Four GOP candidates will join Megyn Kelly of the Fox News Channel for a two hour “Town Hall” event from Houston, Texas. Donald Trump was also invited but has chosen to skip this event. Instead he will be appearing on Thursday night, with the rest of the field, at the CNN Republican Debate. The Town Hall tonight will feature candidates appearing separately answering questions from the moderator and audience.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Fox News “Kelly File” GOP Town Hall
9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT)
Live Stream:

Candidates: Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Carson
Moderator: Megyn Kelly

Report from Fox News:

We’ve got a big two-hour edition of The Kelly File coming up tonight, as Megyn travels to Houston for a face-to-face forum with four of the Republican presidential candidates.

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Gov. John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson will be in front of a live audience, as Texas voters get to grill the candidates for themselves less than a week before the big Super Tuesday contest.

The Lone Star State is the biggest delegate prize at stake on Tuesday, March 1.

Each of the four will join Megyn separately to answer questions during the town hall.

Don’t miss the two-hour event, “The Kelly File: Face to Face with the Candidates,” tonight at 9:00pm ET.


Here is the best quality full video I could find of the event:


    • Not scared. Smart.

      First of all, Kelly is not a journalist, she’s a propagandist. She twists words to her agenda. And she has made it VERY clear that she’s out to get him, personally. Why should he stand there like a target for her attacks?

      But it’s smarter yet, because by not being there, he is lumping the rest together. Cruz and Rubio want to be seen in Trump’s league. Instead, Trump has created an “undercard debate.” Brilliant. In particular, it will give Carson a better chance to shoot at Cruz.

      Personally, I may glance at the transcript, but I wouldn’t tune in to this, even if they would ALLOW me to, which they won’t. Their “poll tax” is a cable account.

      And, finally, Trump has turned an “event” into just another “blah-blah-blah” of canned speeches by the also-rans. Last time, Fox ratings dropped by a third without him there.

      If Fox had been smart and/or ethical, they would have pulled Kelly, since they should want to be seen as objective, or at least, as attempting to be.

    • It was pretty blasé. I am sure I am the only one who bothered to watch the whole thing. Even people I know who follow politics religiously, did not know about this Town Hall.

      • I stopped reporting much on the Town Hall events (Dem & GOP) because they’re too hard to keep track of, too many of them and they’re schedule just days in advance usually. Plus, they’re just like any typical interview with a candidate, just a very long interview, usually filled with talking points. Looked like Kasich and Rubio weren’t even there, just joined via satellite feed.

        • Yeah. Kasich was in Louisiana for some odd reason and Rubio was in god knows where; I was honestly shocked that Carson was there. For a town hall, where you are supposed to meet the candidates in person, less than half were even there (including Trump skipping it). I will say though, that Kelly did do a pretty good job moderating it and asking follow-up questions; made Anderson Cooper’s fawning look even more pathetic by comparison.

          The most frightening thing said was by Rubio concerning University. He wants to have private investment groups invest in students in order to pay for university (along with the bullshit reform of telling you how much a degree will make by law). That right there is just asking for trouble to happen and would turn education into a business.

          Oh, at 7:00 on MSNBC there is suppose to be a one on one with Sanders. Who knew?

  1. Kasich, perpetual victim, Rubio, is being Picked on, (another Victim), Carson, funny, entertaining, and full of fantasies, Cruz, Presidential, explained the interworking’s of the Senate, and why he has no “Friends” there. Provided detailed plans on how he proposes to proceed with his policies. Trump, took his ball and went to elsewhere. nanananaa…….

  2. Upcoming Debate Moderators ~ PLEASE do two things for me: 1. Ask New Questions! We keep hearing the same questions over and over again. (i.e. balancing the budget) 2. Give everyone the same amount of time to talk!!!! I debated in high school and college and the beauty of a true debate is that each speaker gets equal time. The media decides who will be president by giving more attention to those ahead in the polls. I want to hear what ALL the candidates have to say.

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