On Thursday evening, CNN wrapped up their two-night Town Hall event in South Carolina with John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump. Also on Thursday, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton appeared on a MSNBC Town Hall event from Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are the full videos of each candidate from both events.

John Kasich on CNN:

Jeb Bush on CNN:

Donald Trump on CNN:

Bernie Sanders on MSNBC:

Hillary Clinton on MSNBC:

Once again, I apoligize for some of the video quality but these are the best copies available. Neither CNN or MSNBC are providing the full videos on their website.

Report on the Democratic Town Hall from NBC News:

As the Democratic presidential candidates spar over who would best uphold President Obama’s legacy, Sen. Bernie Sanders Thursday suggested Obama has faced racist opposition from Republicans while also refusing to disown his one-time call for a primary challenger to the president.

“The idea that there can be a primary where different ideas get floated and debated, I don’t think that that is terrible,” Sanders said in a wide-ranging town hall hosted by MSNBC less than 48 hours ahead of Nevada’s first-in-the-west caucus Saturday.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton committed to introducing an immigration reform bill in her first 100 days in office as president but declined to commit to releasing transcripts from her speeches to private groups like Goldman Sachs.

“I am happy to release anything I have whenever everybody else does the same,” Clinton said in response to question from a Sanders supporter, “because everybody in this race, including Sen. Sanders, has given speeches to private groups. Everybody else does the same because every other candidate in this race has given speeches to private groups, including Sen. Sanders.”

The Republican candidates are getting ready for the South Carolina Republican Primary which happens on Saturday, February 20th. The Democratic candidates are in Las Vegas because the Nevada Democratic Caucus also takes place the same day.