Dem Primary Poll: Biden 21, Warren 20, Sanders 16, Harris 8

Sure, national polls aren't as important as state-level polls this early in the primary season, but they do offer a glimpse into the minds...

Another Billionaire? Mike Bloomberg Preparing To Join Democratic Primary

Tom Steyer must be lonely on that debate stage being the only one with a net worth well north of a billion dollars so...
Biden 2020 South Carolina Poll

Biden Opens Wide Lead in South Carolina

Pollsters and analysts are getting a little excited (in ways both good and bad) over recent polling in New Hampshire which showed Joe Biden...
Sherrod Brown 2020

Ohio’s Sherrod Brown Bows Out of 2020 Race

He’s attractive and “high energy.” He is from the “swingingest” swing state, Ohio. He has been on a national tour, promoting his “dignity of...

Biden Drops 4 Points Since June, Maintains National Lead

The latest national Democratic primary poll numbers out from Emerson Polling show the former vice president maintaining his lead over his rivals but has...

Campaign Shifts To Iowa Where Biden’s Gaffes Steal The Show

With Iowa still holding the coveted position as the first stop on the 2020 primary calendar, the Hawkeye State is a constant draw for...

DNC Will Announce First Democratic Debate Details This Week

Since the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced a plan to hold 12 primary debates, with 6 in 2019, and 6 in 2020, we've been watching...
Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

Bernie Sanders Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

As we reported over the weekend, it appeared that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was inching closer to launching a 2020 Presidential campaign by recording...
Biden Warren 2020

Is Elizabeth Warren The Compromise Candidate For Progressives?

The question is being asked by a piece in Politico whether Elizabeth Warren, despite early faults, has deftly and strategically worked her way into...
Jay Inslee 2020 Dropped Out

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Ends Presidential Campaign

The 2020 Democratic field shrunk by one candidate overnight as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee decided to bow out of the campaign. The writing was...