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Stories relating to the 2016 Presidential Election

2016 Iowa Caucus Results – Open Thread

This page will be updated throughout the day with live results and news about the 2016 Iowa Caucuses which take place today. The actual...

Full Video: Watch the Aug. 6 Fox News Republican Debate

The first Republican debate of the 2016 election cycle is officially in the history books. The event, which took place Thursday evening from Cleveland,...

Full Video: Watch the full CNN Democratic debate

The Democratic presidential candidates convened in Las Vegas tonight for the first Democratic debate of the 2016 election cycle. The debate took place at...

Video: Watch the Full ‘Early’ Aug. 6 Fox News Debate

Earlier this evening, the seven Republican candidates who didn't make it into the top ten primetime debate squared off from the same debate stage...

Full Video: Watch the CNBC Republican Debate

The Republican candidates faced off tonight in the third GOP debate from the University of Colorado in Boulder. This event was hosted by CNBC...

Full Video: Watch the CNN GOP Debate from Las Vegas

On Tuesday night, all the Republican candidates gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the fifth debate of the GOP primary season. This debate was...

Full Video: Watch the Trump-Clinton Debate from Sept. 26

History was made earlier this evening at Hosftra University where the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wrapped up just minutes...

2016 New Hampshire Primary Results – Open Thread

The first official primary of the 2016 Presidential Election happens today in New Hampshire. Polls, for what they're worth, continue to indicate that Donald...

Full Video: CNN Republican Debate from Houston

The five remaining GOP candidates met in Houston for the last Republican debate before the Super Tuesday primary contests on March 1st. The event...

Debate Commission co-chair says Candy Crowley was a “mistake”

Here's a little blast from the past for you. Well, maybe not the distant past but think back to October, 2012 during the height...

2016 South Carolina Republican Primary Results – Open Thread

Republicans will turn their attention down south today for the South Carolina Republican Primary. Voting will begin at 7am ET and last until 7pm...

Live Stream: First Clinton-Trump Debate Tonight

If you're like me, you've been waiting for the first 2016 presidential debate since earlier this spring when it became evident that Donald Trump...