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Bernie-Biden Primary Could Be Replay Of 2016 Bernie-Hillary

Could the 2020 Democratic primary come down to an establishment versus anti-establishment battle as it did in 2016? A few years ago it was...

Hillary Clinton Leads New 2020 Democratic Primary Poll

No, you're not reading the headline wrong, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is the top choice among Democratic primary voters by a mere...

Hillary Clinton: I’d Join The 2020 Race If I Thought I Could Win

Is there really this much angst among some factions of the Democratic Party establishment that former vice president Joe Biden won't be able to...
Hillary Clinton Tulsi Gabbard

Does Tulsi Gabbard have a “Birther” Problem?

There has been a lot of discussion of the unusual support Tulsi Gabbard has received from Republicans and from Russia. Gabbard has been more...

Hillary 2020? Impeachment Threat Could Offer Rematch Of 2016

Truthfully I thought we were done discussing Hillary Clinton in relation to presidential runs, but in 2019, the landscape may be more disturbed and...

Friday Afternoon Funny: Hillary 2020?

It's Friday, let's put this week to rest, but not before we explore the off-chance that Hillary Clinton is seriously considering running for President...

Hillary Becomes President In Five Simple Steps

Some Democrats are holding out hope that the Russia investigation yields actionable results which would cause Donald Trump to either resign from office, or...

Democrats Grumble About Hillary’s Blame Game

As we noted days ago, Hillary Clinton has been trying to explain her electoral loss in 2016 by pointing to several outside factors that...

Hillary Blames Bernie for ‘Crooked Hillary’ Meme

Hillary Clinton has been making the rounds lately to promote her latest book which attempts to explain, from her point of view, what happened...

Poll: Trump Still Beats Hillary According to 2016 Voters

Much is being made of President Trump's lagging approval numbers, which remain historically low, but the narrative being sold with those numbers doesn't tell...

Show the World How You Really Feel

If you’ve already donated the maximum against the candidate you hate, here’s something you can buy so you can show your displeasure. . .by...