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Video: Democratic Divide Widens After Tuesday Primaries

In a year where Hillary Clinton appeared to be headed toward a comfortable nomination, and the Republican Party seemed embroiled in a 17-person brawl...

How the DNC Discourages Progressive Candidates

The media have reported Donald Trump’s questioning the process of accumulating delegates to the GOP convention. But there’s plenty of questioning on the...

DNC Faces Pressure Over Perceived Clinton Favoritism

A progressive advocacy group is pressuring the Democratic National Committee to remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the current Chairwoman over charges she is showing...

Democrats Finally Release 2016 Debate Schedule

After months of delays and promises about more details coming soon, the Democratic National Committee has put forth the dates which will fill out...

New York now off the 2016 Democratic Convention short list?

Given the recent events in New York City regarding police actions, the murder of two police officers, and the rhetoric of Mayor Bill de...

DNC approves 2016 primary schedule in line with RNC

The Democratic National Committee has approved plans to begin formalizing the 2016 primary schedule in line with a plan supported by the Republican National...