In case you missed it, we’re expecting to hear from Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Mike Huckabee early next week. Carson and Fiorina are set for Monday, May 4, while Huckabee will be holding an event on Tuesday, May 5, in Arkansas. No surprise on any them since, in recent weeks, they’ve all signaled the affirmative toward a presidential run.

Report on Huckabee from KATV:

It’s no secret that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will be declaring his bid for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination on Tuesday, May 5 in Hope, Arkansas.

Huckabee’s hometown is the birthplace of former President and Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and Huckabee plans to capitalize on any anti-Clinton sentiment with Hillary Clinton the likely Democratic nominee.

In a video released this morning, Huckabee recalls coming into office as Lt. Governor in 1993 when he won a special election.

“On his first day in office, Governor Huckabee’s door was nailed shut,” recalls Rex Nelson, Huckabee’s former communications director.

“You had huge Democratic majorities in the House, in the Senate… You had all the apparatus of the Democratic party aligned against Mike Huckabee… And all of a sudden this Republican comes out of nowhere and wins,” Nelson adds.

Report on Carly Fiorina from the Concord Monitor:

“You know, I’m at about 98 percent,” she said, responding to a question about her considerations as she finalizes her presidential decision. “We’re on the planning phase of this announcement now.”

Multiple national media outlets have reported that Fiorina’s expected announcement could come in less than a week, on Monday. In the meantime, Fiorina is scheduled to spend the next four days in New Hampshire – with plans to return again at the end of next week, with stops in Iowa and New York in between.

Fiorina is planning a more low-key, online announcement similar to Hillary Clinton’s social media launch.

Finally, the report on Ben Carson from The Dailer Caller:

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson plans to go straight to Iowa after announcing his plans for the 2016 presidential race, his political organization said Monday.

Carson will spend May 4-6 in cities across Iowa — the state that holds the first in the nation presidential caucuses — to “discuss health care, education and the economy.”

The former Johns Hopkins brain surgeon, who is formally exploring a run for president as a Republican, is expected to announce his entry into the presidential race earlier in the day on May 4 in his hometown of Detroit.

After making his announcement, Carson will hold an event that week at The IOWA Clinic in West Des Moines. He will also hold a joint town hall meeting with Iowa Republican Rep. Rod Blum in Cedar Rapids and attend a meet and greet at St. Ambrose College in Davenport.

Further reports on all of them will come on Monday and Tuesday after they announce. The Republican pool is officially getting crowded.


    • I’m gonna start trolling those not paying attention.

      “Hillary Clinton drops out, endorses Jeb Bush”

      “….Is not something that happened today.”

      • HAR. I like it.

        I was thinking about those two today. The guy who wrote the book about the Clinton Foundation is already working on a book to trash JEB.

        So now I’m thinking, the author is probably trying to show that he’s an equal-opportunity trasher, so he will probably not cut JEB any slack, But he published the Clinton book early enough for people to be bored with it by the primaries. The JEB bush is not due until next year–just in time for the primaries.

  1. Peter Schweizer is now saying he is not writing a book on Jeb, never actually planned to.

    • What a liar he is! I heard an interview with him. He was trying to say that he was impartial, and that he was deep into a book about JEB that he’s been working on for THREE months. He sounded like he was going to really rip JEB.

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