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Stories relating to the 2016 Presidential Election

Ted Has a ‘Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

Judith Viorst wrote the children’s book about Alexander’s day, but the title could just as well apply to Ted Cruz’ day on April 19th....

Let the games begin

Now that we've made it out of the off-year doldrums of 2013, things can get a bit more interesting in the next 24 months....

Full Video: Watch the ABC News Republican Debate

The leading Republican candidates squared off in New Hampshire on Saturday night at a debate sponsored by ABC News and the Independent Journal Review...

Could Bill Kristol’s Phantom Candidate Become President?

Over the weekend, while you were out having fun, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol doubled down (that seems to be the phrase of the...

CNN confirms 11 candidates in primetime Sept. 16 debate

CNN has completed the polling analysis and confirmed that eleven candidates will share the main debate stage next Wednesday at the Reagan Library Republican...

Cruz Gets Boos: Are his Presidential Ambitions Finished?

This is the reason why liberals should be very, very afraid. Even in the worst of times, Donald Trump finds a way to...

Utah trying to jump the 2016 primary line

Call it an instance of caucus envy. The Utah House has already passed a bill which would hold an online primary prior to the...

Obama may be backing Elizabeth Warren for president in 2016

Is there really that much hostility between the Clintons and the Obamas? That depends on who you ask. However, some unnamed sources are indicating...

Donald Trump’s Power of Positive Thinking

We’ve talked about the “great divide” between the political parties. This year is greater than ever, because the candidates even think differently. ...

How Privacy Concerns Could Shape the Electorate in 2016

In 2012, the Obama campaign pioneered some amazing technical achievements with regard to data harvesting and micro-targeting of voters. One of their biggest assets...

Chris Christie leads among New Hampshire GOP primary voters

Last week we saw a poll come out of Iowa showing Hillary Clinton the early 2016 favorite among Democrats. This week, a new poll...

Paths to Victory, and Why Cruz and Trump Both Want Rubio Out

Saturday’s primary wins by Cruz came as a surprise to most people, who thought it was Rubio territory, AND Trump had looked good in...