By most accounts, the President’s first major trip as Commander-in-Chief has been a success. First visiting with the Saudis, and now continuing on to meet with Israeli leaders, the President is driving the theme of alliances and resolve in combating extremism and terrorism in the region. However, some Israelis are concerned that the President’s stance has softened some since his days on the campaign trail last year.

McClatchy reports on the sentiment in Israel with the President’s visit:

The Israeli love affair with President Donald Trump is souring as promises have gone unfulfilled.

The Israeli public was very excited when Trump took office. They anticipated a fresh start after a fraught relationship with Barack Obama, who many thought was overly sympathetic to the Palestinians.

But reality has set in as all Trump’s earlier talk – of moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, of not worrying about Jewish settlements in Arab land and of dropping insistence on the pesky two-state solution – appears to have been just that: talk.

“He’s like any politician,” said Shlamit Lev-ran, 24, an art student at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. “They say one thing and then after they’re elected they do another. I see no difference.”

“Trump and Obama, they want the same thing,” said Elie Adler, a 60-year-old shopkeeper in downtown Jerusalem. “They just serve it up in a different dish.”

Generally speaking though, the visit by the President is a welcome event in Israel, despite some misgivings on the part of some Israeli government officials:

All the trappings of a warm welcome are on display in anticipation of Trump’s arrival Monday. U.S. flags are flying alongside Israeli ones at Ben-Gurion International Airport, outside Tel Aviv. Posters declaring “Jerusalem welcomes Trump” hang across the city and are pasted to walls.

Yet there are signs of uncertainty: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered all of his Cabinet ministers to attend the airport welcome for Trump after he learned some planned to skip it, according to Army Radio.

The theme of Trump’s speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit hammered his push to “drive out the extremists,” as reported by ABC News:

In his first high-stakes speech abroad, President Trump called on Middle Eastern nations to “drive out” extremists.

“The nations of the Middle East will have to decide what kind of future they want for themselves, for their country and, frankly, for their families and for their children,” Trump said to a roomful of leaders from more than 50 predominantly Muslim countries.

“It’s a choice between two futures, and it is a choice America cannot make for you. A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. Drive them out. Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land. And drive them out of this Earth,” he said.

The president’s speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Ridyadh, Saudi Arabia, came on the second day of a trip that the administration sees as a chance to “start a new chapter in the history of the region,” as one senior administration official told ABC News.

The President flew direct from Saudi Arabia to Israel, which in itself was historic in nature since a direct flight between the two nations by Air Force One has never happened before:

President Donald Trump made a direct flight Monday between two nations that have historically been sworn enemies, Saudi Arabia and Israel — a first for Air Force One.

Trump traveled from Riyadh to Tel Aviv in what appears to be an unprecedented direct flight by a U.S. president between those nations, which don’t have diplomatic relations, in a region fraught with tension.

“It’s a direct flight,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters traveling with the president aboard Air Force One. Of the hopes for a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians, Tillerson added, “There’s a moment in time here.”

Speculation of such a flight by Trump into Israel from the Saudi capital has swirled for weeks. The Haaretz newspaper noted that two past sitting U.S. presidents — Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton — had previously flown from Syria into Israel, but none had made the flight directly from Saudi Arabia.

The trip couldn’t have come at a better time considering the sour political environment that is shaping up domestically for the President and his agenda. As the Special Counsel begins taking over the Russia investigation, and Democrats firm up their opposition, there is little in the way of good news for Trump here on the home front. He tends to score higher marks in poll numbers when dealing with foreign policy matters since Americans tend to like America taking a stronger stance in the world.

The result of the President’s Middle East trip will surely help if the rest of the trip goes as smoothly as the Saudi visit, but it doesn’t erase the political realities facing him when he returns.


  1. Good article. What % of the people “in” Israel were dissatisfied with what he’s done in just a little over 100 days in office. How many of the cabinet, percentages, were not going to attend the airport landing?

  2. Elsewhere, I said Trump is a gambler, which was disputed. Well, here’s a gamble for you. Russia has aligned with Shi’ite Iran and Syria’s Alawite leader, Assad. Trump is gambling that he can ease the jealousies and disputes among the Sunni states to get them to work together to support an Israel-Palestine settlement.

    The idea is to beef up Saudi Arabia as the premier state in the Middle East, trying to downplay Iran. By having the US make Saudi Arabia “bigly,” he hopes that Saudi Arabia will make peace, in return, the way Jimmy Carter was able to get Egypt to make peace with Israel.

    One problem is that Hezbollah is in control of many Palestinians, and Hezbollah is aligned with Iran. However, Hamas, which controls the other Palestinians, has shown recent willingness to compromise.

    It would be historic if Trump could negotiate peace in Palestine, but of course, foreign successes don’t always mean success at home–cf. Nixon (China), Carter (Egypt-Israel), and Bush41 (Gulf War).

    • When a cat takes a nap on the blue couch instead of the brown couch, is it a gamble or is it just a thing that popped into its head?

      There won’t be any peace between Israel and Palestine, since Israel’s goal is to enslave and/or exterminate all Palestinians.

      The conflict can only be ended through the complete annihilation of Palestine, or through an invasion of Israel by human rights upholding forces. The latter won’t happen. The former would be even more devastating than just staying in the status quo.

      The real solution is, of course, for the United States to stop letting its evangelist extremists dictate foreign policy. As long as we treat the apartheid state of Israel as a holy nation whose leadership can never do anything wrong, the deplorable leaders will obviously feel emboldened and invulnerable.

      What’s infuriating is that when all this is over, many decades from now, American conservatives will scrub their history books and try to claim they were against the treatment of Palestinians all along. Just like they do now, with slavery, women’s suffrage, Jim Crow, South African apartheid, and most recently gay rights.

  3. He is a massive hypocrite. He calls on Muslims to weed out extremism, yet he continues to promote Christian extremism and the abolition of the essential separation of religion and state.

  4. Aren’t the last few lines of this article ironic. America likes that it has regained some status around the world or words to that effect. At home however the Democrats are sharpening their knives instead of working with President Trump to make things better here in the US. This pretty much tells me who the problem is here in the US and it certainly isn’t President Trump.

      • Let’s see which is worse? Is it that President Trump doesn’t know this or that tidbit about the geography of a country or something else harmless. We of course can equate him to that buffoon O’Bugger who knew these little irrelevant things but also lifted sanctions off of the Iranians and paid them how many billions for some hostages, seriously destabilizing the region.?

        Most thinking rational people will overlook a slight FAUXPAS, it is the intentional misleading of the world by a glib COMMUNITY ORGANIZER that isn’t taken lightly.?

        Admit it, O’Bugger will be known in the future as the biggest joke of a national leader anywhere in the world. Come to think of it, the clown is already known as a joke in most thinking circles. The liberals and illuminati know it but can’t admit it yet. Knowing they backed a failure for 8 years.?

        • Normal people don’t consider knowing the approximate geographical locations of our closest allies an “irrelevant little tidbit.” I know Republicans celebrate the idea of knowing nothing about the world, but normal people find it embarrassing.

          If you have any citation to support the idea that Trump is more respected internationally than Obama, I’d love to see it. I have talked to people from at least 8 other countries, and my impression is that they think we’ve all been corrupted by brain eating space ameobas to have voted in a mentally challenged toddler with alzheimer’s disease.

          • Is Israel still our closest ally or for that matter still friendly? Undoing eight years of animosity between the two countries brought upon us by your beloved Muslim COMMUNITY ORGANIZER will take some time. ?

            You say you have spoken to eight people from different countries. Doing so from your mother’s basement isn’t so hard to do these days. Now actually being somewhere and speaking in person to them is a whole other story. ?

            This Republican has been more places in the world than you probably know. But then living in MOMMY’S basement you probably don’t get out much.?

            • Calm down, snowflake. I said I’ve spoken to people from at least 8 other countries. I didn’t say it was 8 people.

              I’ve visited 7 countries this year, apart from the US. 8 if you count Puerto Rico. How about you?

              Who is the “Muslim community organizer” you’re talking about? Do you mean Obama? He’s a Christian lawyer, former senator, and former President. But who cares? He’s just a n***** to you guys, right?

            • My you have a vivid imagination, you however do realize that visiting some place in your warped little mind is different than actually being there. Poor fellow you are mentally deteriorating in print.?

              As far as O’Bugger goes, it is horrible that you slander him. You can’t put words in my mouth nor thoughts in my brain, Lord knows little LIBTARD slugs like you have a hard time hanging on to the little they know.?

            • The countries in question were Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, Uganda, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. I met some people in Norway who are still trying to piece their lives together after your hero Breivik murdered 77 people and injured 300, six years ago. I fear you’re about to follow in his footsteps. You have a lot of irrational hatred and violent fantasies that you seem unable to contain, as well as an unhealthy fascination for guns. I am quite certain you’re on a FBI watch list already, as you fit perfectly the profile for a far right terrorist who might shoot up a school or a mall any day now.

        • Btw, the idea that Obama paid money to release hostages was just a conspiracy theory. You’ve been duped again. Even if you fell for the conspiracy theory, you still have the “billions” wrong. It was $400m, which we owed Iran for not delivering the goods in a previous deal.

          Try to keep track of your own moronic conspiracy theories.

          • I think it would be more clear to say that it was Iran’s money. It had been frozen. It was just released.

            • True, that’s a more accurate way to put it.

              Goethe, I’ve asked you this before but you didn’t reply: You often encourage people to listen to the other side. (Of course, I do listen to what conservatives say, hence why of know of all these nutty conspiracy theories.) But, here’s the question, can you give one or two examples of positions or ideas held by the GOP today, that anyone outside that bubble would have reason to engage in serious debate with, let alone adopt?

              I ask because what I hear from Republicans is anyone who isn’t white is bad, women shouldn’t have the right to control their pwn bodies, refugees are a bowl of poisoned skittles, slavery wasn’t all that bad, Jews are bad but Israel is good, more guns everywhere, more tax breaks for the rich, it’s your own fault if you get cancer, women should neither be frigid nor promiscuous, trans people don’t exist, Hillary Obugger Marxist rahhh Seth Rich commies Benghazi emails.

              So, if I may repeat the question, what is it that we’re supposed to be listening to? What common ground do you imagine can be found?

            • I know you asked Goethe, but I feel the need to respond.

              You won’t find common ground because you’ve painted the opposing side in the most extreme brush you possibly can.

              Consider the opposite for example. Let me reverse your paragraph to what someone could view as the most extreme characterization of your views:

              “I ask because what I hear from Democrats is anyone who is white is bad, women should have unfettered abortions up to the due date, refugees are better than average citizens, slavery is literally still happening today like it was in 1860, Israel is always bad, Palestinians are good, ban all guns everywhere, more tax hikes to grow government, it’s the government’s job to treat your cancer, women are always more important than men, trans people deserve special treatment over non-trans people, Trump fascists Nazi rahhh Russia.”

              See how that works? I would suggest you don’t paint people broadly, instead interact with them on an individual basis. There are reasonable and unreasonable people on all sides of the political spectrum. Some people are willing to have an honest discussion about issues, some are not. Find the people that want to actively discuss the merits of an issue, and talk to them.

              If you want to find common ground, don’t immediately demonize anyone who has opposing views. Instead try to understand their views, and then it’s still OK to simply disagree without calling each other names.

              Sometimes there will be no common ground, and that’s fine. People are individuals with free will and no two people will ever believe and espouse exactly the same things.

            • The difference is, of course, that you are only making those things up. No liberal says that “slavery is still happening today” or “trans people deserve special treatment over non-trans people.” That’s just in your confused little head.

              Republicans DO believe that women shouldn’t have reproductive rights. Republicans DO compare refugees to poisoned candy. Republicans DO think that trans women are just men in women’s clothing. I’m not making any of these up.

              Which brings us to another key difference between conservatives and normal people. We attack what you actually say and believe. You attack strawmen.

              Having said all this, you didn’t even attempt to answer the question. Did your meds wear off halfway through ragetyping that ridiculous comment?

              The question was: what conservative talking point is actually worth listening to? Name ONE.

            • As you already said, your mind is closed. You see absolutely no point in discussing anything because, in your words, no opposing views are “worth listening to.” I read views from all perspectives all day long, liberal, conservative, moderate, etc… none of them are hard to find.

              You, however, have ended the discussion before it begins.

              Do you understand how it comes off to ask how you can find common ground with people, and then say you already know there is no common ground to be found because nobody besides you is worth listening to? Think about it.

            • If you had paid any attention, I didn’t say you don’t have anything worth listening to. On the contrary, I asked you to present one conservative talking point that can possibly be taken seriously by any normal person.

              Your unwillingness to answer this question leads me to believe that you know deep down that you have nothing of substance to contribute.

              Come on, Nate. Just because you’re incredibly dumb, it doesn’t mean that you have to be dishonest as well. At least TRY to defend your position.

            • I don’t have a position to defend here as I try to not advocate for either side on this site. And with all due respect, I’m trying to help you stop looking like a petulant child but you just won’t help yourself.

              You keep making my point. You’ve decided that no opinions other than those you already hold are the only ones to be taken “seriously.”

              I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe, that’s up to you. I just think you shouldn’t pretend to be seeking common ground when it’s clear you have deeply partisan leanings and have already dismissed everything else as unserious.

            • Nate, you are avoiding the question. I have asked for you to name one conservative talking point that isn’t complete nonsense. You assert that they exist, yet you won’t give an example.

              As for your ad hominems, let’s first acknowledge that you’ve bought into every insane right wing conspiracy theory on the internet. You ecen still believe in the “massive voter fraud” conspiracy. You can pretend to be unbiased if you want, but us adults know it’s all BS. No human has the capacity to be unbiases. I don’t pretend to be unbiased. I have a bias toward equality, fairness, and human rights. Through that lens, the GOP isn’t looking great.

              Speaking of your incompetence, don’t you find it embarrassing how often Goethe needs to correct your poorly researches articles? An adult, as you claim to be, could be expectes to fact check before publishing, don’t you think?

            • Up: It’s really sort of a fake question, like “when did you stop beating your wife.” How can we even discuss what could work if combatants aren’t interested in listening?

              What Nate and I are saying is that civil discussion can enlighten and sometimes change minds. But it takes willingness.

              Example: My ex-wife’s second husband and I disagree about just about everything politically, but I know areas where we do agree, and we get into excited discussions–in agreement. It drives my ex crazy, because she knows we don’t agree on most things, and thinks we’ll get into fisticuffs. I love driving her crazy. But the point is, it’s possible. It just takes williingness–and respect.

              It’s a lot more fun to call names and claim political infallibility.

              Let’s turn around your question: In a country that’s almost 50-50 in disagreement, you’ll need to bring over independents, if not opponents. What can you say, from a liberal perspective, that would make a conservative want to listen to YOU?

            • No, you’re misstating the question. I’m not asking what a conservative could say to convince me. I know the conservative ideology. It’s impossible to convince me that the free market is infallible or that trickle down economics might start working some day if we just keep at it.

              If I were asking you to come up with a conservative argument that would convince me to become a conservative, that would indeed be a trick question, since I would be the arbitor of success and could just refuse to play along. However, that is emphatically NOT the question I posed.

              I asked, rather, for YOU, as a proponent of the idea that both sides have important things to say, and that we can find common ground through civil discussion, to name ONE such important idea or argument from the conservative/Republican side that YOU find worth listening to.

              In other words, YOU are the one who gets to decide whether YOUR example is a good one. If Nate were to answer this question, he would only need to name one conservative idea or argument that HE finds convincing.

              There’s no trick here. I’m only asking you to be specific, instead of dropping vague hints of serious GOP policy ideas that allegedly exist.

              I don’t expect that I will find the argument convincing. I only want to know what YOU find convincing, or what NATE finds convincing.

              The reason why I am looking for an answer to this question is that I strongly suspect that most conservatives know their ideas are dumb. Articulating those dumb ideas might be a step on the way to challenging them.

              For example, progressives say that health care is a basic human right that should be free for all people at all times, financed as a single payer system such as can be seen in all countries with a functioning health care system.

              Republicans, on the other hand, say that anyone can “access” health care as long as they have the money to pay for it.

              One of these ideas is idiotic. Everybody can see that it’s idiotic and cruel. It’s clear thar it will lead to the death of millions of people. Yet Republicans support it.

              Well, if you’re gonna support this idea, let me at least see you admit that this is what you’re supporting. This is what I ask of conservatives. I ask them to stop being cowards. I ask them, when they inflict these terrible ideas on the majority of people who did not vote for them, that they at least take some adult responsibility for what it is that they actually believe. When your party constantly argues for more guns everywhere, when they promote arming the teachers and arming the students, they can’t tell me they don’t want more school shootings to happen.

              In short, show some damn shame.

            • You’re not even bothering to read. Nobody asked you to convince anyone.

              I’ll restate the question, exactly as asked:

              What can you say, from a liberal perspective, that would make a conservative want to listen to YOU?

            • Goethe, you said:

              “You’re not even bothering to read. Nobody asked you to convince anyone.”

              As it turns out, it seems I read your comment much more thoroughly than you did. In your previous comment, you said:

              “Let’s turn around your question: […] What can you say, from a liberal perspective, that would make a conservative want to listen to YOU?”

              As you can see, you presented this question as the same as my question but “turned around.” That’s why I went to great lengths to explain that this was not my question.

              Again, I must question your reading comprehension. I don’t know how else to put it.

              Furthermore, I already answered your question in my previous comment, which you apparently didn’t bother to read. I don’t think there’s anything I or anyone else can say that would convince Republicans of anything.

              They still believe that Obama is a Muslim, that millions of undocumented immigrants committed voter fraud in California, that Hillary is a communist and/or serial killer, that the recent terrorist attack in Manchester was orchestrated by the Democratic party in order to distract the media from the Seth Rich story, that Trump’s inauguration crowd was historically large, that Trump won in a landslide, that everyone who happens to live near the coast is “an elite,” that climate change is a hoax created by China, etc.

              There’s no shared reality there. Any attempt at serious discussion would be a non-starter. Facts have been declared a liberal conspiracy.

              I don’t believe I could convince a Republican that the Sun is hot. The best I can hope for is that they all pack themselves into a rocket and fire themselves directly into the Sun in an attempt to prove their point.

            • The issue is still about listening. How can you get someone to LISTEN to you. Certainly not by ranting like that.

            • I told you that I can’t get any Republican to listen to anything I say, nor can anyone else.

              What’s the purpose of repeating a question that has already been answered several times? And when will you answer my question?

            • You insult people, then you complain they won’t listen to you. So your strategy is to insult them more, then expect them to start listening to you. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

              There is no “shared reality” because you paint your political opponents in the most extreme terms. Thus, there is an insurmountable distance between your views and theirs. Go figure you can’t find common ground.

              This is a gem, I’ve never heard this one:

              “the recent terrorist attack in Manchester was orchestrated by the Democratic party in order to distract the media from the Seth Rich story”

              And China is causing global warming? News to me.

              Obama’s a Muslim? OK, whatever YOU say, pal!

              Seriously? Are you being serious here or just trolling us? Haha! I get it now! You’re funny. Good one. For a minute I thought you were trying to have a rational conversation.

            • Your damn President proclaimed in a tweet that climate change was a hoax created by China.

              The conspiracy theory about Manchester is championed by Mike Cernovich. He was invited to tge White House to meet with Trump. Donald Jr. called for Cernovich to receive a Pulitzer prize.


              The entire GOP spent YEARS obsessing over ways to “prove” that Obama is a Muslim, communist, socialist, Marxist, satanist, atheist, foreign-born terrorist.

              But sure, I’m the insane one for not believing you can be reasoned with.

              Meanwhile, you won’t/can’t give me an example of one conservative idea that’s convincing even to you – a Republican yourself.

            • Lighten up, Francis. Deep breaths. Count to 10. Then sit down and let me know when you’re done screaming into your keyboard.

              Are you an American citizen? If yes, he’s your “damn President,” too, which is the ultimate irony. He’s the President for every American citizen! Just like President Obama and President Bush before him. Isn’t it grand how our system of government works?

              I don’t have a party or politician to shill for, it’s not my job, never has been on this site dating back to 2008. I have no registered party affiliation.

              Chill out and relax. You’re getting angry and bitter. Let it go. Let it go…

              You’re talking to me like I’m the chairman of the RNC. I have no dog in this hunt. I don’t defend or praise politicians. I just try to analyze them. Agree or disagree, that’s why there’s a comments section. You don’t have to agree with me, and I don’t have to agree with you, and the world doesn’t end. The sun still rises. People disagree.

              I can’t believe how worked up you are over this. Is there an Applebee’s near you? I’ll order you a meal and a stiff drink, just go pick it up.

            • Nothing screams “I am totally relaxed” as a 6 paragraph comment containing nothing but thinly veiled passive aggression.

              Look, moron, I stated facts about what Republicans believe. You denied them. I proved my point by showing that the leader of the Republican party has endorsed these views. Your response is to… quickly change the subject.

              Try some honesty, Nate. For once. Just try it.

              And, no, Trump is not and cannot be my President. He got to the White House with a clear minority of votes. He won the electoral votes because white rural votes have been given more value than other votes. Even so, he still needed the FBI to break policy, the GOP to commit active voter supression, Russia to hack the DNC, and a rapist fugitive to apread his propaganda from a hiding spot.

              And, let me make this absolutely clear: even if Trump had won an open and honest election, which he didn’t, a Nazi can NEVER be my President. Never.

              If you could go back in time to the 1930s, would you try to stop Hitler? Well, this is your chance. Sympathize with the Nazi Party or resist. Those are your options.

            • Trump is your President.

              “Sympathize with the Nazi Party or resist. Those are your options,”

              Instead of Applebee’s, I’ll call CVS and make sure your meds get filled. This time you gotta take each one, no holding them in your mouth and spitting them in the trash after the nurse leaves.

            • If I take medication, will Trump’s closest advisors Gorka and Bannon retract their open support for the Nazi ideology?

            • Btw, I haven’t complained that Republicans won’t listen to me. I’ve only stated the fact that they won’t. You need a dictionary.

            • Let me quote you..

              “I told you that I can’t get any Republican to listen to anything I say, nor can anyone else.”

              That sounds like you’re complaining that Republicans won’t listen to you. No?

            • No, you absolute idiot. It’s a statement of fact. The “complaining” part is all in your otherwise empty head. What the hell is wrong with you? Can you honestly not read a normal sentence?

            • Again, you fail at reading. I didn’t say that I don’t care if anyone listens to me. You made that up. Is it compulsory for Republicans to tell at least one lie in each sentence?

            • I am not complaining, nor do I care, about whether conservatives listen to me. Not every person is a conservative.

              You genuinely can’t read.

              At least you and Trump seem to have the same mental age.

            • Maybe… and this is just a hypothetical.. but did you consider that in a similar fashion, some people don’t care if YOU listen to them? I know, it’s going to blow your mind to think there are people on this planet who could not care any less about your opinions, despite you freely offering them. I’m sorry. And there’s no Santa Claus either.

              Btw, Trump = Your President

            • How about you stop dancing around and just name one conservative idea that you consider worth listening to?

              Don’t be shy, snowflake.

            • I have stated many times that conservatives don’t care about what I or anyone else says.

              This again comes back to the fact that you genuinely don’t know how to read.

            • Actually, ellipses do work like that. Only error was two periods instead of three at the second point. Probably just a typo.

            • Not a typo. He does it often.

              It’s weird that you can find the time to talk about ellipses, yet you can’t name one conservative idea or argument that you find convincing.

            • My job is not to campaign for one side or the other. One part of my job is to correct obvious error. You were wrong.

            • No, I wasn’t. You even admitted as much in your previous comment. Don’t lie unless you’re going to delete the evidence. It’s just bad strategy.

              I didn’t ask you to campaign for anything. I’ve asked you to name one conservative plan or idea that you find convincing or otherwise worth listening to. You say they exist, so why not name one?

            • No, I wasn’t. It’s 3 periods. Not 2, as Nate often uses. You already admitted this. Stop lying.

            • OK, technically, you’re right.

              Your question was. . .what could a Republican possibly say that you could ever possibly agree with, and as we’ve seen repeatedly. . .there is NOTHING that a Republican could possibly say to YOU that YOU would ever choose to agree with.

              THAT is the answer to your question. . .but that doesn’t mean reasonable people have the same problem.

            • That was not my question, Goethe. Not even close. In fact, I made a long comment explicitly explaining that this wasn’t the question. Why are you lying?

            • How can you possibly think that’s the question I asked? Have you seriously beem replying to my comments without reading them? Or is it down to bad reading comprehension again?

            • I’m not “answering” you because you don’t know how to have a civil discussion without resorting to personal insults. That’s the part I’m trying to help you with. That’s the “adult” part of having a civil discussion.

              Should I just call you “dumb” and “incompetent,” is that how we should have an adult discussion?

              What I find entertaining is how much you dislike me and this website, yet here you are day after day, week after week, month after month. So thank you for being a regular reader and commenter.

            • As an add-on, I would like to point out that I haven’t asked for you to “help” me by frantically avoiding the question. I wasn’t even addressing you at all. You’re the one who for some reason felt compelled to play the victim. You can delete your disqus account for all I care. It’s clear you won’t ever have anything to contribute.

            • Bravo, a great reply to a close minded, self righteous, pompous PRIG. I read through the rest of your back and forth and found that he is as insufferable as usual. A word of advice, don’t waste your breath, UpIsDown is a lost cause. Kind of like the Democratic party, totally clueless.?

            • Well, right now, peace in Palestine. It took a rabid anti-communist like Nixon to open China to the world. Maybe Trump’s erratic style will strike upon a way to get Palestine to recognize Israel, and for Israel to recognize Palestine.

            • Peace in Palestine isn’t a position. It’s a goal. Do you know any Democrats who argue for eternal war in Palestine? No. This is like saying “better economy” is a Republican plan. Everybody wants a better economy. Nobody is arguing for the values of having a bad economy.

              What I need you to do is give me a Republican suggestion for how to REACH this goal. You can score some bonus points if the plan is actually derived from conservative principles.

  5. The image of the Israeli ambassador to the US literally facepalming as Trump reveals he had no idea Israel is located in the Middle East, is the perfect symbol of the world’s embarrassment on our behalf.

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