If you’ve already donated the maximum against the candidate you hate, here’s something you can buy so you can show your displeasure. . .by dressing your baby in a onesie, with printing on the front that says, “I already hate our next president.” Adult sized t-shirts are also available, but no sense keeping your hate to yourself. . .


In fact, there are three full pages of such products, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

It’s true that every four years journalists write columns lamenting the pitiful choices facing Americans on Election Day. But this election is special because of how overwhelmingly negative public views are toward the two major party candidates. . .

In the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. . .just 37 percent of respondents said they had a positive view of Clinton, compared with 52 percent who had a negative view — and that was actually a marginal improvement over the August poll. Meanwhile, Trump was only viewed positively by 28 percent, compared with 61 percent who viewed him negatively. Among undecided voters, just 13 percent had a positive view of Clinton and 5 percent of Trump.


This makes it likely that whoever does get elected will take the oath of office as historically unpopular. Gallup keeps an archive of its initial poll taken after presidents were sworn in for their first term going back to President Eisenhower. On average, presidents have started with an approval rating of 61 percent, and the range has been a high of 72 percent under President Kennedy and a low of 51 percent, shared by Presidents Reagan and the first President Bush.


If you only hate Hillary, you can buy a “Team Deplorable” shirt, instead, according to The Daily Caller.

You can fight back against the liberal media’s attempt to bury this story by proudly wearing a “Team Deplorable” shirt. Not only will you force Hillary and her supporters (and undecideds) to reckon with what she said, but you will also be supporting alternative, honest media. The shirts are only available until midnight on Friday, September 23. So you better hurray to get yours!


On the other hand, if you like Hillary, Chelsea Clinton wore a “Make Herstory” t-shirt at the Dem convention, according to Breitbart.


Former (and possibly future) first daughter Chelsea Clinton is on the trail for her mother Hillary Clinton, and was sporting a new look during a rally for students at Michigan State University.

Chelsea took the stage to the divisive “Fight Song” campaign anthem by Rachel Patten. She was wearing a “Make Herstory” black t-shirt, black pants, and black boots. . .

“A Hillary Clinton presidency would mark an exciting and bold new chapter in America’s story—and in the story for women’s equality,” wrote the designers about their shirt. “Change doesn’t happen by keeping things the same. Real change comes from being brave, being different.”

If you want to be able to buy your own politician, there are Hillary and Trump dolls.


For the right price, Donald Trump will soon come right to your doorstep and be yours forever. Hillary Clinton too, of course. And you can already get Pope Francis, Al Gore, John McCain and every Supreme Court chief justice in history. Even Barack Obama. For all this you can thank Patric Verrone. . . The Emmy Award-winning “Futurama” writer.

If you’re not a Hillary fan, maybe you’d go for the “Hillary Meal Deal” yard sign.

If you like Gary Johnson, you can show that he’s an alternative with a sticker.


But the mood of most people fits this button, instead.

Or this bumper sticker. . .


  1. I think that it is very sad that so many people are “voting against” rather than “voting for”. If I did not think that I could support one of the candidates, I probably wouldn’t vote at all.
    As I live in Ohio, and have always been a Democrat, I am used to the fact that there are a lot of Republicans around me. Though many people are either not interested at all, or prefer not to discuss politics with their coworkers, it seems to me that of the people who did make their politics known, the republicans were much more likely to call it a “choice of the lesser of two evils”. No matter which election, or candidates you were talking about. As popular as Reagan was supposed to be I heard the same thing from most republicans.
    Although I think Trump rises to my “candidate worthy of voting against” threshold, I am happy to say that I enthusiastically support Clinton. I am not “angry” or “resentful”. And while I too want to see change, I believe Clinton will bring THE KIND OF CHANGE WE NEED. Trump would bring change, undoubtedly, but falling off the cliff is change compared to clinging to the edge. Just not change for the better.
    If you find you are voting against a candidate, or choosing the lesser evil, maybe you should reexamine your priorities, or maybe, just stay home.
    And by the way, you should leave your religion at home, this is not now and has never been a theocracy.

    • It makes no sense for even the religious to vote Trump. He is about as far from most religious principles as it is possible to be. Clinton is quite genuinely religious. She, however, realizes that separation of church and state is absolutely necessary in order to have freedom of religion at all.

      I enthusiastically support Clinton and would vote for her regardless of the racist, xenophobic, misogynist Republican offering 🙂

      • I agree wholeheartedly, however it seems that the hard right religious people like him better, the nastier he gets.
        I think that Clinton offers a lot of hope. I hope that we will be able to get her elected.

          • Sad but true. I respect the right to observe their religious beliefs, but politics and religion should never be mixed.
            To me, religion is a means to control people. There fact that religious beliefs are taken”on faith” means that they are believed without evidence. That makes it easier for the faith leaders to get them to support a candidate that embodies the very things that they claim to despise. Witness Donald Trump’s campaign.

            • Are you related to either Karl Marx or Friedrich Engels, you know RELIGION IS THE OPIATE OF THE PEOPLE. You have been going on and on how religious people shouldn’t mix politics and religion. News flash, religion is very much a big part of a religious persons makeup. Even if they wanted to completely separate the two, it is never possible.

              As far as the faith of the two candidates I can’t say that one impresses me over the other. Bill Clinton was supposed to be a good religious boy and we all have seen how that turned out. If RIN TIN TIN was dressed in a skirt, Bill Clinton would have probably gone after him.?

              Since citizens have the right to vote, regardless of their views, education level or wealth than I guess we both better sit back and see WHERE THE CHIPS FALL.

            • I didn’t say anything close to religion being an opiate. I said it is a control scheme. It is a very successful scheme because it convinces people that they have free will, while they are blindly following the dictates of their church. People like you are like sheep, mindlessly accepting a fairy tale, and letting it rule your life.
              Right now, your “faith” is leading you to support the most bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic,racist,eliteist foul mouthed slob ever to be a candidate.
              Incidentally, Bill Clinton is not on the ballot. And as far as Hillary Clinton’s character is concerned, she has been married to the same man for 40 yeard

            • I have read other posts of yours and in them you attack Christians with a malice. Isn’t it lucky for you that we don’t live in a country where the main religion is Islam. There would be a FATWA issued on your blasphemous A $$ so quickly it would make your head spin.

              As far as sheep following the dictates of a church, what about you? Someone who is absolutely clueless. I majored in Science in college but was able to make religion and science co-exist. In so many words it isn’t either or for me while someone who just knows you born, live and the die like yourself are beyond redemption.

              Donald Trump is of course an ELITIST. How many wealthy people do you think rub elbows with the rest of us. The big difference between him and Billary is that she is a POLITICAL ELITIST. Does it make you wonder why the Bush family are voting for her. It is because they are also political elitists. Does it make you think why the elitists and misguided liberals such as yourself are so ANTI Trump? Talk about believing in a FAIRY TALE.

              Are you curious about my name because you want to STALK ME??

            • You are attempting to reason with what I would term as a pathetically ignorant “Clinton Clown.” She has already accused me of being a “brainless Trump supporter” and has not the slightest idea of what she is talking about. However, being an admitted “democrat” she has already indicated that she is totally immersed the new Marxist inspired so-called “Democrat” Party.

            • I have had running feuds with him for the last several months. You are right he is a brainless Democrat, but it is a him. I am certain that there are brainwashed women out there, but this person is definitely a him.

            • Both of you are geniuses, to be able to figure out that I am male, since I told you my name is James, oh yeah, I also told you the picture is of me as a child.
              You can make science and religion coexist, the world is either 4,000 or four and a half billion years. The stars and planets were either formed by natural processes, or were created in six days by magic. Human beings either evolved over many years from simpler creatures to what we are today, or we were made out of clay and had “the breath of life breathed into our nostrils” by some magic figure. Dinosaurs either existed millions of years before man, or they existed at the same time, in a magic garden. I won’t even mention the fact that God made woman at the same time he made man, and then made woman from Adams rib, oops! Science and religion, that seems like a “match made in heaven”.
              Now, I can prove that man is born, has an average lifespan, longer for some less for others. And I can prove that people die. Can you demonstrate being “born again”? Can you tell me the location of heaven, or even hell? Has anyone ever come back from death to tell you about the afterlife?
              I would like to correct your assertion that I am a member of something you call the ” Marxist inspired Democrat party”. I am a proud, lifelong member of the Democratic party, otherwise known as the party of the common man. I am not rich enough, or stupid enough to vote against my own interest by supporting the republicans. The elitists who are against taxes for themselves, and against a fair wage for people like us. Elitists who believe in “golden parachutes for themselves, but want to do away with Social security and Medicare for us.
              Don’t kid yourself, Donald Trump is laughing at you. He, who we now know lost almost a billion dollars in ONE YEAR, has convinced you that he is the world’s greatest businessman. He disparages others for not paying their taxes, but we now know that he says that paying no taxes make him “smart”. I have no way of knowing myself, but people in a position to know say he is nowhere near as rich as he claims to be.
              As to his character, he said at a rally that Hillary Clinton had been unfaithful to her husband of fourty years, her one and only marriage. He said this in the complete lack of any evidence of its being true. Now, this is a man who not only has been married three times, but is known to have publicly cheated on his first two wives. His chief surrogates are Rudy Guiliani, who had three wives of his own. He not only cheated on his wives but announced the divorce from first wife at a press conference before he spoke to her about it. Next comes Newt Gingrich, three wives, cheated on them, delivered divorce papers to wife while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer.
              So the only conclusions that I can draw about the two of you are that you are just like your hero, Trump. You cheat on your taxes, you cheat on your wives, you hire people to do work for you and then refuse to pay them. Oh yeah, you average one lie for every three and one quarter minutes that you speak.
              The only reason that I mention your posting under fake names, and this goes for both Mrs. Shooter, and Mrs. Arcturus6 is to emphasize the fact that you are brave enough to insult and disparage people but you don’t have the guts to even use your name. If you look up the definition of COWARD you will find both of your names listed as synonyms.
              The term ignorant litterally means lacking knowledge. That would imply that I am supporting Clinton without knowing anything about her. I assure you that is not the case. I wonder, on the other hand if you really know anything about either candidate.
              By the way, when you want to call someone an ass, is it ok with Jesus if you spell it a$$? Or are you still in Seventh grade with Mr Trump.
              You should tell your doctor that you are doing better, four paragraphs and only one emoticon.
              Well, I am out of time, say hello to the boys in the white hoods.

            • Your wasting your time, the brainwashing the cult of trumps uses is too powerful. Facts and logic are foreign concepts to the supporters of trump

            • Yep. You just cannot reason with those who have wilfully forsaken it and compartmentalized their minds in such a manner that some things are beyond question regardless of the fact that no reasonable evidence supports the underlying claims. Religious brainwashing takes a long time to be broken and it needs to occur from within after the multitude of doubts are finally addressed without the cognitive dissonance preventing it from happening.

            • I know you are a man because you were very insistent on telling me that the j in your handle stood for James. Also if you remember and aren’t getting inundated with Democratic junk mail from the Wicked Witch that says, VOTE FOR ME BECAUSE I HAVEN’T BEEN PROSECUTED YET, I also told you that I am a man. So as much as you would like to think that you have an admirer in Mrs. Shooter, it is Mr. Shooter. Ah the liberal mind is not all its made out to be.?

              As far as what I believe and what you believe, does it make a difference to anyone but each of us? What is your fascination in quoting facts from religion and then from science. Am I supposed to be impressed? Guess what I am not, although you do sound like a PREACHER working on a sermon that nobody will ever pay attention to. Is that your goal.?

              Someone like you who thinks he is all knowing surely must know that into the 1980’s, tobacco companies were big sponsors of the Democrats. When tobacco companies fell out of favor, the good old JOKE FROM HOPE (Bubba) and the DNC got big banks and financial firms to take their place. As stands now, the Democrats are the party of the wealthy. Just take a look at this current campaign and you will see Billary having fund raisers at Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons and in Silicon Valley. Do you think you as a loyal Democrat are ever going to be invited to one of these soirees or are you one of THE UNWASHED MASSES? You will only be needed to vote and nothing else, you RIFF RAFF have to know your place!!!?

              You are showing also what a complete JERK you are. Opinions are like ass holes, everybody has one. Having different opinions are all well and good, however when you come up with asinine conclusions like I cheat on my taxes and wife you are walking a VERY FINE LINE. Your crack about getting back to my friends with hoods is also another childish acts. It as if you want to see how far you can push the envelope. Either that or you are just plain ignorant.?

              I made sure to include many emoticons this time as they seem to get you off.?

      • Maybe respond to the contents of the post rather than just ad hominems? Just a thought.

      • No, I am perfectly happy, I live in the real world. Can you say the same.
        Here is a challenge for you. Tell me three reasons to support Trump.

        • It seems like their reasons are white power, they hate being civil and polite adults or as they call it “political correct bullshit” and theocracy

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