Biden Trump 2020

Democrats Split Over Defeating Trump Or Embracing Radical Change

The conventional wisdom, which is often wrong, says you can't have both. The thinking goes that a candidate who would appeal to many of...
Biden 2020 apology

Biden Makes Pledge On “Respecting Personal Space”

This is an undesirable way to kick off a presidential campaign, but it's the situation in which former Vice President Joe Biden finds himself....
Sherrod Brown 2020

Ohio’s Sherrod Brown Bows Out of 2020 Race

He’s attractive and “high energy.” He is from the “swingingest” swing state, Ohio. He has been on a national tour, promoting his “dignity of...
Bernie Sanders 2020 tax returns

Bernie Sanders Confirms Millionaire Status With Tax Returns

Bernie is taking flak for being a millionaire while simultaneously attacking millionaires with much of his rhetoric over the past decade or so. Well,...
Biden 2020 Demise Polls

Biden’s Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

Labor Day has historically been a reset point for Presidential campaigns as the end of Summer marks the end of vacations and always means...

Grading The October Democratic Debate: Who Passed, Who Failed?

The October Democratic debate, which aired Tuesday night on CNN, was filled with tense exchanges, notable answers, and a newfound sense of urgency among...
Joe Biden abortion Hyde amendment

Biden Does Abortion Funding Backflip

While former Vice President Joe Biden's official position on abortion, in general, hasn't changed, his views on whether government money should be used to...

Bernie Surges in New Hampshire: 15-Point Lead Over Buttigieg

New Hampshire is a state ripe for Bernie Sanders. He's the U.S. Senator from neighboring Vermont, and he's a well-known figure in New England...
Bernie Sanders Debate

Bernie Sanders: Democratic Debates Are A Reality TV Show Of Soundbites

Earlier this week, while speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders opened up with his thoughts on the current format and...
Beto 2020 Iowa

Beto Tops First-Day Fundraising With $6.1 Million

If there is one thing that Beto O'Rourke proved while challenging Ted Cruz for his Senate seat last year, it's that the El Paso...
Joe Biden Bernie Sanders 2020

Sexism and Ageism Drive Undercurrent of 2020 Democratic Primary

Article after article keeps hailing the "diversity" of the 2020 Democratic presidential field. More female candidates, more minority candidates, and for the first time,...
Bernie Sanders California Democratic Convention

Guess Which Candidate Skipped The California Democratic Convention

To give you an idea of the outsized influence California will have on the 2020 Democratic primary, consider the fact that more than half...