After the completion of a six month exploratory phase which consisted of endless fund raising on behalf of his Right to Rise PAC, Jeb Bush will formally declare his 2016 candidacy at an event today in Florida. The announcement will come Monday afternoon during an appearance at Miami Dade College.

Report from CNN:

Jeb Bush, a scion of the most recognizable family in Republican politics who fashioned an image as a sober-minded conservative truth-teller while governor of Florida, is poised to run for president.

Bush will make his formal announcement Monday afternoon here in his adopted hometown during an appearance at Miami Dade College. His candidacy comes after a weeklong European tour and months of intensive behind-the-scenes political maneuvering that erased long-standing doubts about his White House ambitions.

The launch will set John Ellis Bush, 62, the second son of former President George H.W. Bush and younger brother of former President George W. Bush, on a potentially historic course that would confirm his family’s standing as America’s pre-eminent political dynasty, rivaled only by the Kennedys in their fame and cross-generational power.

If his campaign is victorious, the Bush clan will become the only American family to have elected three of their own to the highest office in the land.

In a preview of his campaign theme, Bush put out a web ad outlining some of his views and the tone he hopes to set in the coming months:

The ad features a lot of material likely aimed at the general electorate as opposed to Republican primary voters. This is his attempt to look past the primaries and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more like this in the coming months. His goal is to assure the establishment donors that he will not repeat the Romney mistakes and can, in fact, carry the “electability” mantle all the way to the White House.

Here is the full video of Jeb’s announcement speech:


  1. There’s been a lot of talk about dynasties. I heard that one-third of our presidents have had some kind of dynastic tie. I don’t like ’em any more than you do. If it weren’t for Ron Paul, Rand would just be some odd guy out east somewhere. If it weren’t for 41 and 43, JEB would just be that unemployed guy from Florida.

    But I disagree that Hillary owes her position to Bill. In fact, the main reason I was against her in 2008 was that I didn’t like anybody’s wife following her husband, and her stint in NY was just because NY likes to have famous carpetbagger senators, like Bobby. But the combination of serving as senator and as Secretary of State puts her in a position to run–just as people have often said Condi Rice should run. And she has fewer credentials than Hillary.

    Let’s think about what Bill could offer. Hillary has no apparent people skills at all, but if she is elected, Bill could wine and dine ALL the senators and reps for her, enjoy doing it, and convince them that he feels their pain. Schmoozer-in-Chief should be his position as “First Dude.” And she could succeed, in spite of herself.

  2. Jebby can send his message in two languages: the now primary Mexican (Spanish to be politically correct) … and even in English….

    He can finish destroying America by opening a flood of Mexicans invading our nation “legally” to please his Mexican wife.

    His brother started the erosion of our free nation with the Patriot Act, now Lil’ Jeb can finish US off….

    Go, Jeb, go… to Hell, and take along the other wannabe Dynasty America-Destroyer, scumbag Hitlery Clinton…along!

    • If Jebby’s second language is “Mexican,” shouldn’t his first language be “American”??

      By the way, we’re still waiting for your official candidate announcement. Or was that just another politician’s broken promise?

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