Since announcing his candidacy, Ben Carson has seen a significant jump in polling which has propelled him to a tie for the top position shared with Jeb Bush. This is noteworthy given how Bush has currently fallen way behind in Iowa, but continues to poll well nationally. Carson is doing a little better in Iowa but also remains more popular nationally than he is in individual primary polls.

Report from NPR:

Following a trio of Republican campaign announcements last week, Ben Carson leaps to the top spot of GOP presidential candidates in the latest Fox News poll tied with presumed GOP front-runner Jeb Bush.

Carson, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee all entered the race for the Republican nomination early last week, but none has seen as dramatic a bump as the retired neurosurgeon.

Both Bush and Carson sit atop the Fox poll at 13 percent each among Republican primary voters. That’s a seven-point bounce for Carson who was at just 6 percent in the same poll in April.

The poll comes amid Bush’s shifting statements on whether he would have authorized the Iraq War. Being tied to the unpopular war, launched by his older brother President George. W. Bush, would be a potential liability to the former Florida governor’s yet-to-be-launched bid for the Oval Office.

Poll results from the latest Fox News national poll of GOP primary voters:

13% – Carson, Bush (tied)
11% – Walker
10% – Huckabee
9% – Rubio
7% – Paul
6% – Christie, Cruz (tied)
4% – Trump

Surprising to me in all this is how well candidates like Cruz and Paul connect at the grassroots level, yet fall so far behind in these national polls. In fact, out of the top 3, only Carson is official. Does this mean that when/if Bush and/or Walker finally do announce, they may grab some significant support and start breaking out?


  1. Flavor of the month. Last month, it looked like the vote for Walker would be unanimous. Look at the list–Bush, Walker, Rubio, Huckabee, Paul–at one time or another, all of them led in some way.

    The only one who hasn’t been cast as the “Messiah of the Republican Party” is its biggest embarrassment–Trump.

    The thing I find most amazing is that JEB has been slapped around big-time for weeks on end–yet he’s LEADING?? That suggests that if he could catch a break, he might be uncatchable.

    • Well.. leading in a national poll. which is meaningless almost. Just ask President Giuliani.

      Trump is angling to get on the debate stage.. which I’d say is a greater than 50% chance at the moment.

        • Maybe… but.. I think he would produce huge ratings for the event.. which could theoretically benefit the serious candidates if the audience size double..

          They’ll tune in for The Donald.. but also be listening to everyone else..

  2. The debate will show whether the moderator is a journalist or a sycophant. The only question I’d ask Trump is, since the Birther issue is so important to you, do you think Rubio and Cruz should be on this stage? The issue is the Trump trademark.

  3. I don’t know how you are conducting these polls but Cruz is not at 6% in the real world . ,and Bush is no where near front runner except in the Republican establishment . The people will write you off as out of touch with flawed polling if you continue to post this type of fairy tale bunk . The days of manipulating the public are past and the shoving this one or that one down our throats is over . Plus we have full knowledge of how Ron Paul was engineered out of contention . I’m not a Ron Paul fan but the whole country is waking up to these tactics and the Cochran / McDaniel race even though it was is Mississippi was a lesson to us all that the Haley Barbour voting machine cabals are just as dangerous to our freedom as the Clinton / Obama / Muslim Brotherhood Cabals . Your playing us with this bogus poll and now you are relegated to not credible ; until you straighten out this hogwash .

    • It’s little difficult to straighten out hogwash, especially when everyone adds to the pot, stirs the pot and then dishes out their version of even more hogwash.

    • You’re dreaming. You want to think that America is filled with rustic “patriots,” with muskets out by the woodshed, ready to fight the encroachment of city folk.

      Truth is, America primarily IS city folk: Good people just trying to eke a living out of the tiny amount of wealth that’s accidentally available to the “rest of us.”

      These folks don’t sit and read the Constitution, and they don’t get together to debate the Great Issues. They’re too busy just trying to survive. They hope someone will finally get around to fixing the roads. That’s about it.

      So when someone calls them and asks about candidates, they’ve heard of Clinton, and they’ve heard of Bush. “Weren’t they president already? Can they run again?” They remember that things seemed to be better back in the 90s, so that’s what they tell the pollster, hoping they can get back to trying to figure out how to pay the phone bill this month.

      It’s not a plot and it’s not a scheme. It’s life in the real world. Most people don’t focus on politics. You can’t look at the small crowd you know, and think everybody’s like that. Besides, the real campaign hasn’t even started. Why on earth should “real people” care a lick about the Cuban Canadian from Texas?

      • Goethe…if you’relooking for “patriots, with muskets out by the woodshed” come to Texas. Our “wild and crazy” Texas Legislature is passing the “Open Carry” law and the new Governor says he will happily sign Texas’s policy of non-outlawed guns for anyone with a pulse. We just had
        an oldtime shootout in Waco…9 dead from bullets and 190 gun toting men in jail. Over 500 weapons was confiscated by the police. The fracus is costing Texas taxpayers 50,000.00 a day to feed and house the lawbreakers and it looks like their stay will be long as most of
        the bonds are set at a million dollars.

        Senator Cronyn and our Cuban Canadian Senator Cruz have yet to comment on Waco although quick to comment on Missouri and Baltimore. Probably waiting on a memo from the NRA.

            • Call out the National Guard to keep an eye on ’em!!

              Of course, the National Guard doesn’t have nukes, like the Northerners, but they could probably borrow WMDs from one of the various militias there.

            • Actually, didn’t need nukes or WMD, the Texas Rangers came to the aid of the Waco Police so the bikers are lucky that only nine are dead and eighteen hospitalized. The truth remains…don’t fool with the men in the white hats.

            • I was talking about your delusional governor sending the Texas Rangers to fight the United States Army last month.

            • Our present governor, follows the dictates of his Tea Party
              and Republicans, his conspiracy loving crowd, who often want to attack their own shadow.

              However, the Governor did not send the Texas Rangers,
              County Sheriffs, or any armed law enforcement to check on the Jade Helm 15 Armed Forces maneuvers. Governor Abbott sent The Texas National Guard which is NOT allowed to carry a gun…any gun…to observe what was being done. Simply a bunch of ex-army men who like to get away from their families for a weekend or two each month.

              GovernorAbbott based his actions on – 18US Code 1385 -Use of Army and Air Force as posse comitatus. “The purpose of the act is to limit the powers of the federal government in using its military personnel to act as domestic law enforcement personnel.”

              One of the towns involved in Texas is Big Springs, about
              50 miles southeast of me. This is the concern of the people there. The troops will be housed at Webb Air Force Base
              but will not be trained on base. The soldiers will do their wartime maneuvers inside the city limits and residential
              areas. Soldiers will not wear their uniforms but will wear civilian clothing with either an arm band or nametag. They will mingle unknown with the locals, just how and why or what for is the unknown.

              US Government officials told the Big Springs City Council
              that it is training for ISIS Attacks.

              So if you see a man or woman running in your backyard, jumping the fence or breaking the lock on your underground storage…be sure and don’t shoot…it could be the US Army.

        • You had criminals killing each other.. open carry would’ve meant nothing, especially since it isn’t even legal yet for Texas citizens so it has absolutely nothing to do with this story.

          Virginia is an open carry state, has been forever, just like dozens of others. It’s nearly meaningless since there is no tactical reason to openly carry a firearm when concealed carry is the smarter option. The only thing open carry is good for is when your shirt pops up and exposes a firearm, open carry prevents you from becoming a criminal. Or when you live in a rural area and who cares? You got a gun on your hip.. want some coffee with your breakfast?

          Maybe you’d be better off like Baltimore and Chicago, cities with overly restrictive gun control which does absolutely nothing to control the violence. They had scores wounded/killed this weekend in each place.

          The “sky is falling” rhetoric anytime gun rights are expanded is tired, old, and frankly not oven remotely true to statistical reality. Look at other states, the predictions of lawlessness is a lie, a total fabrication, and demonstrably so.

          The biker gangs would be killing each other anywhere, they’re criminals. That’s what they do. They operate in Texas so they had a fight over turf. Other non-biker gangs do it on the streets in LA and anywhere else.

          Explain to me how disarming the law-abiding does ANYTHING to stop violence of criminals. It does nothing but make victims.

          Texas is behind the times on open carry. It’s about time you’re catching up.

          • The State of Virginia does have an open carry law but the State of Virginia also has a law forbidding it’s citizens to open carry machine guns (AK47,etc) on display across their backs or swinging at arm’s length, which is my concern with open carry. The State of Virginia is rife with restrictive laws that control when, where and how you may use the gun you are allowed to carry openly. Virginia law forbids a citizen to “…point, hold or brandish any firearm … in such manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another … of another of being shot or injured”.

            I have never stated that I object to shotguns or rifles arched across the back window of an old pickup truck or a licensed handgun in the home but I do consider the carrier of an unlicensed, concealed handgun to be lacking in moral fiber. Or more to the point, a coward trying to project a tough guy image.

            I have no sympathy for the biker gangs who had twice as many unlicensed hand guns as they did members. To suggest that I would adhere to “disarming the
            law-abiding” is an old, worn out ruse used to disenfranchise the truth.

            • Well.. good then.. I’m glad you’re not for denying constitutional rights to law-abiding citizens.

              Every state has laws on brandishing.. Virginia is no different there. Texas is the same. Your state calls it “deadly conduct.” You can’t hold a weapon (pistol, rifle, knife) in a way that is threatening or instills fear in someone else that they could be injured by it unless you’re doing so in self-defense.

              But, you’re wrong about Virginia having an “open carry law.” What we have is a lack of a law which says you can’t openly carry. As in, the right is reserved to the people. Whereas, Texas currently forbids the practice for pistols, but allows for rifles.

              A rifle over the shoulder isn’t considered brandishing.

              What Virginia law are you referring to? And by “machine gun,” do you mean actual machine guns (fully automatic) or a semi-automatic rifle like an AR-15?

              Because you can sling an AR-15 on your shoulder and walk down the street. I wouldn’t advise it, but you’re legal here in the Commonwealth. We have open carrying on rifles and pistols, not withstanding some local provisions in some cities against open carrying a rifle.

              By the way, “open carry” does not mean “unrestricted carry everything everywhere carry” which is what it sounds like you’re implying? Am I wrong?

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