The next contest on the Republican side is coming up this Saturday in South Carolina where Donald Trump continues to lead handily in every poll released in the past week. Beyond Saturday, the Nevada Republican Caucus is coming up on Tuesday, February 23rd, and new polling from out west shows a similar story with Trump consolidating support and holding a tremendous lead over his closest rival.

Report on South Carolina from The Hill:

Donald Trump holds a big lead over other Republicans in a new poll of South Carolina voters.

Trump has a 17-point edge over his closest competitors in the Public Policy Polling survey released late Monday to The State newspaper.
He has 35 percent support, while Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) are tied for second with 18 percent apiece.

Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) ranks fourth at 10 percent, followed by former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson deadlocking at 7 percent each.

The poll was taken Feb. 14–15, after Saturday night’s GOP debate. Trump atacked former President George W. Bush’s record on terrorism and the war on Iraq in that debate, arguing he failed to keep the country safe. It provoked a fiery confrontation with the former president’s brother.

Many wondered if the attacks by Trump, which prompted boos by the South Carolina crowd, would cut into his popularity in the state.

This new poll, at least, suggests that it did not.

PPP’s survey of 897 likely GOP primary voters has a 3.3 percent margin of error.

The PPP poll is not an outlier according to the RealClearPolitics South Carolina average:
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The real battle in South Carolina seems to be for second place and may determine which campaigns continue on to Super Tuesday and beyond.

In Nevada, only one poll has come out in the past month but the results show a widening lead for Trump. Report from The Hill:

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in the party’s Feb. 23 Nevada caucuses, according to a CNN/ORC poll released on Wednesday.

Trump has 45 percent support, followed by 19 percent who said they are backing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), 17 percent who are backing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and 7 percent who are backing retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) comes in fifth, with 5 percent support, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, with 1 percent support.

Forty-one percent of caucusgoers say they are still deciding who they will support in the race.

The major caveat in the Nevada poll is the number of undecided voters which comes in at 41%. That number could certainly swing the race in any candidate’s favor, however, the results of South Carolina may go a long way in lowering that number.

Nevada was seen as a “firewall” for Marco Rubio, having been raised there for much of his life. The younger, immigrant population was to be his gold mine of votes yet the polls aren’t reflecting that plan as reality just yet.


  1. Trump plus Rubio are right about the pope. No one likes the concept of walls in the terms of being close-minded. But both Trump, Rubio, Carson and Cruz as well as others have mentioned how generous the united states has been and how many more refugees and immigrants we accept each year compared to any country in the world and how a country must protect its people. The Vatican has walls also so i guess the Pope doesn’t include them in his accusation of Donald Trump being a bad christian and, in fact, it makes him a hypocrite for supporting Israel if he thinks walls are a bad thing. Francis does support Israel right? I collect coins for a hobby but no more of the pope coins for me with that turncoat enabler of islamists. Full speed ahead “Make America Great Again!”

        • Fake Republicans don’t scare me they are a great disappointment though, Donald is Schilling for Hilary to break up the Bush dynastic machine that is flailing… chest bump, barking like a dog, mooning the GOP, all sighs of desperation… start thinking about how to bring the party back to the right & out of the center where your beloved Daddy War Bucks truly resides. If the Pope doesn’t favor his demeanor there might just be something there there… if that is bringing on socialism bring it on & let there be a debate from left to right for the soul if the great nation.

          • Now i’m shaking – the pope is against walls. Does he keep his soul well contained behind the vatican walls and how does he feel about the walls for israel. Maybe he prefers the soul of islam. It would seem so the way he extends his progressive hand to them and doesn’t even see fit to thank the this coumtry for all its done for the world and for christianity.

            • We can agree to disagree on this one… you are getting so in the weeds about his holiness & christianity it is not worth fighting about… lets just say there are some people out there that shouldn’t chime in on political matters when they represent for major religions! “Mr. Gorbachev teare down this wall!” has always been my favorite message when it comes to mixing politics & religion.

  2. Trump and Rubio’s ideas on illegal immigration is wrong because their not thinking what will happen to the children of the illegal immigrants what will happen to them when their parents are sent back.
    How will you feel when your children are left in America while your being sent away from them and never be able to come back to take care of them.

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