We like to give you controversial topics to discuss. We give you examples of what is being said in the media, from Breitbart to HuffPost, and from The Blaze to Ozy—and a dozen in between. But in referring to these publications, we also try to figure out what’s going on. Today, the topic is Hillary’s comment last Friday, that Donald Trump’s supporters can be split into two “baskets,” as noted in Breitbart.

During a fundraiser in New York City Friday evening, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton described half of the Americans supporting Donald Trump as a “basket of deplorables” made up of “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” people.

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence was not pleased.

Mike Pence lambasted Hillary Clinton Saturday for saying half of Donald Trump’s supporters are in a “basket of deplorables,” saying that someone with such a “low opinion” of the American people ought to be disqualified from serving as president.

Hot Air also chimed in.

Nothing says woman of the people like a political candidate who got filthy rich while serving in the Senate and State Department insulting millions of voters while surrounded by celebrities, right? Hillary Clinton shifted her attack from Donald Trump to his supporters at a fundraiser in New York City, putting “half” of them into “a basket of deplorables.” That’s a memorable turn of phrase, but will Hillary want to forget it?. . .

Should it get the “47 percent” treatment? Yes, perhaps even more deservedly than Romney; his (misguided) remarks were about specific tax and safety-net policies, not accusing tens of millions of Americans of bigotry simply for not supporting him. Will it? No, and for one unassailable reason — the media will never start that same kind of feeding frenzy around Hillary. They’ll cover it initially, perhaps even noting what a foolish misstep it was as Don Lemon did in the CNN clip, but very quickly the media narrative will turn to whether Republicans are “pouncing” and “overplaying their hand.” Don’t be surprised if that shift occurs as soon as tomorrow morning’s news shows.

Meanwhile, conservative writer David Brooks said, on Meet The Press, that Hillary’s words sounded a lot like Richard Nixon.

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” while discussing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s Friday night, comments describing half of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s supporters as “deplorables” driven by “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” beliefs, New York Times columnist David Brooks said the remark showed a “dark” and “Nixonian” world view.

Brooks said, “First, you know, it was terrible week for politics, we had to race to the bottom before but this is like Usain Bolt speed, these two. I was struck by another sentence in that quote about the deplorables, that they are irredeemable. There is a reason no religion believes that. Because if you believe people are irredeemable you are saying they say they lack redeemable souls and in a lesser category of human beings and that’s a dark, dark world view. That’s the risk with Clinton, she can be hard-working and very effective and very efficient but there is a dark world view that is semi-Nixonian lurking in there.”

OK. That’s what was said. But the question is why—why someone who is known for over-thinking what she says would make such a clumsy comment. It seems to break the number one rule of politics—criticize an opponent, but not the voters. It also seems like a mistake in the mold of Mitt Romney’s “47%” gaffe in 2012. And while I haven’t read it anywhere, it also strikes me that a “basket” of people sounds a lot like Romney’s “binders of women,” which seemed dismissive of women, and was ridiculed as simplistic. How did an “overthinker” make this “mistake”?

The American Thinker thinks Hillary just freaked out.

This week could be the point of no return for the faltering Clinton campaign. The elitism that is a defining characteristic of the contemporary political establishment has lured the campaign into a strategic blunder. They are in a panic with Trump closing the polling gap in battleground states.

So as panicked people sometimes do, the Brooklyn Brain Trust made a decision from the gut. They are scared of the Trump supporters, and they presume that their voters are, too. So scared that it makes sense to them for Bill and Hillary Clinton to publicly disparage a substantial fraction of the American public.

And what did Hillary do next? A non-apology apology.

Hillary Clinton partially walked back comments she made on Friday night, describing half of Donald Trump’s supporters as “deplorables” who were driven “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” sentiments.

“Last night I was ‘grossly generalistic,’ and that’s never a good idea. I regret saying ‘half’ — that was wrong,” Clinton said in a statement released Saturday afternoon.

Clinton made the comments at a fundraising event Friday in New York City, and by the next morning the Trump campaign was demanding an apology.

Hillary did not apologize for calling “some” of Trump’s supporters “deplorable.” She just said she had been imprecise—that deplorable people probably don’t actually make up a full “half” of Trump’s supporters.

“Words have consequences,” Hillary Clinton likes to caution while campaigning against the loose-lipped, insult-hurling Donald Trump. “Words can be misinterpreted.”

But it was the Democratic nominee, generally so careful with her language, whose own inelegant prose seemed to level invective at some 20 percent of the American electorate Friday night, when she plopped them all into a big “basket of deplorables” while addressing supporters at an LGBT fundraiser in New York City. . .

Perhaps the greatest effect of “deplorables” will be on the psychology of Clinton’s campaign. Coming days after NBC’s Matt Lauer seemed to give Trump a fact-check-free pass during a live presidential forum — after grilling Clinton aggressively on her email use — it uncorked a huge amount of pent-up frustration at the Democratic nominee’s Brooklyn headquarters. There, many Clinton operatives saw the Republican outrage and media attention devoted to Clinton’s words as the latest example of an absurd double standard at work. . .

Clinton campaign officials also said they believed they could make a virtue in the coming days out of their swift cleanup on Aisle Six — a leader can express regret, they pointed out, whereas Trump has never apologized for any of the insults he has hurled at a war veteran, a disabled reporter, a gold star family, and more. (Trump, in fact, urged Romney in 2012 not to apologize for his “47 percent” comments.). . .

Added longtime Clinton ally Paul Begala: “It is simply true that Donald Trump has electrified the racist fringe in America, and that is really critical for her to raise.”

That discussion, Begala said, helps energize the two groups that Clinton needs to win the election: college-educated white voters, who Democrats have never won; and the millennials that overwhelmingly rejected Clinton for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.

“I don’t think it’s a gaffe,” Begala added, “I think it’s a really important strategy. This fires up her voters.”

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine says Hillary doesn’t need to apologize, according to Breitbart.

Harper Neidig writes at The Hill that Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kane claims Hillary Clinton need not apologize for her remarks when she referred to half of Donald Trumps supporters as a “basket of deplorables” at a fundraiser hosted by singer Barbara Streisand. . .

“She said, ‘Look, I’m generalizing here, but a lot of his support is coming from this odd place, that he’s given a platform to the alt-right and white nationalists,’ ” Kaine told the Washington Post.

“But then she went on to say, ‘Look, there’s also a number of his supporters that have economic anxieties, and we’ve got to speak to those.’ ”

And TalkingPointsMemo says it’s important that Hillary not back down.

It may have been easier not to say this and left herself vulnerable to a faux-populist counterattack. But she did say it. She cannot unsay it. And since it is not only basically true but in fact a matter of central importance to the entire election, it is truly critical that she not back down.

If there’s nothing else we’ve learned from this cycle we should have learned the centrality of ‘dominance’ politics. Campaigns are performative displays of strength, resolve. To back down, apologize or cower would not only play into Trump’s dominance politics routine, it would make Clinton look weak. It would deepen suspicions that she has no beliefs or will change them out of convenience. Far more importantly though, backing down would demoralize her supporters since it would amount to apologizing for or backing down from and delegitimizing what is in fact a central truth of the election. . .

We know what Trump advises: never apologize. This is a key element of Republican dominance politics, a language which I have said most Republicans know but which is Trump’s native language.

And why shouldn’t she apologize? First, as noted, “some” of Trump’s supporters, such as David Duke, are racists. Second, she’s firing up her base, which has been dispirited lately. Third, it gave her a chance to quickly “explain,” whereas Trump just doubles-down. Fourth, an apology might be seen as weakness. And Fifth, as just mentioned, this year’s politics is about “dominance.” Being outrageous is what gets the headlines. By being offensive, one can control the news cycle. And that’s particularly important for Hillary right now. . .

Because it was, according to Huffington Post, a clever ruse to change the topic of discussion from her email troubles to a question of “how many” of Trump’s supporters are actually despicable.

What Clinton’s campaign chose to do was to take a third route. They played Trump’s game, apologizing without an actual apology for speaking in controversial terms about a certain demographic. In a statement offered on Saturday, Clinton said she regretted estimating the percentage of Trump supporters who are “deplorables” but not the use of the word itself. . .

Debating what percentage of Trump’s base is racist certainly is preferable to talking about email protocols. But beyond that, the campaign’s goal, since the convention, has been to cleave moderate Republican voters away from Trump. An extended discussion of his incendiary comments, his campaign and his own nature is not the worst vehicle to do that. . .

But Clinton’s supporters are prepared to litigate this debate precisely because they feel that analogy falls short. Clinton wasn’t talking about half the country, just half of the people who support Trump. And while Romney castigated the poor for being government moochers, she was attacking, well, racists and racism–terrain that is a bit easier to defend.

One might also say that Hillary’s “mistake” was due to the fact that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia earlier in the day, and just wasn’t thinking straight. The problem with that interpretation is that Hillary has been giving this same basic speech for several weeks.

These analyses may or may not be accurate, but it’s probably clear that this is a new salvo of an already way too nasty campaign. And it’s likely to get worse from here on.


  1. I don’t think that there is any need for her to apologize, and I sincerely hope she does not either apologise or back down. All you have to do is look at the comments here on your site to see the hate that there is among the Trump supporters. Its rarely Hillery, it’s Killery, Billery, or Shillery, it’s the witch or the bitch. She is called a lier, a criminal. Trump supporters, at rallies and online in various forums have said that she should be locked up, and that she should be shot. Trump himself said that the second amendment people could handle her.
    Trump has encouraged violence at his rallies against anyone who disagrees with him. He has refused to disavow hate groups like the KKK. He has hired the head of one of the worst right wing hate publications for his campaign manager. David Duke says that Trump is bringing his (Duke’s) racist views back into the main stream.
    Trump began his campaign by calling Mexican rapists, murderers, and drug dealers. He doubled down by proposing the Muslim ban. He regularly retweets white supremacists. And the real point of this discussion is that his supporters eat it up, the more hateful he is the more they like him.
    I think that when Hillary said she shouldn’t have said half, she didn’t mean that not that many Trump supporters were hatemongers. I think that there is plenty of reason to think that it is not half of Trump supporters, it is most of them.

    • Okay. You are misinformed. I’m going to have to “help” you.
      *It is true most of us think her power and influence kept her out of jail.
      *It is true we call her killary (Benghazi) Hillary (Bill Clinton) Shillary ( voice).
      *A liar and a criminal, well she is proven to be untruthful to Congress, and forgetful to the Feds.
      *We do say Lock her up. ?
      *He never condones violence. However when a protester dresses up as a ku klux clan outfit at a Trump Rally well they deserve to get hit. That’s ignorant.
      *He disavowed him at least 3 times.
      * Illegal immigrants. The ones that cross the border are not illegal. My family comes thru the border several times a year. Not a problem.
      * Isis has proposed to mix terrorist into the refugee program. It has been a horrible lesson to be learned overseas.
      *He apologized for that. And has been retweeting less. lol.
      * It was a scripted speech. She ment what she said.
      *That last statement you made is ignorant. You must have led a very sheltered life or have been deceived that Republicans are the enemy. You should watch Hillarys America.

      • My life has been anything but sheltered, and I have not been deceived. I have been working and supporting a family since I was 17. I fought my way through the disastrous times during Reagan’s term and again during the time of GW Bush. I have been thrown out of work by companies closing down and having to start over again and again. I have always prospered under Democrats, and suffered under Republicans.
        You must be very young or very naive. Either way you are stuck in a very hateful place. You tell me I am deceived and then say I should watch a propaganda piece like Hillary’s America? Please.
        I will have a discussion or even a friendly arguement with almost anyone, but to waste time on someone who has proven herself to be not only a fool but a hateful fool is a fool’s errand.
        Enjoy your life and welcome to all the hate you can soak up.

        • Economic indicators and history say you are biased beyond reason, your words of agreement in calling nearly half of the american electorate deplorable, is in and of itself bigoted. While you have a voice, you have shown most who read your words, and I suspect most who happen accross your hate filled life, that your opinion holds little value due to your extreme partisanship, bigotry, and bias. Thus your voice becomes nothing more than a noise among the roar that is the left’s misguided hateful rhetoric.

        • All the hate??? How was my comment hateful? Saying you were wrong is hateful? Telling you to watch Hillarys America? Your an older man probably in your late 50’s early 60’s. I bet you never served in the military. I have many many friends some Democrats and Republicans both old and young. Not once have I been told that I was hateful, maybe told I was wrong but never hateful. I expect nothing less from you then to retreat and insult. I will respect your wishes and provide you a safe space.

          • I’ll have to agree with Angelica, here. While she is an unquestioning cheerleader for Trump, she is capable of listening and responding reasonably.

            Angelica: need to watch the word “never.” Trump has several times said protestors should be hurt, physically, and was obviously pleased when his fans took action. One time, he said he’d pay the legal fees of anyone who slugs a protestor.

            • Well come on… The Trump Rallys typically are huge events and people were beat up just going to them. It was black white and everyone in between getting eggs thrown at them and attacked. One elderly black supporter was beaten up. In one event a protester was dressed as a Klan outfit. Yes he got punched! But heck how ignorant is it to do that!!! Actions have consequences. Trump understood the situation, we all did. We understood why that person was hit, many of us probably wanted to. 🙂 I don’t like to see all that violence. I was afraid to go to some because of the violent protesters. How is that for Freedom?

            • Not really. Just being literal.

              We have too much of someone asking a question and instead of answering, the other person talks around it, or brings in a lot of other stuff. You’ll hear a lot of that on Monday.

            • The fact that you can’t see the hate that you are pouring out is proof that you belong squarely in the “basket of deplorable”.
              The fact that you see “Hillary’s America”as educational proves how close minded you are. That movie, the companion book are products of a rightwing hatemonger and are not seriously considered reliable by anyone outside the “rightwing conspiracy” groups.
              To answer your assumptions, I am 61 years old, and no I never served in the military. When I turned 18 and registered for the draft everyone was classified 1H, since there was no longer an active draft. Chosing whether or not to serve in the military in peacetime is not a measure of your patriotism, as is say getting a repeated deferment for “heel spurs” while your country is at war and young men your age are serving in your place, as your hero did.
              As for Trump not encouraging violence at his rallies just at his last rally in NC he watched from the stage as one of his supporters assaulted two other people. He said as he watched ” Is there any place more fun to be than a Trump rally?” Or do you not think this is condoning violence?
              I am curious since you asked my age, how old are you? You seem very niave, and I wonder if you can claim youth as an excuse.
              I thank you for the offer of a safe space, but don’t really think I would rely on you or your hero to keep me safe.
              As I said before I hope you enjoy your hateful existence, but you do need to read over your posts and realize how hateful and opinionated you do come across.

            • I am enjoying my very peaceful, happy existence. I own 2 houses both paid off, I am living the American Dream. I own a boat and a camper and love to fish, mostly bluegill. I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister. I have dogs and cats that co-exist, saltwater and freshwater fish tanks.
              I am only 40 years old. 🙂 My parents are really proud. I also am on a committee to fund raise for cancer patients, donated twice for Locks of Love and once to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I have great hair, grows like a weed.

              Am I opinionated? Yes. I research everything, hate being wrong, and rarely trust others “truths” that have a tendency to lie. Hillary has been caught plenty of times.
              You know people that say “Sorry” all the time annoy me. Like why screw up in the first place? What is an apology worth when you do it as an escape clause rather then what it is? When is enough, enough? YOu sit and talk about all the things you don’t like about Trump, yet you fail to acknowledge all the problems with Hillary. In the end sir…. Are you a Globalist or a Nationalist?

            • So you are 40, not nearly young enough for the niavete that you display.
              You do your research, and rarely trust others “truths”, yet you present “Hillary’s America” as “proof” that she has been “caught plenty of times”. Would you like to include Breitbart, Drudge, and good ole Alex Jones as reliable sources as well?
              I do tell you what I don’t like about Trump, but what I am saying is directly from the news of the day, mostly from Trumps own mouth. You tell me what you don’t like about Clinton and back it up with internet tripe.
              Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person ever to run for the presidency. She has spent her entire life fighting for those less fortunate than herself. She fought for healthcare for all Americans, when Republicans blocked that she doubled back and fought for and got healthcare for millions of our children, all that as first lady. She fight for money for recovery and rebuilding in New York after 9/ 11, as New York’s Senator. She fought to repair the damage to our national image in the world after the disaster that was GW Bush’s administration as Secretary of State. She has policy proposals, well detailed in her website, that would lift all Americans, provide protections for the disadvantaged, address many issues such as minimum wage, extreme costs of education and students debt crisis, improving the affordable care act… I could go on all day. The charges against the Clinton are smoke and mirrors, their records are public, and there is no evidence of special treatment for donors.According to Kevin Mccarthey, the Bengazi investigation and the email investigation were specifically meant to “bring down Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers”.
              The Clinton Foundation has saved millions of lives around the world. The Trump Foundation is on record for a $25000 bribe to the Florida AG, buying sports memorabilia, and a $ 20000 6 foot painting of Donald Trump, all with foundation money, not even donated by Trump.
              I am neither a globalist or a nationalist, I am a patriotic American citizen making the choice to support the candidate who offers the most hopeful future for our country.

            • I was tempted to respond with contempt and anger. Then I thought about how old you were, how you are on disability, and I changed my mind. You see you may call me what you wish, I am frightened there are so many people like you. I worry about this great nation. I worry that you believe that making nice to Cuba and Iran while releasing Gitmo prisoners back to Saudi Arabia is a great idea. This is Obama, this will be Hillary. She will pass thru TPP. In your mind global warming is a bigger threat then terrorist. I know you can care less… Your not working. But for the rest of us, it matters. We need our economy to rise. We doubled our debt, and have stagnant job growth.
              Checks and balances… That is what our government is run by, but we have seen some overreach as of late.
              Can you accept the fact that we are in a worse condition then 8years ago? Remember the red line….

            • In the first place, don’t pity me for my disability, or for my age. I am disabled physically, as a result of an industrial accident but I have no mental impairments. Don’t pity me for my age because I have lived every day to the limit and I have a wonderful wife, 43 years, I have successful children, perfect grandchildren, and because of the work ethic while I was working, we have and will have a comfortable life.
              The state of the economy concerns me greatly as my kids and grandkids need o make a living.
              As far as the economy, 16 of the last 24 years, your adult life have been under Democratic presidents. If you have done as well as you say, you have done most of it under Democrats.
              Is your memory so bad ( or selective) that you do not remember that Bush took office with a budget surplus and a world pretty much at peace. He handed over to Obama, eight years later, huge defecits not one but two illegitimate wars that he himself started, and an economy in the middle of the biggest meltdown since the great depression.
              Can you keep a straight face and ask me if we are in worse shape than we were right years ago?
              P.S. As far as global warming, I don’t think there is enough historical information to merit their conclusions about the climate. I think that there is a very large political agenda around climate change.

            • Thankfully I listened to great friends of mine and did not buy a home in 2001,although many friends and family did however and well the bubble burst, just like my friends said it would. So i stashed my money and waited.. and waited… Thru the Bush administration , 911and all the horrible times.. not only did we have the great real estate fraud but we also had NAFTA in full swing.
              I never liked Obama… He was a freshman senator, an activist from Chicago, and a lawyer.
              I have seen countless of factories go… Seems like the businesses the high paying ones factory jobs are moving away… Why?
              Surprisingly I prospered regardless who was President. Mostly because I listened to the advice of friends in the banking industry.

            • Your fantasy world is beginning to boor me, you can dream up as many houses,campers, a yacht even, if you please, you know you will never be called on for proof. If you are going to lie, lie big.
              For instance, you were four years old when Reagan took office, and twelve when he left. Where does your encyclopedic knowledge come from?
              I on the other hand was 25 and supporting a family when he came in, and 33 when he left office and struggling in an economy made so much worse by his policies. In my neighborhood, not much was trickling down.
              By the way, since you claim a Mexican-American heritage are you a rapist, a murderer, or a drug dealer?According to your hero those are the only kind of people who came here from Mexico.

              Oh my, it just dawned on me, that is how you got so “rich”. I’m sorry, tell your hombres that I didn’t mean anything.

            • Angelica, you represent everything that is wrong with America. You are no better than German Nazis who blindly supported Hitler. May everything you own and your entire family go down in flames…Amen….

            • Yes. Josh I try to verify both sides the best to my ability. Geez some of the fact checking websites are ridiculous. I mean to say they are sometimes biased themselves. It is all a bit crazy. Most of the time you have to piece together everything. Heck for the last 7 years every time something bad happened I was trying to figure out what the White House was really up to. At the moment I am looking really closely to TPP. Since Hillary decided to flip onto Bernie, Obama is trying to get it thru. He brought in Kasich to try to push it thru. I will tell you one thing, I am not a proud Republican when it comes to many things, unfortunately. Seems like after we elect them it is all bs. But I am hoping to see a change soon.
              Have you seen the outcome of some policy on immigration in Germany or Sweeden? It isn’t all rosy. I believe we need a reset button. These last eight years have been trying to say the least from Wall Street to Main Street… We seen so many manufacturers leave. I buy American flags made in China… So what are we missing?
              This is our country! What is so wrong about being proud of it? Being proud of our accomplishments?
              I can bet you that Mexico puts Mexicans before anyone else… Well we should put USA first as well. No one used to think being a nationalist was bad…. But now it seems we let the UN dictate what we should do.
              I apologize for rambling, it is well past my bed time and I should be sleeping.

            • I hear you. Despite being a lefty-liberal, I have a hard time citing sites like Slate, Huffpo, MSNBC, etc. because of a clear left-leaning bias. It calls into question the credibility of the information they report. There are a few outlets that I still trust, like the Washington Post, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc. Still, I try to follow every news story to it’s source.

              But when you cite your sources, I only see right wing publications and one “documentary” that’s clearly propaganda. There’s a similar film about Trump from a few years ago that I never cite, because I don’t think it contributes anything worthwhile to the discussion. I do find it telling that whenever Hillary is under investigation, no one can ever produce any credible evidence of criminal activity on her part, but that really shouldn’t matter. She has an entire website devoted to actual substantive policy that people can peruse and take issue with, without having to resort to hearsay and conjecture. I think that a large part of the problem is that the election is not about the democrats platform vs. the republicans platform: it’s about the cult of personality fueling Trump vs. Hillary. I see people lionizing their candidate and demonizing the other without talking about the actual issues.

              I’m against the TPP as well, and I’m glad that Hillary has flipped onto my side about that issue. I’m hoping that Obama doesn’t succeed in pushing that one through. That’s the problem with politicians though: they promise the world and deliver on very little of it. The republican base has done a better job than we have at holding their elected officials accountable through the primary elections; though I wonder if dedication to ideological purity has poisoned the well for political discourse where once both sides were often able to reach a compromise of some sort.

              I have seen what is going on in Sweden and in Germany, but we are not those countries. The difference is that they try to assimilate their immigrant population whereas we integrate them, and we are very, very good at it. For the most part, as empirical data shows, people coming to this country want to build productive lives as Americans.

              There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of America and it’s accomplishments. I am. But I also have to take into account the black marks on our record: slavery, Jim Crow Laws; the genocide of the native americans, internment of Japanese citizens during WWII, etc. because if we forget the mistakes of our past then we are doomed to repeat them.

    • The apparent ignorance displayed in this collection of malicious thoughts is frightening. However, I would say it is certainly in the spirit of the typical “democrat” mentality and Clinton campaign rhetoric.

    • That is Not True of half of Trump’s supporters. She can never be president of the People in the United states. Only her followers. That means she not a leader. She will be elected by just half the people in the States. The racists half who are foolish enough to believe her.

      • It is not true of half of his supporters, it is true of most of them.
        Just to remind you, the gathering of white supremacists did not endorse Clinton, as they did Trump. They absolutely gushed about how wonderful a leader he is, and how well he represents their beliefs.

          • This is really sad. And the fact that you believe things like this without question is perhaps the saddest thing.
            At the time the Klan was founded, most white people were bigots, the were a reflection of attitudes that were common when they grew up. The Klan was founded within christianity, virtually all Klan members are Christians. Does that mean Christians are Klan members?
            The civil rights act was passed by the democrats and signed by Lyndon Johnson. In my lifetime the Democratic party has worked for the rights of working people, and equality for all. The Republican party, on the other hand has concentrated on things like ” religious freedom restoration” laws that are thinly disguised excuses allowing people, and businesses to discriminate against anyone slightly different from them, more hate.
            When Clinton uses the term “superpreditor”, she was refering to a type of criminal, race, sex, and nationality nonspecific. There was absolutely nothing racist in that term.
            You really need to be more critical and selective about what you believe. I have found that believing that “if it’s on the internet, it’s true” does not serve you well.

            • Clinton supporters champion the fact that she wasn’t prosecuted for her many, many investigations. In all of them she was dishonest, evasive, and forgetful. She studied to be a lawyer at a prestigious university. I never doubted her intelligence and skill, it takes a special skill to hide true feelings. Case in point her famous rapist case and the polygraph. Or her ability to stick with the “video protesters” during the few weeks after the Benghazi. She knew the truth, the people knew the truth, but she had to stay on point. Not for the American people but to lay a foundation for Obama’s re-election. We do not have a government based upon candidates!!! We have a government to facilitate our safety and security. They are letting Gitmo prisoners out and nearly 20? go back to fight against us!!! Seriously do you think this is a good idea? We have people here that serve longer sentences for marijuana charges!!!
              Don’t you care? Since you are disabled you got off lucky, because you get healthcare insurance.

        • Hey Jilly, I think your last comment was deleted, but I got it in my email. Your an ignorant man, just what I expect from a Hillary man. Reminds me of a Bill/Weiner …. Shame on you.

          • I am truly sorry that my last post got lost, I did not delete it. In truth I do not know how to remove a post from this site, and I do not have your email. I am not going to try to retype all that in. If you have the text of the post feel free to past it in here and attribute it to me.
            In case you don’t feel like doing that at least answer my questions about the Reagan years. Please answer also about whether you are a rapist, a murderer, or a drug dealer, as those are the only type of people who ever came here from Mexico, according to Trump.

            • I was not around for the Reagan years, I never claimed to be.
              I am not a liar.
              My family is none of those things. You sir are a very ignorant man, full of hatred and disgust. To think I actually had thought you may have been somewhat redeemable is a shame. Of course you didn’t hear the whole speech. Of course you buy into the Hillary campaign lies. I do not have to lie. I am very proud of my lineage from both sides. I guess my biggest wish for you is that your family has the luxury to deal with Obama care. That their companies move to Mexico, and they lose every chance of winning. In other words that YOU GET WHAT YOU WISH FOR. You ugly ugly man

  2. She really has begun to show how vicious, petty and hateful she really is. Since Billary and Trump are virtually tied she said in her statement that 25 % of the electorate were beyond redemption. Do you really want an ELITIST POS, who disparages so many people in single statement as president?

    People, all people have different opinions on many things. This doesn’t make it right or wrong. The KKK for example may happen to like politically what Trump is saying. Regardless of what other things they may believe in, should the government disenfranchise them and restrict them from voting?

    I have been listening to all candidates both Democrats and Republicans and not once have I heard that for example BLM a group filled with the opposite hatred of the KKK be BANNED FROM VOTING. Something tells me that the majority if not all of BLM members are voting for Clinton. In what universe does one hate group supercede another hate group?

    Not only should Clinton APOLOGIZE, she should have known better than to ever have said such a thing in the first place. Trump has had more than his share of FAUX PAS, but if nothing else he is a NEOPHYTE to the political process. Clinton on the other hand has been a national fixture on the political scene for virtually a quarter of a century. She is so polished in this field, this statement is INEXCUSABLE. Some apologists for her on this forum will say, WELL SHE WAS JUST DOING AS TRUMP HAS. That is like when your mother told you IF SO AND SO JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE WOULD YOU DO THE SAME?

    I wonder how many black, Muslim, Hispanic and other non whites who support Trump were in that BASKET OF DEPLORABLES? Does Billary realize that is very non PC to lump these poor individuals with the WHITE RIFF RAFF she was aiming for. Clinton is at best a lying, untrustworthy, back stabbing CON ARTIST. Her repeated lies and contradicting statements to Congress and the FBI are worthy of a long PRISON sentence for PERJURY.

    As you said in your article the left leaning MSM will not give this vitriol laced FAUX PAS of her’s the air time it deserves. But I personally think that regardless of this fact, the Wicked Witch has sealed her faith. There are seminal moments in anything that you just can’t walk back and this is one of them!!!

    • How to read our articles:

      The gray area is what we are quoting from other sources. We provide those quotes to show you what is being said, and give you a link, so you can read more from that source.

      We provide these excerpts from other sources just to let you know what is being said by others, so you can comment.

      We do not necessarily agree with any of the material in the gray areas.

    • Read your own post, and your previous posts. You are proving Clinton is right. You are so mad that you forgot your emoticons. You are so full of hate that you can’t even get it all out, you should probably check your blood pressure.

      • You know I was going to compliment your on your post. But now that you have decided to attack me for expressing my views (How dare I), you can go take a flying leap!!!?

        Trump for PRESIDENT 2016

        P S: Don’t forget to take your. SENILITY MEDS.?

    • @ Straight Shooter…. LMAO!!….HA HA HA HA!!! YOU as a Trump supporter ARE aligned with Racists, misogynists, homophobes, and every bit of DEPLORABLE humanity that exists… Does that make you one of them?… Well you think alike enough to vote for Trump…

      • I thought liberals were the tolerant ones? Whenever you are in a no win situation, like the one the Wicked Witch is in, out come the insults. Did it ever occur to you that Liberals are nothing but phony BIGOTS!!! Kind of like your glorious leader. Does this make you an unthinking, unfeeling, delusional SHEEPLE??

        Trump for PRESIDENT 2016.?

      • We should remember that Hillary is saying she was wrong by saying “half.” Only a minority of Trump supporters are deplorable, so being a Trump supporter doesn’t make one deplorable.

        • She never really clarified how many… More then half less then half a quarter??? What is funny is that Trump actually included the LBGQ in his acceptance speech. Many gay people endorse him.
          Geez everything was wrong with her statement.

          • She clarified–less than half. And that was the intent.

            The discussion became “how many” of Trump’s supporters are deplorable, not “whether.”

            • The discussion should never have occurred, with all due respect. You of all people should have condemned such actions, Goethe. Remember when you said we should refrain from attacking each other by calling each other names, all the comments that did so would be deleted by management. And that only Candidates were fair game. ———
              Her intent was to demean, rather it be one or thousands.
              Do you know that as a women, she pisses me off so much. She reminds me of the old saying that what goes on in this house stays in this house. Families that had molesters in the house can relate how destructive that is. So many young girls out there that have been molested or raped…. It is people like Hillary that will hide it for you. She had no problem as a young attorney… Everyone has a choice. Then her response to Bill Clinton… she claimed it to be a vast right wing conspiracy. And now it is the Alt Right… Same BS.

            • I meant the discussion among the public. Like when Kerry wanted to brag about being a war hero, and instead, the discussion was about “how much” of a hero he was.

              Beyond that, you’ve totally lost me.

    • Hate!Hate!Hate! Just count the number of hateful names you have user in this one post.
      Regardless of how you feel about BLM, they have never lynched and hung a white man just for being in the wrong place at the right time.
      You really should check your blood pressure. You forgot your emoticons.

      • What about attacking innocent people in Minneapolis for no other reason than for the WHITE color of their skin? BLM did this after that THUG S. Smith was shot!!!?

        Check your facts before you spew deceitful HATE and PROPOGANDA. Apparently you don’t keep up with current events. Either that or you are too distracted molding a story to fit your liking.?

        Are these early signs of DEMENTIA or simply CLINTONITESS? This is a new malady where the facts are manipulated until they are palatable to you, even though they may be 180 degrees from the original intent!!!?

        • This is really humorous, after you attack me for misspellings, then you post this.
          Now, as to the facts, and the remodeling of the same. I read 6 articles about the incident, from different sources. There seem to be some confusion as to what exactly took place. It is clear that there was a clash between most accounts say 3 white men, and some black men ( accounts vary as to number ). Exact sequence of events is unclear, but it ended with 5 black men being shot, fortunately mot seriously.
          The only account that matches your description came from a site called infowars and quoted Alex Jones.

          • TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT!!! That isn’t what you are saying, it’s payback time for all past wrongs, is it??

            As far as to where I heard that blacks were attacking whites in Minneapolis, it was from the liberal MSM. Could they be wrong? ?

            Around the same time I saw a YOU TUBE video of the sister of the miscreant who was shot and killed in Minneapolis. The MSM showed a clip of her advocating for peaceful protest. The YOU TUBE video showed her entire speech. In the entire clip she went on to say DON’T BURN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, go to the suburbs and burn the WHITE MAN’S SHIT.
            What an UPSTANDING, PEACEFUL, TOLERANT, LOVING citizen.?

            The fact that you think my posts would be more respectable if I didn’t fully express myself and stopped using CORNY EMOTICONS, is your hang up and nobody else’s. In so many words you can accept them or not, it makes little difference to me. I am not going to modify what I have always done to please you, NOT NOW,NOT EVER.?

            Trump for PRESIDENT 2016.?

            • Is the MSM Fox news by any chance?

              You tube videos are always, of course, authentic.

              If it’s on the internet it must be true!

              It wouldn’t be payback unless someone like you was yanked from your life and family, declared to be someone’s property, and forced to work At hard labor for the rest of your life with no reward.

              Your emoticons are fine, I understand that they help you get in touch with your feminine side.

            • Just how DENSE are you? There has always been persecutors and the persecuted. Same thing is true in WAR.?

              My parents home country of Malta was invaded numerous times over the Millenia. The Turks attacked with 40,000 men some 450 years ago. The Knights of St. John and a handful of Maltese killed 30,000 Turks. During WWII, Malta was the most bombed place on Earth. The Germans did most of the bombing. By your warped rational the Maltese should despise every Turk and German.?

              Why should they? Do the Turks and Germans living today have anything to do with what happened in the past? By the same token I wasn’t around when blacks were slaves. Exactly how does the actions of WHITES in the past make me culpable for their CRIME.?

              Admit it, you are nothing but an APOLOGIST. I said many things have happened in the past, NONE of them my responsibility or for that matter yours.?

              Since you are pointing out my feminine side, you aren’t making a PASS AT ME are you??

              Finally for your information what I was referring to in the MSM, was on ABC.?

              Now digest what I just posted and come to what’s left of YOUR SENSES. I realize that the LIBERAL SHEEPLE believe everything spouted from the mouth’s of their so called ILLUMINATI.?

            • I thought you would get around to the illumunati, when Alex Jones is around, the illuminati can’t be far behind.
              Do you read Breitbart?

            • Did you read anything that I wrote about the two SIEGES OF MALTA? Probably not. Liberals just want to go off spouting love and kindness AD INFINITUM.

              Not that I have to prove anything to you or anyone else, but just for your information I associate with people of all races where I work. There are many Hispanics, Asians, Blacks and Muslims. They respect me and I respect them.By the way, there are also Whites.

              My opinions are not HATRED. Now if that is how you interpret my opinion, then I would have to say that the DEFICIENCY IS IN YOU. Are you saying if it isn’t your opinion, it is wrong? Very small minded of you, but then what did I expect from a PERPETUAL LIBERAL APOLOGIST!!!?

            • I didn’t say friends, I said work associates!!! Do you really have that much trouble reading a sentence and not putting your own WARPED TWIST onto what you read.?

              It has to be the early stages of DEMENTIA, either that or CLINTONITESS. A new malady where you turn a statement 180% to fit your beliefs.?

              Trump for PRESIDENT 2016.?

            • There’s no such thing as the illuminati.

              Clinton has an entire website devoted to the issues and to policy ideas. Perhaps you if took 10 minutes to go look at it, you could find something more substantive there to criticize instead of resorting to outlandish tin-foil hat theories. I’ll even link it for you:


            • As far as I am concerned Billary can show ways to cure cancer, end war, feed all the people on the planet and I still will see her as a FRAUD.

            • The Illuminati is an actual organization, in addition to being a favorite fallback for those who engage in global conspiracy theories:

              “The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on 1 May 1776. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. “The order of the day,” they wrote in their general statutes, “is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.”[1] The Illuminati—along with Freemasonry and other secret societies—were outlawed through edict, by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, in 1784, 1785, 1787 and 1790.[2] In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that they continued underground and were responsible for the French Revolution.

              Many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians counted themselves as members, including Ferdinand of Brunswick and the diplomat Xavier von Zwack, who was the Order’s second-in-command.[3] It attracted literary men such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Gottfried Herder and the reigning dukes of Gotha and Weimar.[4]

              In subsequent use, “Illuminati” refers to various organisations which claim or are purported to have links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, though these links are unsubstantiated. They are often alleged to conspire to control world affairs, by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations, in order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order. Central to some of the most widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories, the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, films, television shows, comics, video games, and music videos.”


      • Suffice it to say, If HRC were a Republican, This un-Constitutional Administration / DOJ / MSM would have sentenced her to a long jailterm for Lying to Congress, violation of Security laws, running guns in secret, above all – the ultimate responsibility for the death of four, plus major injuries in Benghazi.She and her complicite Boss HBO have done more to endanger the U.S. sovereignty than any Administration since Carter.

        • This election has been odd in so many ways. Ordinarily, it’s one party against the other, so the Republican would attack the candidate for being like Obama, and the Democrat would attack the candidate for being like Bush. But Trump attacks everybody, so he can’t be said to be like anyone. Very odd.

          • And HRC, outside her narrow Administration compliancy, doesn’t attack everyone else or go into hiding, then create a diversion with her surrogates or herself. Who else would call 10’s of millions Deplorable. Keep it fair and balanced, don’t be a lapdog for the Liberal, Clinton centric media.

            • But my point was that ordinarily, Hillary could compare Trump to Bush and attack via guilt by association. Since Trump has condemned just about everybody but Reagan, he’s hard to tie down.

            • Tell me who Trump has condemned who didn’t agress on him first?? Unless , of course, you’re looking for another Obama. Or do you want a soulless, narcissistic, bitch who wants the U.S. to look like France or Germany.

            • George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Horseface Fiorina, just to name a few.

              Dude. I didn’t peg you to be an apologist.

              Calling Trump a “nice guy” is not only silly, it’s against his own promoted image as a “tough guy” who says what he wants, and if you don’t like it, tough.

              You’re totally off the rails. My ONLY point was that, ordinarily, it’s party-against-party. This year, that doesn’t work, because Trump can’t be associated with ANYONE in the Republican Party. Sheesh.

            • Everyone you named threw a disparging remark at Trump first. Trump is not a “nice guy” under almost all circumstances – bar family and business partners and friends who are on similar wavelengths. If you’ll recall Rubio, Cruz and Fiorina was left alone until they “cut him down” first (all three have since endorsed him). The Bush clan are all RINOs and Establishment (“Never Trump”) and was derogatory towards Trump before he specifically nastily cut into them. He doesn’t care or give a damn – you’re either with him or against him. The Establishment can’t stand the fact that he disparages them and doesn’t care what they think.

              I’m not “apologizing” for him – he can and has been quite hurtful. Attack or challenge him and he will immediately “jump in your $hit!”: —- Business is business and he is not a politician – If you have not been in competitive businesses, or a teacher too long, it is fairly standard practice. That is what got him as far as he has gotten so far and applause from the 10’s of millions of us that believe this Administrattion, Establishment, and RINO’s totally suck.

              Trump isn’t just “Make America Great” again, but America (Specifically U.S.) and our citizens FIRST. Whatever is leftover distribute to the rest of the world. It has been so long since the Administrations and Congress has put ALL U.S. Citizens 1st and believe that ALL U.S. Citizens and their welfare are more important than any other country and their citizens. Also to Trump, and many of us, P.C. is bull$hit – Before you incarnated, you picked the life you were going to live, so adjust and live it as best you can and quit whining. This is contrary to at least the last eight years.

              Trump is in concert with a lot of Republicans (But not RINOs), almost all conservatives and Tens of Millions like myself who quit the GOP, became Independent, and are a cross between Conservative and Libertarian and Spiritual but not Religious. It you read equal media or conserevative media you would be able to discern that. Compare Washington Post and Washington Examiner. Also Fortune: http://fortune.com/2015/11/02/liberal-media/

              I’m of the opinion (and have been for years) that teaching and exposure to “Liberal Think Talk” is still where your roots and thoughts reside. Just like you still don’t admit the media bias – because Liberals think “middle” is about 35% into Liberalism is the “median” in the political spectrum.This is not the case for a majority of U.S. citizens.

            • When did Cruz endorse Trump??

              Actually, I read the Washington Examiner every day, and only read the Post if there’s a relevant headline by them in Politico, RealClearPolitics, FiveThirtyEight or some other such site. I read more than ten sites every day, including the Examiner, Breitbart, Daily Caller, The Blaze, and NewsMax.

              The trouble with this country is that if anyone says anything at all that you don’t like, you condemn them, personally, as some kind of far out extremist. I notice that you ignored our recent articles, “It’s Trump’s Election,” or “Hillary’s Real Problem.”

            • Cruz and Trump had a very friendly meeting a couple of days ago (can’t find the article again) but Cruz is adament about being anti-Clinton and trying to stop BHO from giving away control of the WWW.

              My biggest fear, and the reason I will personally condemn, is because of media bias and spin that will eventually cost us as a free Democratic-Republic. Be careful of what you advocate in favor of.

              BHO almost achieved his change. He had in place the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan and in many major government rolls; then created a lower class “almost revolution (isn’t over yet)” so he could call for Martial Law and instill Totalitarian rule; but with only 3 months left he ran out of time plus the Brotherhood has lost some of its power here and is mostly internally subversive. I know you are extremely knowledgeable about Islam, however, If you want check out the site:

              We will initially look like Western Europe and then migrate to either a Monachy or a Theocracy that is most likely Islamic / Sharia based and a major war.

              I just now read the two Trump tales and one Clinton one – I don’t read all that you or Nate publish – usually a Discus email alerts me to some of your blogs, and I don’t comment on most of them. In general – Trump would need to be leading by 15 or more pts before election day to stand a chance. The Liberal media and Liberal debate hosts (which all are except Wallace who is a RINO) will do their best to destroy Trump. Suffice it to say, Trump’s nickname for HRC of “crooked Hillary” and her penchant for privacy (doesn’t need to keep lies under control) will continue to give her problems, but she will probably get elected.

              There was a time that both parties wanted a Democratic-Republic and basic policies were the issues. The Democrats party and Liberals are becoming more proprietary and want full control. We are now in the 3rd generation of Liberal indoctrination from K -> Post Grad and only get exposed to Capitialism and real life when forced to go to work in the real world (Except Media). So anyone under 40 (used to be 30) don’t percieve what it will be like to live under Totalitarian rule, especially if the rules are not what they favor.

            • I can’t find it right now, either, but Cruz thanked Trump for supporting him in his attack on Icann. But he didn’t endorse. Cruz is in a tough spot. Everybody hates him, but if Trump loses, he thinks he’ll be seen as a sage, so he’s holding off. My guess is that if Trump gets a big lead, Cruz will say he was for him from the outset.

              You totally lost me on the Muslim stuff, and again, I think the media are not biased–they’re just lazy. Why else would they hang on Trump’s every word? It’s a lot easier than doing research.

            • I agree with your Cruz comment.

              ISIS is only one of many Islamic Fundamentalist (Terrorist) groups on a worldwide scale with complete jihadi as the goal. The Liberal faction has a huge Atheist (or Agnostic) base and has been trying for decades to destroy the Fundamental Christian (almost as ugly as Islamic) base. The result is so P.C. and so Libs give ALL Islam a pass including proactive jihadists.

              BHO’s (uses taqiyya as part of who he is) original intent was to use the Muslim Brotherhood to create unrest and engage the lower living class into rioting sensitivity to authority (it’s still working). I doubt he will get to martial law in the next few months but if HRC is elected she will continue BHO’s policies and is dumber than a box of rocks and not nearly as crafty as BHO thinks he is. She will lead us to look like France, Belgium, Germany, London 1st, then Liberals will do what London did and elect a major ruling fundamental Muslim and move to blow away the Constitution and B.ofR. and make Sharia the law. We are at the end of Democratic-Republic and moving at warp speed to a Theocracy. The sad thing is Lemming Liberals don’t understand that P.C. as they know it will be completely lost. Fundamental Christians just bitch and moan and continue on Fundamental jihadists will take a more agressive stance and will lop heads if non-compliant to Sharia.

              Goethe, the Media has been Liberal since the 30’s. Now with social and other types (internet) information delivery, the MSM is directly exposed and cannot spin as covertly as they used to do.

              They latch on to Trump in hopes of uncovering his stupid remarks and cuts. I thought it hilarious when he announced he was going to comment on the birther thing and instead used the 1st half hour to garner support from a multitude of retired Military flags.All media was there and furious, then one sentence, “Obama was born in the U.S. – I’ve moved on”. CNN was so pissed they took other remarks and inserted “racist” in the headers falsely.

            • I am well aware of BHO selling the U.S. out with respect to ICANN – I own and webmaster 3 websites and a total of almost 20 domains (all through GoDaddy-a major ISP) and have to verify information to ICANN annually about ownership and if my info is correct. And btw, verifying is one thing but giving that info including IP’s to international non-secure entities is BULL$HIT !!! Contrary to Price, it is information of public and private ownership of Domain information to an unsecure set of entities.

              Berner-Lee simply started connecting TCP/IP’s to create the “WWW”. Government sponsered research using DARPA funding actually invented DARPANET in the ’60’s and when they intro’d TCP/IP in ’82 then Lee at Cern started connecting IP’s for an open network. But ICANN is still the info database for domains and controls the assignment of IPs allocated to the several direct ISP’s.

              Goethe: “You totally lost me on the Muslim stuff” — I brought up ISIS / Islam / jihadist as a pre-cursor to what will happen to the U.S. if HRC is elected. Because I believe HRC will continue BHO’s “change” to the U.S. and jihadists will be very instrumental in the survival or demise of our Democratic-Republic.

  3. I believe that Trump himself is deplorable. Therefore just about anyone who would vote for him is as well. She has nothing to apologize for. Trump has said things far more lambastic about many and he thinks that what she said is wrong? Give me a break. #ONLYHRC #NEVERTRUMP

    • And Hillary is SAINTLY? Give me a break!!!?

      Therefore any who would vote for Trump us deplorable. If guilt by association is on trial here, when are you going to have to testify before Congress, the FBI, or who knows who else. Kind of foolish for me to bring that up, just as your statement was foolish.

      Tell me, when are you going to meet Hillary for some drinks? Probably the same time I am going to meet Trump for drinks.

    • If anything is deplorable it is Hillary Clinton who looks upon mainstream America with utter contempt and disregard. If you are a Clinton supporter, your comments are understandable as it is apparent you are one of the many “useful idiots” who will vote for her in November and it is apparently because you subscribe to her deceit, banality, treachery and corrupted values.

      • Then I guess that makes you one of the us less idiots who will vote for Trump, against your own interests. I have said goodbye to several fool’s tonight. One more won’t matter. You are a hatemonger and a fool. Enjoy your hate filled life.
        No matter who wins, I know I will be in the right side, not the haters side.

      • Only the Trump supporters that fit the “Deplorable” profile (racists,homphobes, etc…) would get offended… It’s called being exposed for who they are… like you.

      • It is very obvious that Hillary does not care one bit about the average American. She’ll throw them a wink/bone but then dine with the Hollywood elite.

      • How is white trash hillbillies equivalent to mainstream America? A criminal, who made a rich living while defrauding all you ‘decent working white folks’, who is about to rip you off again, but you hillbillies are too dumb to realize. It is indeed true that as average IQ gets lower and lower, a person is more likely to be Trump supporter who if they had lived in the 40’s would have blindly supported Hitler. Yeah that turned real well for Nazi supporters.

        • Your a bully, an ignorant one at that! You claim so much that he is a racist, but you are the one bring one. Don’t you see what you write?

        • Sorry, while I agree that Trump is a shameless snake-oil salesman engaging in his next long con, the average IQ in America and throughout the world is actually getting higher and higher. It’s called the Flynn Effect and it shows that each generation’s cognitive ability improves over the last, due to the amount of information they have to process.


    • Not True at all and I am a Trump supporter. Why would I teach in an all African American school if I were a racists? You really need to be better informed.

      • Because that’s where your paycheck comes from. I bet if a more lucrative job in an elitist “white school was offered to you you would snap it up.

    • Are you then referring to “most of us” as the 20-25% that worship hillary ? Or the 30-35% of the infamous 49% that feed from the trough? Either way your agreement places you in the category as bigoted. Thanks for labeling yourself, obviously you have little problem with labels, I guess that makes you a hypocrite in addition to a bigot!

    • I’m a Trump supporter. Proud to be one.
      *I believe every country has a right to enforce there laws.
      *I believe every country should protect there economy.
      *I believe every country should protect there citizens.
      *I believe every country should put there country before any other.
      During the Olympics you see how hard these athletes worked to represent their countries. (Well most?).
      We are a nation of many colours, but so is every other country. That doesn’t make us unique. A country of many immigrants? Still not unique. Many other countries also are.
      Why are we unique????
      Because we have our Constitution, our Bill of Rights!!!
      Our country that supports a person’s will to prosper. Is it easy? No. But we have opportunities to have a decent life. To try to pass on a better life to our kids. That is what The United States of America is all about.

  4. So, of course, we have examples below and elsewhere around the blogosphere validating her opinion.

    Not to mention his hypocrisy viz name-calling…

  5. Because she couldn’t call them white trash, brain dead, ignorant, neo Nazi air head bigots. Which is what they really are. Anybody in here can call me what you want. I won’t care.

    • Lmbo… Keep up the good work! You are showing the true colors of the hildabeast campaign. We are on a mission, we are in a movement, we are uniting gays, straight, white, black and everything in between to make our country great. Mexican American voting for Trump!!!!!!!

      • At least it’s the truth. I don’t think you are right about your fellow Mexican Americans. You and they are much smarter than Trump or most white Americans take you for. You probably won’t appreciate this but Hillary Clinton is the most qualified POTUS candidate in the race no matter what she has done or said because she has experience in high levels in government. There are two kinds of people who never should be POTUS- Texans and business people. The last one (George W. Bush) was both and the most worthless fuck up the WH has ever seen. He left a pile of shit that Obama has just nod repaired. You DO NOT run a government like a business. We do not need another brainless pile of shit like Trump in the WH again. Besides Trump would hurt the GOP so badly if he did win they would be crushed.

        • Granted you don’t run the government like a business. The truth is that it should never be that way in the first place. It was supposed to be like a business. With checks and balances, with different people taking care of different jobs, all coming together for the best of the company (USA). You say that Hillary Clinton is mostly qualified for her time in office. My heart is breaking cause of it. I watching the Benghazi attacks via internet….
          We watched the hearings, we found thru that that Hillary Clinton had her own server.. we tried to request it… She bleach kit it, and destroyed alot of emails… But she said she was Transparent. Well by now we should know better. Lying well should not be a criteria for POTUS.
          I’m actually really offended. Everyone thinks because I’m Mexican- American I should automatically vote for her. Did you ever hear of the fast and furious? Did you know that Americans are the biggest buyers of drugs from Mexico? That we support thru the drug cartels misery upon the Mexican police? Do you honestly think we are a service to Mexico? Lol. Trust me, we are not winning in the war on drugs. We are not winning against much of anything. We are not even being that great of neighbors!!
          If I lived in Mexico, I would wave my flag with pride and support my country. I would make Mexicans first for all job opportunities. But I am an a US citizen, born and bred here. So I will pray we put our citizens first, our children.

        • He’s not going to hurt the GOP if he get’s into office. They’re going to impeach him the first chance they get and try to make out like heroes. Mark my words.

        • You are so wrong on both counts. You are also speculating even if he wins we have to go through an expensive trial that will cost this country billions and then what. I Impeachment might not go through. I’m voting for Hillary. If you don’t like either one of them, then don’t vote at all.

        • “Hillary Clinton is the most qualified POTUS candidate in the race no matter what she has done or said because she has experience in high levels in government.”

          So Hillary’s character doesn’t matter (what she has done or said), but Trump’s character does (what he has done or said).

          Got it. Typical liberal: rules for thee, but not for me.

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