The most recent South Carolina polling on the Republican side shows Donald Trump with an 18 point lead on average over his closest rivals. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are battling for second place, though Jeb Bush and John Kasich are also within striking distance depending on the poll. CNN has announced it will host a two-night event called the South Carolina Republican Town Hall which will be a forum with candidates appearing separately on stage answering questions from the audience and a moderator. The event will take place over Wednesday and Thursday of this week, details below.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
CNN South Carolina Republican Town Hall
8pm ET (7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT)
Candidates: Carson, Cruz, Rubio

Thursday, February 18, 2016
CNN South Carolina Republican Town Hall
8pm ET (7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT)
Candidates: Trump, Bush, Kasich

Anderson Cooper will moderate both nights and a live stream will be available at

Report from CNN:

CNN announced Saturday that it will host back-to-back Republican town hall events in South Carolina on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

Over the course of two nights, all six of the remaining GOP presidential candidates will have the opportunity to answer questions from Palmetto State voters, who go to the polls on Saturday, February 20, for the Republican Party primary.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper will moderate both events.

Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will gather in Greenville for Wednesday night’s prime-time broadcast. On Thursday, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and John Kasich will appear in Columbia.

The events will air live on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Espanol and be streamed live online on CNNGo.

Many have argued that Trump had a poor showing in the debate on Saturday night as he took incoming attacks from several candidates. If that’s the case, however, the polling taken after the debate is showing little to no change in his lead since the most recent South Carolina polling back in late January. However, it’s worth noting that Mitt Romney was leading South Carolina just days before when Newt Gingrich pulled an upset in 2012. The circumstances right now may not be the same, but anything can happen in the days leading up to the vote on Saturday.

Republicans and Democrats will be voting on different days in South Carolina and Nevada this year. Here is the remaining schedule for Republicans in February:

Saturday, February 20
South Carolina Republican Primary

Tuesday, February 23
Nevada Republican Caucus


    • Trump has lost his mojo & we will all see who is really pulling all the levors behind the curtains no matter how much the great & powerful OZ might protest!

      • I bet you would not put your money to back up your belief. I would! Trump is going to win GOP and also presidential election. All of you people do not understand the power of emotions,which Trump is able to illicit , unlike all those deadbeats and puppets. Go Trump go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Someone get the circular firing squad we have a true believer here! Watch Apprentice much? Solent Green is people! That is what the Donald does thats all he does! Your heart strings are being plucked by the great deceiver & you drank the kool aid Jim Jones! Your fired! Just keep watching… from my cold dead hands.

          • I was a doubter, too, but look at the voting results. Trump has won everything so far (Minus Cruz’ fraud), and the polls are showing Trump rolling over the rest in upcoming contests.

            Part of it is running against
            –a cheater/liar/trickster,
            –a juvenile,
            –a stiff,
            –a pretender, and
            –a nobody.

            But it’s also that Trump is an “entertainer,” as Jeb says (as if boring people was a good thing).

            Don’t forget that other “entertainer,” who beat sitting-president Carter. . .

            • That is why it is time for all Republicans to stop falling in love with Rhinos that promise what they will never deliver… smoke & mirrors are fun & the carnival barker is enraging & enjoyable at the same time but is Donald Trump the man for the GOP, the man we can rely on to move the party to the next decade & beyond. The parallels between the great communicator & the presumptive lier & chef are note worthy of course because they’re both life long Democrats before they ran over to the Republican party to find a strange new love. God save us all from false profits. The show goes on & we are all on the edge of our seats… who will get the Republican rose & who is going home the greatest looser!

  1. The fact that Jeb Bush is still in these debates and still a candidate when he is averaging 1 to 2 points in the polls points to something very dirty going on.

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