If you look back at my posts over the past year, you should know that I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton. My first and foremost complaint was that the United States should not have to fall back on electing a past president. True, it was Bill last time, but as Hamlet said, husband and wife are one flesh. It would have been a very bad precedent, made worse by the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton embarrassment. In addition, Hillary has a personality that just doesn’t work for most people—like fingernails on the chalkboard.

She’s also as paranoid as Richard Nixon about the media and her image. That’s where “enemies lists” come from–and “plumbers” (Nixon’s name for operatives who were charged with stopping the “leaks” to the press). That’s one of two reasons Hillary had a private server. The other is cyber incompetence. The clocks in her house, no doubt, forever blink “12:00.” With all the months of investigation, no one ever came up with any nefarious motive for her server. Without a motive, do you really have a “crime?”

Basically, what Bernie Sanders, early on, was true: “the public is sick and tired of her damned emails.” OK, so if that’s true, why did she lose?

Look at the polls. Hillary was ahead every day from the conventions on, sometimes overwhelmingly. And I don’t buy that the polls were wrong. At the end, the polls tightened up to within the margin of error, and the Comey announcement came too late to measure. Also, don’t forget that Hillary did win the popular vote by three million votes.

The way I see it, two things caused Hillary to lose (perhaps we’ll do a separate story discussing why Donald Trump won). Both were related to the email kerfuffle. Yes, the public was sick to death of hearing about Hillary’s emails, but every time they turned on the TV, there it was again. Or so it seemed.

I’m a firm believer that a similar perception is what did in Richard Nixon, as well. As high-minded as we pretend to be, we really just don’t want to be bothered. For months, back in the 1970s, there were more news stories, day after day, about Watergate. Like a Chinese water torture, that’s what turned the public against Nixon, not the facts of the case (which most people didn’t understand). And it’s the same here. Does anybody really understand why there’s a big deal about the email server? Does anybody care? No, we just are sick of hearing about it. The easiest way to stop hearing about it is to bury her, figuratively speaking.

But here’s the odd thing: the email stories we were so sick of were not even from Hillary’s server. And the only thing close to a scandal in them was that the Democratic Party establishment wanted to help Hillary and stop Bernie Sanders (well, Duh). Yet, even that one embarrassing point didn’t stop Bernie from campaigning tirelessly for Hillary.

It was the endless drone of mostly innocuous emails from the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta—all courtesy of Russia, which wanted two things: (1) to defeat Hillary Clinton, and (2) to make the American election look “rigged,” (sound familiar?) to tarnish the image of the world’s oldest democracy.

Day after day, we heard about emails from Wikileaks. They were not Hillary’s, but the public is not so focused on particulars. It was just more “damned” emails, and so, it must have something to do with the Hillary scandal, right? Isn’t that what most people thought? They were wrong. The emails on every nightly news had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton’s server.

The second, and deciding nail in Hillary’s coffin was the FBI’s James Comey’s partisan interference. And Comey is under investigation, now, about that.

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog is launching a broad review of how the FBI handled its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

The review’s scope includes allegations that FBI Director James Comey violated established procedures when he publicly discussed the bureau’s findings and when he sent Congress updates shortly before the election about new evidence agents had discovered.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced in a statement Thursday that his investigation will also explore whether FBI and Justice Department employees improperly leaked information prior to the election.

Clinton and aides on her Democratic presidential campaign have blamed Comey’s pre-election revelation that he was reviving the email investigation as a key factor in her narrow loss to Republican nominee Donald Trump.

A statement from Horowitz’s office said he was initiating the inquiry “in response to requests from numerous Chairmen and Ranking Members of Congressional oversight committees, various organizations, and members of the public.”

. . . Justice Department officials complained that his actions violated the usual practice of saying little about an investigation being closed without charges. Clinton allies also faulted Comey for publicly lambasting Clinton for being “extremely careless” with classified information, even as he said criminal charges were unwarranted.

First, Comey “exonerated” Hillary, but in the most harmful way possible. That tarnished her image almost as much as if she had been indicted. There’s an expression, “damning with faint praise.” In this case, it was “dismissing with damnation.”

But look at the polls, and despite it all, Hillary was still well ahead, just a few weeks before the election. There was talk of a landslide, and the fact that at one point, Trump was only six points up in Texas, for crying out loud. So, stupidly, in search of a landslide mandate, Hillary spent time in places like Texas, Georgia, even Utah—while ignoring Pennsylvania and she didn’t spend a day in Wisconsin. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Even at that, Hillary still had a comfortable lead in the polls. Until 11 days before the election. That’s when James Comey swooped in again, with a one-two punch. In the investigation of Anthony Weiner, they found emails that were neither from, nor to Hillary. But since Weiner’s wife was a Hillary confidante, Comey announced that all of Weiner’s emails would be studied—“reopening” the Hillary email server case.

That was one shoe, the other shoe was that it tied Hillary to the image of Weiner, which brought back the memory of Bill’s infidelity—more that the public did not want to hear about. Coming less than two weeks before the election, the investigation announcement by Comey did her in. One might note that Comey is a Republican. Yes, he has had a fine reputation, but the thing about self-interest is that you can never really be sure if it’s the true “motive” for what you do.

So, the “old-news” email server, from more than four years earlier, was the deciding factor in the 2016 election. Yes, other Secretaries of State did exactly the same thing. Yes, there was no evidence of damage from the server issue, much less a motive for the “wrongdoing.” And, yes, every single email she sent had the email server in the “from” field. If it was thought to be a big deal, wouldn’t someone have come forward to put a stop to it? Wouldn’t anything have been done in the intervening four full years?

Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote for just two reasons: (1) The public was sick of the Russian/Wikileak emails that had nothing to do with her server, and (2) James Comey’s intervention. Obviously, those were not the only reasons why a horrible campaigner (whom nobody really liked) lost, but they were the deciding factors.

Before you begin your rant in favor of Trump, remember that this issue is not at ALL about Trump’s win. It’s about how Hillary lost, even with almost every “establishment” figure (including almost all Republican newspaper editorial pages) on her side. We had many articles in these pages of why Trump was likely to win, very seldom suggesting Hillary might.

And, finally, this may not be the end of the story. Fox Business is reporting that the investigation into the Hillary server will begin again.

In an interview on FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co., Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said the investigation of Clinton’s email is about to be reopened. . .

According to Judge Napolitano, one of the metrics used by the Justice Department to decide on whether or not to indict someone is to ask if any harm has been done as a result of the actions by the accused.

This would be a nightmare for Trump for two reasons. First, it would put “her damned emails” back in the news, annoying people, when Trump would like to be the star of every evening news, all the time. But more importantly, of all the myriad and sundry investigations that have been opened about Hillary Clinton over the past 30 or 40 years, not a single one has come up with anything–ever. Trump would much rather have the muddy mentality and current cloud of confusion and consternation hang over her head—than have Hillary exonerated yet once again.


  1. Your hatred for Hillary Clinton clouds your perceptions. “Nobody likes her”, yet you yourself remind us that she received almost three million more popular votes. Don’t kid yourself, she has many devoted followers. And many Trump voters will wish that they could call their Trump vote back once the man takes office and his own personal disasters begin to unfold.

    Do you agree with Trump that Putin is a better leader than Obama? Do you ever wonder why the same man who has incessantly praised Putin chose as Secretary of State a man who has been awarded the Friendship Medal by Putin. Are you surprised to hear that Trump thinks that Putin is the key to defeating ISIS? Are you looking forward to making an ally of a known war criminal, known to be responsible for bombing schools, hospitals, markets and other civilian targets? But you are right, better a man who glorifies war criminals, while trashing our allies, promotes torture as standard operating procedure and is gleeful at the prospect of a new nuclear arms race, than a woman of good character and good intentions. Or are you one who thinks he is better simply because he is a man? I notice that during the campaign, you rarely missed an opportunity to smear Clinton, or to glorify Trump.

    • Actually, I think Syria was the main foreign policy error by Obama. I’m not talking about the “red line,” which is total BS. What he said was twisted ridiculously.

      I’m talking about his statements that “Assad must go.” It’s the kind of thing IKE said, encouraging Poland in 1956–before we idly watched the USSR crush them. Likewise, LBJ and the “Prague Spring,” when Czechoslovakia tried to pull out of the USSR. We encouraged it, then watched, again idly, as Russian tanks rolled in. There is a time and a place. It’s stupid to back a premature movement–and it’s criminal to encourage someone else to pay the price.

      The point is that, recently, when we were fighting with Russia, we could have put them to work for us. Syria has always been Russia’s client state. Once we saw the rise of ISIS (“Islamic State in Syria”) we should have told moderate rebels to get out–and “lead from behind” by letting Russia pay the money and risk their lives to kill ISIS warriors.

      We created al Qaeda by paying bin Laden to fight the Russians in Afghanistan–leading to the Taliban and bin Laden’s camps. We created ISIS by removing Saddam, and encouraging the removal Assad. The reasoning behind removing secular leaders in the middle east escapes me. Likewise Ghadafi in Libya. And look, things are much worse in Egypt now, too.

    • This is precisely why Trump won the hearts of the majority of the Americans, yes majority. California and millions of illegals doesn’t count! Hence the Electoral vote. Hillary was not respectable, in fact she was cunning and deceptive and she was the best the DNC could offer. Your insistence that Trump praised Putin is old. Trump said Putin was a good leader, period! According to Forbes Putin is the most powerful person in the world. Now if that is not good leadership then what is? Trump unlike the stupid left acknowledged this strength is working out a strategy to use Putin. A billionaire Dollar acheivement is no mean feat! Trump is a strategist, he knows the games people play, he didn’t acquire he’s wealth from donations from Arab countries like others we know. If you cannot see that Putin is smart then Hillary probably didn’t see it too. Not once did Trump say he liked what Putin stood for, but wants to use him against ISIS, that’s smart. None of the nonsense you say actually resonates, it’s been said by the best, the Media, Hillary’s faith wing. Trash like your post only makes us stronger behind Trump.

      • Very True. Trump is way ahead of the game.

        Many of his tweets are, I’m sure, meant as a distraction. The librral media bites every time.

    • Trump’s win had very, very little to do with Putin or any emails. He won because of a strong message. A message that those who voted for him understood.

      Somebody will say his message was racism, etc. No his message was he’d keep the US Safe.

      Trump was seen as a strong leader. A leader who would keep his promises. The others were BS. All talk.

      He showed action. He cared. He wanted the job. His cabinet picks have been tremendous.

  2. Some truth to this article, but it does merely highlight the laziness and ennui of the American people, especially Republicans, that allowed such a racist, misogynist blackguard to be voted in. If the baseless email “scandal” truly was her key downfall point then it only shows how lazy and intellectually bankrupt Trump voters really are. Like theists, they completely disregard evidence and facts in favor of gut feelings and groundless beliefs. Their minds are near impossible to open to logic, reason and nuanced thinking.

    • If what you are saying about logic, reason and nuanced thinking being the property of the well educated, well read, reasoning Democrats then why are you the minority party??

      I would think that such brilliant intellects such as yourself would be in charge of more than a few paltry states. To be locked out of the presidency, Senate and Congress must be beyond comprehension for the enlightened ones.?

    • There you go again throwing around your adjectives. Get real. Readers could care less about your so called intellectualism.

      • Not sure if you realize that by denigrating education and intellect that you inadvertently call yourself an idiot as a by-product. Revel in your idiocy if you wish. No skin off my back. That illustrates perfectly why some people voted for Trump. Too lazy and ill-educated to spot an obviously obnoxious misogynist, racist, morally corrupt liar.

        Oh, and the expression is “couldn’t care less”. What you just said is the exact opposite of what you wish to state. Which is why you support Trump. You are simply too ignorant to know better. Bless your heart. Lol.

    • What facts, logic, and reason are you talking about? The facts are Americans are losing jobs, illegal immigrants are invading America, extremist Muslims are putting America in danger. Ignorant leftists like yourself just don’t want to face these facts and instead you chose to bury your heads in the sand and make baseless attacks. That’s why you leftists lose. This the simplest logic which unfortunately you don’t have the ability to reasoning.

      • I was referring to the alleged email “scandal” and Republicans conspiracy theorizing despite a complete absence of evidence.

        Now, do you have any evidence for assertions? Or are you merely going on gut instinct and Faux News?

        • Your so called email “scandal” is not just a scandal, it’s a fact that you don’t want to face just as you don’t want to face the other facts I mentioned above. It’s a fact, that’s why FBI took several investigations into it. And conspiracy theorizing is what your leftists are good at. Do you remember “Russian help” stories?

          By your illogical “logic”, just because the number of deaths by car accidents are far higher than that of murders, murder is not a big problem? Just because there are white terrorists, Muslim terrorists are not a big problem? So you can just bury your head in the sand and imagine those problems will disappear by themselves eventually?

          • So 350 deaths is more important to focus on, right? Get your priorities straight.

            No evidence for any wrongdoing in Clinton’s email. Nothing remotely unlawful. Not even one bit of evidence. But then Republicans don’t tend to concern themselves with facts and evidence.

            • So What’s your priorities? Car accidents or murders? White terrorists or Muslim terrorists?

              Even if Clinton’s email is not unlawful, she was extremely careless for it. It’s a big fault which she admitted herself but you don’t. Are these facts and evidence enough?

            • Being careless is not illegal.

              My priorities given the massive death toll in the US due to guns is a clear priority over a vastly lesser issue. And the first action would not be to ban Muslims unconstitutionally from the US. Or to put Americans in 30 billion debt due to a pointless wall that solves precisely nothing.

              Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
              With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
              Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
              A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
              Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
              Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
              world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
              The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
              “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
              With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
              Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
              The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
              Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
              I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  3. Like usual you have written an excellent and detailed article. Only someone with blinders on knows that the WET DREAM of both the Democratic and Republican parties was a Bush vs Clinton general election. Bush was smart enough to realize that the electorate didn’t want him and dropped out. Clinton on the other hand with her lackeys at the DNC did everything including lie, cheat and backstab every Democratic opponent.

    Bernie Sanders should have won the Democratic primary but was royally screwed by his own party and didn’t. Instead of fighting against the corrupt Clinton campaign he capitulated like a dog. This was tantamount to a GUT PUNCH to his many, many followers. I can’t say for sure, but I would be willing to bet that some who felt the BERN, did not vote for Clinton. They may not have voted for Trump but they didn’t vote for Clinton.

    Then of course there is the biggest GAFFE of any presidential candidate in history. I am of course referring to the statement Clinton made about 1/2 of Trump’s supporters are DEPLORABLES. Let’s say for the sake of ease that the electorate was split 50 50 between Trump and Clinton. The wife of a philanderer is calling 25% of the American electorate DEPLORABLES. Before making such a statement, you better make sure that you are as PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW. This statement galvanized those who may not have voted at all to definitely vote and it sure wasn’t for Clinton.

    Finally an observation from my perspective. I have been following the Clinton’s since Bill ran in the Democratic primary in 1992. During the primary and throughout his presidency he was caught in affair after affair. All the while Hillary Clinton has been endlessly preaching about how powerful women are, yet she was the obedient little wife, while her husband cheated on her with countless women. I am certain that many women asked why she put up with Bill’s affairs. I believe that many came to the conclusion that as long as Hillary was close to power she didn’t care. In other words Hillary is nothing but a power hungry MEGALOMANIAC. She undoubtedly lost some of the female vote when they came to the conclusion that she is a colossal phony.

  4. I wasted my time reading this whole long thread. I guess I thought I would find some substance. Everybody knew about her emails before the primaries. If we were tired then, we are tired now. We knew it would not be buried or stopped, we didn’t care. Her supporters didn’t care either way! A large part of the voter cummunity despised Trump for he’s rhetoric and negative position with women! Trump was dead in the water. Hillary was beaming with Hollywood star support, she even had the help of Republican no-Trumpers! What more did she need? Her ground game made the Republicans look silly! She had the full support of every minority race. Hillary had this in the bag. Her stage was prepared for victory! Lol! A victory speech was all she needed apparently she didn’t find the need to write a concession speech, this was a land slide. She herself said when asked about Comey’s second announcement that the people have already decided, nothing said about the emails is going to change anything! Now you blame the emails! What about her message? What about the important issues like jobs and Obamacare? Trump hammered away at the issues despite the avalanche of negative press, the Busch bus saga, Trump University, his stand on illegals, lack of Republican leadership support! This is a long list! Trump couldn’t beat a dog-catcher, he was so destroyed! Polls said it all, “this is a landslide folks”! The people who cared about the issues came out to vote! The American people wanted a change from the Obama policies. College students who so violently support her now stayed at home in States where it counted adding to her failure. Making excuses for her just looks stupid! She lost – Period!

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