It was a big night for Donald Trump who swept all five contests today, most of them by margins of at least 60% of the vote. Hillary Clinton will come away winning 4 of the 5 contests on the Democratic side, with Bernie Sanders pulling out a victory in Rhode Island. See the full breakdown of results available here.

Report on Trump’s victories from the New York Times:

Donald J. Trump crushed his Republican opponents in Pennsylvania, Maryland and three other states on Tuesday, a sweep that put him considerably closer to capturing the party’s presidential nomination outright, while Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware and was battling to amass enough delegates to put the Democratic nomination within her reach as early as mid-May.

Though Mr. Trump was widely expected to dominate the primaries, his margins of victory intensified the aura of inevitability around his bid to lead the Republicans, and created urgent new challenges for his rivals. More significant, they increased his chances of avoiding a fight on the floor of the party’s convention in July and of claiming the nomination on the delegates’ first ballot.

The other Republican candidates, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, fared so poorly on Tuesday that they were likely to lose most of the 118 bound delegates up for grabs across the Northeast. Rhode Island, Connecticut and Delaware also went for Mr. Trump.

As noted, Trump was expected to win all of these races, the question was by what margin which will determine the delegate haul. It now appears Trump might take 100 or more delegates from the night which pushes him closer to convention for a first-round victory at the RNC convention in July.

Here is Trump’s victory speech from earlier tonight at his headquarters in New York City. The audio was cutting out during his speech which appeared to be coming from the event itself since the same issue was happening while watching it on television:

Here is Hillary’s victory speech from earlier tonight, delivered at a campaign event in Philadelphia:

Just minutes ago, Clinton was declared the winner in Connecticut giving her 4 victories. Here’s a report on the Democratic side from USAToday:

Hillary Clinton was declared the winner in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Delaware primaries by news organizationsTuesday night as she was poised to put the Democratic nomination mathematically out of reach for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

But Sanders was the winner in Rhode Island, and he made clear he is not getting out of the race. Shortly after Clinton was declared the Maryland winner, Sanders told a West Virginia rally that he expects to win that state’s May 10 primary and that general election polls show him as a stronger candidate against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.

“The reason that we are generating this enthusiasm is because we are doing something very unusual in contemporary American politics,” Sanders said. “We are telling the truth,” he said, without mentioning Clinton by name during an extended version of his stump speech.

Clinton, speaking to a crowd in Philadelphia, made a direct appeal Sanders’ progressive backers, stressing all of the areas of agreement among Democrats and saying she wants to speak to those “who feel beaten down, left out and left behind.”

Hillary is amassing a large pledged delegate lead which will be further augmented by tonight’s victories. Sanders is heading into a tough stretch given that he is now mathematically eliminated from any chance of earning enough pledged delegates to win the nomination. Most analysts expect him to continue in the primary until June despite the grim delegate math.


  1. Bernie can win every other state and Hillary still has popular vote and still has more delegates. There is no logical reason to assume she isn’t the nominee.

    • Delegates are far more relevant than the “popular vote”. Super delegates are flip flops. And, if she gets crushed in California she won’t have all three. A hypothetical, but entirely possible. So stop acting like you can tell the future.

      • When someone is under investigation by the IG and the FBI — such a person is suspended from their job.

        The asininity is that jobless Hillary — who is under such investigations — is running for the highest job in USA, the presidency. When reason tells she should be precluded from such a travesty!

        • Yeah, you need to remove the tinfoil hat. No one with brains thinks these so called investigations are important or will result in anything of note. Certainly nothing criminal.

          • Sam, very timely. I just wrote an article about Hillary maybe being put on probation. Probably publish in a day or two.

            By the way, for an old fart you’re damned good at this techno stuff.

            • Goethe not quite sure your reference, I did IT for over 10 years, have had an HTML website up for just short of 10 years. And I gettin’ ready to publish a Sub-site ( in about a month – that will becpme a Blog, where people will rip their eyes out over – In the name of energy conservation === how much and where does energy go when a human “buys the farm”

            • When I first went to the page, your video was imbedded in your comment. I’d never seen that before. But now, it’s just a link.

              I’ve “done it,” but I’ve never done IT.

              Anyway, I know we’ve talked about your beliefs in the past, found them fascinating.
              When my mom was dying, I watched her carefully, to see if I could notice any movement upon her death. But I was called away for a few minutes, and that’s when she went.

              They say that people who are dying will hang on, even if unconscious, until someone comes. Or, they will pass when someone leaves. I guess she was hanging on because she knew I was there with her, even though totally out of it.

              By the way, I know you love Hillary. How about on the GOP side?

            • Last first – I will vote for whoever is the GOP candidate. As we discussed eons ago, It is a shame a Party called the Constitutional didn’t get started – one who believed in a monster Defense to keep us out of any war, a basic semi-isolationist, and who is Spiritual but not Religious. A good Economy would automatically follow.

              I’m still not sure of the URL of mine you found that related to a start-up video. I just upgraded my hosting for my two websites – and — they are both in serious disarray at present.

              I am presently studying the physical process that the soul performs to enter the fetus during pregancy and how it exits a human body that is dying or died. The physics involved is a quantum process: Pair Production (entry) and Pair Annilhilation (dying). As I understand it the soul generally vacates before terminal pain sets in, but can chose minutes before or after. Once we transform from matter (electrons and positrons) to a massless EMF photon array we can further control our staying or leaving. When I left my Mother at 10pm, she decided to boogie at 3:30am and simultaneously woke and made known to my wife and me, my daughter, and my niece at three different locations. When the hospital called me at 5:30 they said her vital alarms went off at 3:30.

            • It’s been a tough year. The best GOP candidate was Rand Paul. If Trump’s smart, he’ll ask Rand to be his veep candidate. Rand is on the ballot for his senate seat, so he’s got nothing to lose.

              Best on the Dem side was Jim Webb. He could have drawn back some Reagan Democrats. He was, after all, in Reagan’s cabinet. Hillary would be wise to pick him for veep.

              I know you’re for a strong defense. That’s Hillary. She’s a solid NeoCon. What if Trump is the nominee, and espouses views you consider “isolationist”? He says he was against the Iraq War from the start.

              I don’t remember if you believe in reincarnation, or just that the spirit existed before birth and after death. You’re old enough to remember Joe McCarthy, too (I remember watching the army hearings). Except for his nasal, whiny voice, Cruz is the same exact person. Could it be the same spirit?

              Regarding the video, I just meant the one that was on this page. When you first posted “just for you” above, the video was on the page. I had never seen a video on the page before. Later, it turned into just a text link.

              You have also commented on how to do boldface, italic and such (which I immediately forgot).

              I am open-minded about theories on the Great Questions. I only rebel when someone claims to know for sure–and everyone else is wrong.

            • If Die Hündin were to pick Webb as VP, she might lose a few Bernie’s but would pick up a ton of Independents and center Dem’s. I shudder when I think of it. Webb would make a more conservitive than most of the RINO’s out there.

              I think Trump would be well advised to pick someone like Newt Gingrich.

              The HTML code: Boldface{ & close} ; Italic{ & } ; couldn’t get miost blogs to accept the underline — & —

              I do believe in re-incarnation and believe that most of us have had hundreds of lives and maybe not all on planet earth. We cannot understand and become the evolved purpose of Unconditional Love with out experiencing and understanding the physical emotions. I also we have a basic core personality in incarnation as well as in spirit but melding with a physical human brain can seriously affect that core personality. I also believe we pick the lessons and emotions and physical bodies we want to experience in an incarnation. Free Will can cause us to take lesser paths ande seriously fk up what we thot we would experience and learn. When we are not in an incarnation, there are unlimited things we do in spirit to learn and experience so we continue to evolve.

              Google Dr. Michael Newton – his first book and an excellent primer is “Jouney of Souls”

            • Goeth – This blog actually embedded the codes so google HTML bold, italic, and underline – the three most simple to use in blogs and where simple text is deployed.

            • Sam: Funny. I was thinking the same thing about Newtie about an hour ago. He said if Trump wins Indiana, he’s not the “presumed nominee,” he’s “the nominee.”

              Very interesting and hopeful view of our “journey” in and out of bodies.

              BTW, if you don’t mind, I plan to refer to you in an upcoming article.

            • Another blog / comments i respond to i was bitching about my poor spelling and proofing and it was reccommended i use Word / spellcheck / paste — don’t think it would have corrected my “moist” tho.
              Feel free to refer to me – good, bad, indifferent. a couple comtemporaries share the name but related ancestors go back to 1300’s in Switzerland. let me know, pls, the article url where you reference c’est moi.

            • I only point out typos when they’re funny. I’m assuming a “moist” website would be of the porny kind.

              Still working on the article. Got a lot trying to get through the bottle neck.

          • Sam, just posted this Hillary Prison Song on Breitbart News —- and it’s going viral !!!!

            Thanks for sharing it !!!

      • She has more pledged delegates as well and will keep getting more and more even if Sanders wins. She’s ahead in all polls in California so will probably win there as well. You are dreaming really hard if you think Sanders can surpass her in delegates. You should wake up. Don’t be too upset though. This is just reality.

        • I will tell you the same thing I’ve said to ANYONE who cites these all-knowing polls. They’re hardly accurate. A shot in the dark at best. And most often when Bernie wins it’s HILLARY who was expected to win.

          I’m well aware the chances of ‘winning’ the nomination are next to zero. More aware than you in fact. Because unlike you, I’m willing to acknowledge the fact that if Hillary doesn’t win by a large enough margin in the rest of the states neither will she. And it will come down to who has more delegates.

          How foolish am I for having a dream? When Bernie started his campaigne he was down over 60 POINTS to Hillary. Everyone counted him out after every loss he has ever had to her. But here we are. So just like then, I’ll stck with Bernie. And when none of us vote for HRC in the general I will die of laughter.

          • Umm… Ok. Well, we will see what happens, eh. I’m gonna put a pin in these posts and come back after it’s all said and done. lol

            • A Guy–You’re way too emotionally involved. Jenny’s comment was not snarky, just unbelieving. You are, fundamentally, over-believing.

              Bernie doesn’t have the “killer instinct” that keeps Cruz alive. But he has injected his issues into the public discussion. You should at least be happy about/proud of that.

            • Trying to put a “pin” in a statement I’ve made in an effort of sorts to quote me when the outcome doesn’t match up with my hypothetical is snarky to the tenth degree. And just factually dishonest.

              I deal in facts. Like the fact that the race isn’t over. And thst Hillary, while in good standing, hasn’t won yet. And if npbody gets the delegates needed, this goes into overtime.

              But Jenny apparently didn’t like that somebody could still have hope in a dreary situation. So she sought to quote me, then rub it in if Bernie loses to spite me. THAT is emotional. I’m sorry she wasted your time.

            • Dude.

              We had a poster who kept saying, “I guarantee” that things would happen. I took delight in later asking what the broken guarantee entitled us to.

              I can appreciate how tough it is when things are not going well for your guy, but really, Jenny has been very civilized and even empathetic:

              “Don’t be too upset though,”
              “OK, well, we’ll see what happens.”

              Perhaps she was “snarky” when she told “Hillary” to remove his tin foil hat, but I don’t see anything she’s said to you on this page a snarky.

            • I can see why you’d be on her side. You two are very much alike. You make up your minds long before an end result. I have kept mine open.

              And the difference between me and you example and that I made NO guarantees. Only facts and theories.

              And all I see is your ego when you talk like that. The fact that you’d go back and rub it in that you were right after the fact is childish. It adds nothing to your life. Guaranteeing succuss is a stretch, but guarunteeing failure is judge arrogant.

            • One cannot reason with Clinton zombies — these are the brain-dead Marching Morons that one can only expose.

              As far as “Goethe” goes — this kid has been polluting this forum for years with his mind-numbing non-sequiturs, thus becoming a laughing stock here.

              Kudos on spotting them both for what they are.

            • Keep reading, A Guy, and you’ll see you won’t want to associate with “Hillary.” He’s such a nihilist.

            • Why are you replying to me, mindless drone…?

              Boozing again, sick kid?

            • But you were drunk again, so replied to me instead of A Guy for whom you meant this post…didn’t you, sciolistic kid….

            • Hillary: No, A Guy is not obnoxious. He’s just upset that his guy is not winning.

              You, on the other hand, begin by being offensive, and then look for a reason.

            • So I should take advice from you? I blatantly pointed out how hypocritical you were and you STILL didn’t acknowledge it. As a man, your word means nothing to me now.

            • If we’re being literal, no, you were’t being hypocritical. You were just wrong. And you still refuse to admit it.

            • A Guy: Are you still arguing that you’re a nicer girl than Jenny? Ok, fine, you are. Geez. Feel better?

            • It’s not about me ironically. It’s about you. You call yourself an admin, but all you seem to do is escalate drama. Petty, truly.

            • It’s my job to point out when someone is being unreasonably harsh to another person. Your hypersensitivity has dragged this out ad nauseam.

            • Goethe claims he’s been watching presidential elections since Ike…!

              No-one at this age would use “Dude” are refer to Star Trek (as he’s done many times before) in any sentence.

              Such usage bespeaks of a 40 year-old who lives in his Mum’s basement.

              The kid is just a born loser who strokes his ego by pretending he has any worthwhile knowledge — a sad case we need to pity.

            • Hillary: About this, like most other things, you clearly do not know what you’re talking about.

            • I have nuked much of this thread because it is far off the rails. This is a forum for issues and ideas. Please keep it civil and refrain from personal insults.

          • When Goethe doesn’t like what he sees — he removes posts.
            What a sad little troll.

            p.s. Watch this get deleted also, since the truth hurts….

    • Bernie is staying because Hillary is under FBI and IG investigation —- once she gets indicted, it will be all over for this Clinton criminal, thus, making Sanders the winner by default {regardless how many delegates he has).

      Or, are you such a brainwashed Hillary supporter that you are not aware of these facts…?!

      • Bahahahahah!! Keep dreaming about that indictment. lol. That’s not going to happen because the so called investigations are bogus and nothing criminal has come of them or will come of them. Good luck with that fantasy though.

        • Do you even have a grasp of the misconduct she commited. Unknowingly commiting a crime doesn’t exaunarate you.

          • I’m aware that nothing has come of EITHER investigation and both have been going on long enough to indict 10 people for murder. Again, keep dreaming. Only desperate people are still talking about any of it.

            • Riiiight. I’m sure a national matter of security is a simple matter to sort through, child’s play. Who’d need to think twice about THAT?? You’d make a terrific judge!

              I’m watching the FBI’s actions, not the clock. They’ve already granted several Hillary staffers criminal immunity. Why? Confession. Uh oh… but I’m sure it’s nothing.

            • Clinton even treats her media minions like caca when catching her in her tons of lies. She has honestly earned the name Die Hündin (in german, a bitch dog). It is so hard to fathom this thing as the Leader of the Free World especially after totally sucking as SecState and killing four warriors to hide gun running between Libya and Syria which actually wound up with ISIS. Her foriegn policy, especially as a “Dog Runner” for the present idiot POTUS, proves she has not a thought that is hers and fk’s up implementation of Administration thoughts and strategies.
              Maybe we will be lucky and the FBI will bind her so throughly that the AG will be forced to fry her.

            • You are 100% correct !!!

              The reason I changed my handle to *Hillary for Prison 2016* — to counter the Clinton zombies’ moronic slogan: Hillary for President 2016 (an utter asinine perfidy)!

              If Hillary is not indicted soon, it would mean we have no justice system in our country for the big shots!

  2. Bernie will lose. Clinton will be the Dem nomination and Trump will be the GOP nomination and we will either have a liar or a jerk as President

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