Bernie Sanders came up with big wins in Kansas and Nebraska, while Hillary Clinton easily walked away with a win in Louisiana today. On the Republican side, Ted Cruz won Kansas and took a surprise victory in Maine, with Donald Trump taking home the top prize in Kentucky and Louisiana. For a more detailed breakdown, see our results page for March 5th and 6th.

Detailed Results:
March 5th-6th Democratic Results
March 5th-6th Republican Results

Report from the New York Times:

Senator Ted Cruz scored decisive wins in the Kansas and Maine caucuses on Saturday, demonstrating his enduring appeal among conservatives as he tried to reel in Donald J. Trump’s significant lead in the Republican presidential race.

Hillary Clinton and Mr. Trump won the Louisiana primaries, while Senator Bernie Sanders won the Kansas and Nebraska Democratic caucuses, according to the Kansas Democratic Party and The Associated Press. The Democratic results were not likely to alter the broader contours of a race in which Mrs. Clinton maintains a significant delegate lead.

The states voting Saturday, which also included Kentucky, award delegates proportionally, so the results could put only a modest dent in Mr. Trump’s lead. But they were sure to energize the anti-Trump forces who are desperately trying to defeat a front-runner they believe would lead the party to ruin this November.

They also illustrated the concerns about Mr. Trump that still linger among the sort of traditional Republicans who attend time-intensive party caucuses. In Kansas, where turnout was more than double the level in 2012, Mr. Cruz won 48 percent of the vote, while Mr. Trump received 23 percent, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida won 17 percent and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio won 11 percent. The results were tighter in Maine, but Mr. Cruz still easily bested Mr. Trump there.

And they left little doubt that Mr. Cruz is now the most formidable Republican alternative to Mr. Trump. The Texas senator has now captured six states over all.

Unfortunately, for Ted Cruz, this is happening on a Saturday when not too many people are paying attention. On the other hand, that’s great for Marco Rubio who fared very poorly today. Donald Trump was favored in Maine, but went down to Cruz pretty easily. I think it’s safe to say, based on these results, that Cruz is experiencing a bit of a bump either from Thursday’s debate, or perhaps from Rubio’s inability to convince Republican voters that he can mount a serious run against Trump.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders took two more states which speaks to his durability during this primary season. It will continue to be a race on the Democratic side as both candidates are amassing impressive delegate totals.

On Sunday, March 6th, Republicans caucus in Puerto Rico and Democrats do the same in Maine.


  1. Bye-bye Rubio — another Neocon down the drain.

    Next to be flushed will be RINO Kasich…and then there were none.

    • Do you really think Rubio is going to drop out before Kasich does, or before losing Florida?

      • Never stated that — just that the writing is on the wall (Rubio and Kasich won nothing, again). Both will be done by morning of March 16th.

        The “Young Blood”, the “Future” of the Republican Party, Rubio, is in pathological denial — he’ll keep on blathering at more rallies till November…and, then some more, saying how he could win “if only”…LOL!

        Out of Senate, out of presidential contention — it won’t sink into Rubio’s megalomaniac head until he ends up at the Unemployment Office… around February 2017….

        The main point is that the GOP/RNC Establishment dregs, who have betrayed our nation, are done, finished, kaput.

        Dynastic wannabe Jeb Bush was their CHOSEN — and The Establishment took it for granted he’ll win. What a shock to THEM when he got disposed of early on.

        Then, The Establishment took Rubio as Jeb’s Neocon substitute — another shock to THEM that he’s tanked completely.

        Finally, perhaps Kasich is their man— clutching at straws…LOL!

        The dozen-or-so Fat Men from the Northeast (the RNC Establishment) who were always used in chosing their winner, over martinis in their posh Country Clubs, are now in FULL PANIC — they see their eventual end, and are so desperate to keep their pernicious power, that they’ll do ANY STUPID THING, to keep it.

        Just listen to their lapdog — Mitt Romney — barking like a trained dog at their behest.

        So, I say: This is the END of these vile RNC Establishment creatures — for come March 16th, there will be no Neocons/RINOs left, just Canadian Cruz vs American Trump.

        While the DNC totally controls their Marching Morons — for who else would vote for the Clinton Criminal Hillary…?!

  2. Disappointing; the bashing and trashing of Trump by the rhino elites and paid for media caused a dip in votes for Mr. Trump. It is really difficult to see why they would choose Cruz over Trump. Cruz is a double speak lawyer; Cruz has accomplished nothing in the Senate; Cruz is NOT a natural born citizen, he is a naturalized citizen; the Rhinos will mount a Ryan to defeat Cruz if he should get close to the nomination. I want to win my country back. People should stop playing into their game and vote #trump2016, I am.

    • I think they are happy with Ryan as Speaker; Romney is a more likely candidate for them to go to.

  3. Voting for Kasich is like throwing your vote away, Cruz only has three years experience in politics; not even a Bachelor’s Degree in Life, Clinton will sell America piece by piece to the highest bidder while getting Bill into the U.N., and Bernie, I love a socialist only it just will not happen, although we do need to move to the middle. The only Sane Choice for America is the one guy the 1% have to get and that’s Trump, if the 1% are trying to destroy Trump then he must be for the 99% and that’s you and me… Don’t Be A Chump, Vote for Trump!

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