The speculation has continued in recent months as to whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would forgo a 2016 campaign in light of faltering poll numbers, and diminishing support in his home state. The Governor appears to have made up his mind and will be launching a presidential campaign next week, according to reports.


Story from ABC News:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, once the front-runner in pre-campaign jockeying for the GOP presidential nomination, is planning to formally kick off his campaign on Tuesday in Livingston, N.J., a source familiar with Christie’s plans said today.

The announcement is not much of a surprise in light of Christie’s recent political moves and visits that have all but telegraphed his intentions.

The governor said he was going to wait to make any formal announcement until after the state budget is enacted and that could be done as early as today.

Officials with the campaign and governor’s office were not offering any comment today.

Christie is scheduled to take caller questions during a monthly radio appearance tonight.

Christie’s people won’t comment on the report, but I think it’s safe to say he’s running in 2016. At this point, what does he have to lose? Pollsters and commentators are already counting him out so why not give it a go and elbow your way back into the field?

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