In our last article, we said we’d have to wait for the polls to see how the public is reacting to Donald Trump’s firing of FBI chief James Comey. Well, the first poll has hit, and it doesn’t look good for Mr. Trump. Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to defend Trump by saying the action was not illegal, while Democrats are saying it was inappropriate, at best. And the poll probably tells us more about ourselves than Trump or Comey.

The first poll to arrive was the NBC/SurveyMonkey poll.

A majority of Americans — 54 percent — think that President Donald Trump’s abrupt dismissal of FBI Director James Comey was not appropriate, while 46 percent think that Comey was fired due to the Russia investigation, according to results from a new NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll.

But let’s look at the charts. The opinions of Republicans and Democrats are almost perfect mirror images: 78-17 vs. 13-86. The big problem for Trump is independents think the action was “inappropriate”—by a rate of more than 2-to-1.

Of course, the Republican defense has been that the firing was not “illegal,” while the Democratic argument was that it was “inappropriate.” If the poll had asked if it was “illegal,” the numbers would have been almost unanimously in Trump’s favor. But that’s not the issue.

“Inappropriate” is Trump’s middle name. He was elected precisely because he was an iconoclast (or “nut job,” depending on your view). So the fact that any action by Trump is considered “inappropriate” shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The poll was more enlightening on the question of “why.” Even Republicans didn’t buy Trump’s first rationale for the action: that Comey had been mean to poor Hillary. Seriously? But Dems don’t get a majority from their argument that it was about the Russia investigation, either.

However, the public does agree with the Democrats that the Russia/election issue is serious. While Dems and GOP mirror their disagreement 86-13 vs. 17-78, independents are solidy concerned 54-40, which is the same as the total public, since the major party fans cancel each other out.

Some are saying that the Democrats are being hypocritical, since they called for Comey’s head, after his actions apparently threw the election to Trump. So the Daily Caller suggests that the firing was not the problem, but rather, the way it was done.

Whether you think it’s a good idea for Donald Trump to fire James Comey, or whether you switched positions on the issue the instant you heard the news, you have to admit that it was pretty abrupt. Nobody but Trump’s inner circle had any idea it was coming, and Comey had to find out by seeing it on TV while he was visiting the FBI field office in LA. Not that Trump is ever going to listen to anybody else, but how should he have handled it?

How should Trump have fired Comey?

• The traditional way: Call him to the conference table with Gary Busey and Arsenio and the rest, and film it for NBC

• Have Al Neri take him out fishing on Lake Tahoe, and watch from the picture window

•Show some basic human decency and do it by text

Obviously, the Daily Caller was having fun with the issue, but they do have a point. If Trump had made public statements that he was dissatisfied prior to the firing, and gotten others to make similar statements, it would have prepared the public. And the blowback would have been minimal.

If you will indulge me, here is how I see it:

Trump was, no doubt, pleased with Comey before the election. He said so. But in January, Trump called Comey to his office, and asked Comey to pledge “loyalty.” Comey only agreed to provide “honesty.” That wasn’t good enough for Trump, and his displeasure gets stronger as it simmers.

Then there was the ongoing Russian investigation. There is no doubt that Russia is trying to disrupt the West. They wrote a book about it, as we noted before.

Personally, I don’t think Trump was involved. If he had been, he wouldn’t have been so public in his praise of Putin. But since the Russians were so anxious to embarrass Hillary Clinton, it is quite likely that there was contact on a low level of the Trump campaign.

In an interview with NBC, Trump now says he fired Comey because he was a “showboat” and a “grandstander.” That is actually a reasonable defense, since Trump obviously wants to be the only “showboat” and “grandstander” anywhere. And the abruptness is consistent with Trump’s—let’s say—quixotic personality.

The real danger for Trump is that his whole mentality is “us vs. them,” and he could fall into the same trap Richard Nixon did—not being involved in the initial act, but running the coverup that brought him down.

And that’s why the Comey firing looks more like Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” than simply one more petty attempt to wipe out any memory or vestige of the Obama presidency.


  1. Come off it, Nixon was involved right from the beginning, not just the cover up. That was obvious back in the 70s and information that has come to light since has only made it more obvious.
    Trump is guilty as sin, nothing happened in his campaign that he didn’t ok or claim as his own idea. I have thought from the beginning that Trump, and all his followers were building a huge house of cards that would, in the near future, fall on them. I have since changed my mind. A house of cards kind of flutters down. Trump’s house will come down more like a badly engineered Jen’s tower. Probably soon.

    • Don’t hold your breath. It is much more likely that the Democrats are going to be shelacked in the 2018 midterms. If the Democrats keep up this unfounded Russia connection all but liberal zealots will be turned off and those Democrats up for reelection will be pounding the pavement after losing their election.?

      If what I am saying comes to pass , the Democrats will become the new Green party!!!?

        • Save your breath, anyone who thinks the Russian connection is “unfounded” and is still defending a serial liar and professional narcissist is beyond reclamation. Let him wonder what happened when Democrats turn over both houses and start to hold the Orange baboon responsible. Then we will begin to repair some of the damage the Republicans have caused.

          • It must be so nice to live in a fantasy world like you do. Is Tinkerbell or any other fairys friends of yours? Do you ride on Unicorns and at the same time play with OOMPHA LOOMPHAS?

            Do all Democrats live in such fantasies? Alas we all have to grow up and live in the here and now. You however still think that the Democrats are going to be the ruling party again.?

            Is the Wicked Witch going to take on the Orange Baboon aka as YOUR PRESIDENT? You have to pinch yourself and wake up. All this dreaming is going to depress you once you wake up.?

            • First of all, I must correct your greatest piece of misinformation. To be MY PRESIDENT he would have to represent my interests, or at least the interests of people like me and you. I dont have a single billion dollars, not even one measly little million, and neither, I suspect, do you. He only represents his million/billionaires, not me, not you. He is their president not yours, not mine. And by the way, I would put more trust and faith to any wicked witch who would come along.
              As for living in a fantasy world, I see you are still flying that ” Straight Shooter” flag. Still heavy on the emoticons. And that picture, I’m sure that it perfectly captures your grey eyes, your grey hair, grey teeth, lips etc. If you can’t even use your real name, it shows that either you have no grip on reality, that you don’t even know who you truly are, or that you are a yellow belly coward. Or all of these at once. As I write this I am listening to reports of your man being accused of obstruction of justice, (Watergate)of firing Comey to stop the Russian colusion investigation. He is talking about secret White House “tapes” (Watergate). And he continues to make a fool of himself on twitter. The Republicans in the house have just passed a bill (doomed to failure) that would take healthcare from 14 million people for the purpose of giving large tax cuts to the millionaire class. These congressmen are being shouted down at town hall meetings by constituents angry about that very bill, and about the fact that they are continuing to support Trump and his agenda. Yet you think that these angry people are going to vote these congressmen back into office. And you think that I live in a fantasy world?
              You go ahead, support your orange monkey, spit out as much nonsense as you want, it is your right. But you should see a doctor about your identity problems, he might be able to help you find your real name, he might even be able to help you figure out why you feel the need to intertwine your fanciful ravings with odd little pictures.
              You should indeed wake up to the real world and realize that after the 2018 election the Democrats will hold a controlling majority in the house and a significant majority in the Senate. The only question is will Trump even be president by then.

            • Are you pleasuring yourself while writing this drivel? ?

              Why are you stuck on finding out my name? Is this getting you exciting? I don’t know about your types in Ohio. Where I am from we all have this air of secrecy.?

              Anyway since 2018 isn’t that far off we will see who will be victorious in both the congressional and Senate races. You will also realize that the great President Trump is still in power and by that time his approval ratings will be stratospheric.?

              Hope you like the emojis you old CODGER!!!?

            • You do know that to learn things you have to have people with different viewpoints in a discussion. Do you want to have me banned because I don’t add something to a discussion or because I don’t agree with your viewpoint??

              Me thinks that it is the latter. If you read through all of my posts I make some good points. Points you may not think are good, but valid points none the less.?

            • You don’t contribute viewpoints. It’s all conspiracy theories and emojis. You are worthless.

            • That is your opinion and truth be told it doesn’t count for much. You aren’t writing these hurtful posts about me because I have stated the truth about your beloved Democrats more than you care to hear.?

              If you are indeed trying to censor me and my emojis, tell me what makes you any different than a dictator. You may have a favorite dictator so I won’t be so presumptuous as to pick one for you.

              Please tell me that your not anything like the rabble in Berkley, CA who rioted because those of a different point of view were going to give lectures at the UC campus? If it is you truly have my sympathies.

            • One very clear difference between me and an authoritarian regime ia that I’m not the government and I can’t possibly inhibit your free speech or censor you in any way.

              You might wanna do some googling before you throw your buzz words around. Starting with “censoring.” It doesn’t mean anything remotely similar to what you think it means.

              Go on, educate yourself.

            • If I were to attack people on this forum about proper usage of grammar, that is all I would be doing. But since I have better things to do, apparently unlike you, I don’t. ?

              It is evident that you understood the meaning of my post. Why don’t you get off of your high horse. By pretending to show how intelligent you think you are, does nothing but diminish you in the eyes of many.?

              Stick to the subject or else go and take up your hidden desire, that of a school marm.?

            • More non answers. What am I to expect from somebody who is still shell shocked from the resounding defeat of your idol. Do you suffer from PTSD??

            • You mean to ask, what have I ever contributed to any form of dislogue that agrees with YOUR preconceived notions of right and wrong??

              Hate to break it to you, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Also the people on it don’t necessarily have to agree with you. I’ll bet you didn’t play well with others when you were a child. Or am I incorrect in thinking that you are an adult??

            • No, I mean what substance have you ever contributed? Keeping in mind that buzz words and emojis are not substance. Answer the question, snowflake.

            • You are making a commendable effort, trying to straighten out Straight Shooter, but a wasted effort at that. Hos ignorance is boundless and matched only by his willingness to share his ignorance and hate with us. If you think he spews hate and nonsense in his postings here, you don’t know the half of it. I came across his postings on a blog that was ( believe it or not) more conservative than this one. The hate that he spews there ( mostly backed up by “good Christian” arguements) was truly astounding. All decked out in emoji there too! He seems to think that calling himself ” Straight Shooter” gives him some measure of believability, if not outright athourity. But, I guess his audience is anyone who would listen to Trump, which translates into the the truely blind leading the merely blind.

            • I’ve looked through his disqus history and have seen that he has a habit of inciting violence against anyone who isn’t a white conservative. He really is the worst kind of racist extremist.

          • You say that about President Trump, but Obama was the most unlawful President we’ve ever had. He never saw a law that he didn’t want to break with his damn
            ” Executive Orders ” that he loved so much.

            • You know, it is interesting to note that I was not an Obama supporter. I did not vote for him in 08, (did not vote Republican just withheld vote) and only voted for him in12 because I hate Paul Ryan so much. I thought he stumbled badly on healthcare by letting Leiberman single handedly defeat a public option. That said, Obama care makes the Republican idea of healthcare seem like the crime against humanity that it is.

              It is also interesting that you attack Obama for using executive orders, yet you support someone’s who has been recklessly signing executive orders, most of which he did not write and obviously hasn’t even read. You support a ” man of the people” who as his first act as president was to sign an order that resulted in raising the cost of a mortgage to fifst time homebuyers. ( remember the American dream of owning a home) Soon after that he signed the order allowing coal mine waste to be dumped, untreated, into streams. (And that brought back how many mining jobs?)

              Soon after that, he signed his first “Muslim ban” which was struck down by the courts. And then his second ban likewise shot down by the courts.

              Yes, I have to agree, a president who tries to govern by executive order ( like G. W. Bush) is sure to be undone by executive order. I just find it interesting, considering the type of orders signed by these various presidents, and who benefited by them, that you consider Obama a criminal and those who seek to cut your throat, saints.

              Of course you are supporting the party that wants to take away healthcare from millions, cut overtime pay, cut millionaire’s taxes to raise yours ( border adjustment tax that you will pay in the form of higher prices) reform ( read cut) Medicare and Social Security. They want to spend your money to build a ridiculous wall on the southern border that Mexico will not pay for. You know a wall like the Chinese built that was current technology how many thousands of years ago? Go ahead, support Trump and his agenda, sounds like you have the hateful ( mostly self hate) mentality for it.

            • This is probably something you shouldn’t point to. At this point in Obama’s term, he had signed 19 Executive Orders. Trump has signed 30. And in both cases, they had a Congress of his same party.


              Obama actually wrote fewer Executive Orders than any president since Grover Cleveland.


              Likewise, no one has been as aggressive as Trump with signing statements–in which a president “interprets” what Congress meant by a law (isn’t that supposed to be the Supreme Court’s job?).

      • I wouldn’t call Russian meddling “unfounded.” As our earlier story pointed out, they announced to the world that they would be doing it. The only question is whether anyone in the Trump campaign was involved. I actually doubt it, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be investigated, to try to find out how deeply the meddling went.

        The real problem for the “resistance” is that this, plus the soap opera about Bannon et al, and a hundred other “SQUIRREL!” stories are keeping the media from looking into and reporting on consequential matters.

        • Did the US influence the election in France? One can’t say no as Obama, etc threw there support behind a particular candidate, right?

          • In the first place it is “threw their support” not “there support”.
            Expressing support for a candidate is completely legal and acceptable. It is a way to try to influence the outcome by pointing out what you believe to be that candidate’s strong points.
            Stealing documents and releasing them to the public to damage a candidate is a crime and completely unacceptable. It is a way to try to influence the election by brute force, against the needs of the people.

            • JS: In the first place, you really don’t want anyone to catalog your typos, do you?

              As for “stealing documents,” I’m old enough to be an adult at the release of the Pentagon Papers. Stealing documents is not the problem. It’s the only way the public has known many facts. The problem is publishing false documents.

            • Nixon’s presidency ended essentially because of a break in to steal documents.

              Go ahead, catalogue all my typos, they are just that, typos. I know my grammar.

            • No, the break in would have become a footnote or less, if it had not been for the coverup.

              You were the one who made a big deal about a “their/there” error, which all of us make.

            • I disagree, the break in was the crime. It was also ordered by Mr. Nixon himself. The story that Nixon was only involved in the cover up doesn’t hold water. No one but the hard core Republicans believed it then and facts that have come to light since then prove his involvement from the very beginning. You have said you were an adult when the Pentagon Papers were released then you lived through the whole Watergate episode and you know that I am right.

              We don’t all make the mistake of where to use there and their. It is not only a basic grammar error but shows a lot about how well one knows their own native language. Would you use the word right when you meant rite or write?

          • HGB: I have been meaning to investigate whether a US president or former president has previously endorsed a candidate of another country. I was surprised that Obama did. Earlier, the candidate had called him. Nothing wrong with that.

            This, as with the Comey firing, gets us into a wide range of propriety, including “legal” and “appropriate.”

            The real difference is open endorsement versus surreptitious manipulation. And that’ why we need an investigation–to see how pervasive the attack was.

      • Yes, we lost, after the Russians supplied STOLEN documents to Wikileaks, after Comey trashed Clinton in July and then came back to “reopen” the case just a few days before the election we lost the electoral college by the smallest margin in recent history. But don’t forget we won the popular vote by almost 3 million.
        And don’t kid your self, this is also a backlash against the fact that Obama was black, that gays got some reasonable rights, women’s rights were being defended. The good ole boys (like you?) who were being “oppressed” by all of this were not about to see a woman take a space in the ultimate boys club of the American presidency.
        And likewise don’t kid yourself, if the Republicans continue to push for the repeal of the ACA (that’s Obamacare to you) tax cuts for the rich and other things that are for the rich few at the cost of the common people they will pay in the midterm elections.

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