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Stories relating to the 2012 Presidential Election

Full Video: CNN Democratic Town Hall from Ohio

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will participate in a Democratic Town Hall tonight on CNN from Ohio State University in Columbus. This town hall...

Fox News Democratic ‘Town Hall’ Today at 6pm ET (Video Added)

Bernie sanders and Hillary Clinton have both agreed to appear on a Michigan Democratic "Town Hall" today on the Fox News Channel. The broadcast...

Mitt Romney Takes Aim at Donald Trump in Utah Speech (Video Added)

Former Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will enter the fray more formally today by delivering a speech in Utah where he will outline reasons...

Republican Town Hall Tonight on Fox News (Video Added)

Four GOP candidates will join Megyn Kelly of the Fox News Channel for a two hour "Town Hall" event from Houston, Texas. Donald Trump...

CNN Democratic Town Hall Tonight from South Carolina (Video Added)

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will participate in a Town Hall event tonight on CNN, live from South Carolina. The South Carolina Democratic Primary...

RNC Chair to Trump: ‘Soften your tone’

Whether or not the Republican National Committee (RNC) is taking Donald Trump seriously as a candidate seems like a question which has now been...

Video: Chris Christie announces 2016 presidential run

As of this morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has officially joined the 2016 Republican field. This makes a total of fourteen Republicans with...

Rand Paul may filibuster Patriot Act vote – Update: Live Video

He says he'll do "everything humanly possible" to try and stop the Patriot Act from being expanded or passed as-is in the US Senate....

Mike Huckabee officially joins 2016 presidential race

This morning, at an event in his home town of Hope, Arkansas, former Governor Mike Huckabee will announce his intention to seek the Republican...

Rand Paul: ‘I’m running for president in 2016’ (Video added)

As of today, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced his intention to seek the presidency in 2016. After delivering a formal announcement speech (video as...

Jeb Bush as the Christie replacement

With Christie being perceived as damaged goods, many of his supporters are now working toward a draft-Jeb movement to convince the former Florida governor...

The alliance that never was: Gingrich/Santorum 2012

File this back in the 2012 category. Here is an interesting piece of information regarding the diabolical plot of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum...