Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has set June 4 as an announcement date to kickoff his 2016 presidential campaign. Perry ran unsuccessfully in 2012, but has spent time retooling his message and is back for another shot this time around. The kickoff event will take place in Dallas.

Report from the Dallas Morning News:

Former Gov. Rick Perry has chosen Dallas to officially declare his second run for the Republican presidential nomination in three weeks.

For months Perry has said that he would announce his decision in May or June. But his constant travel to the early contest states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida has left little doubt of his intentions.

Perry joins a burgeoning field of contenders, including fellow Texan Sen. Ted Cruz.

The announcement was made via the Twitter account of his wife, Anita.

Unlike four years ago, when he rushed into the contest after seeing he could raise quick money and was leading in polls, Perry enters this contest as an underdog.

He is polling in single digits, but again unlike his last run, he has spent more than a year in preparation. He has consulted weekly with conservative experts on foreign relations and economic policy. He has assembled advisers and campaign teams in the early states and has even taken tutoring in public speaking.

As noted, Perry is polling quite low in most national and early state primary polls. He will be looking for debate access where, I’m assuming, he’ll be showcasing his seriousness as a candidate and acknowledgment of his mistakes in 2012.

The pool is getting pretty crowded. There has been a lot of discussion over just how Fox News and the Republican National Committee will set the rules for participation in the first sanctioned debate on August 6. The most likely suggestion is a mixture of rules which will ensure the serious candidates are given a slot, but that could still lead to 12 people on stage. There will be some unhappy candidates who will be left off the docket and I’m certain it will become a point of contention.