So far, the first half of April has been busy, as expected, since it is the beginning of the new fundraising quarter. It also looks like May and June will contain some presidential announcements as well. The Hill compiled a list of the remaining candidates which I have organized below.


Here are the details on the rest of the 2016 field, from both parties, who have yet to officially announce, lifted from this article:

-April 2015-
Bernie Sanders – Will decide by end of April

-May 2015-
Ben Carson – May 4, 2015
Carly Fiorina – May 4, 2015
Mike Huckabee – May 5, 2015
Martin O’Malley – Late May

-June 2015-
Scott Walker – June, after Wisconsin legislative session
Rick Perry – Late spring, probably June
Bobby Jindal – June, after Louisiana legislative session

Joe Biden – Will decide over the Summer

-No set time frame-
Rick Santorum – Sometime in late Spring
Jeb Bush – Next few months
Chris Christie – No given time
Lindsey Graham – No given time
Jim Webb – No given time
Lincoln Chafee – No given time

There are a lot of candidates without a time frame which isn’t too surprising. I think many of them are trying to slow the process down or have prior responsibilities to which they must attend. The governors, in particular, are walking a fine balancing act between their current duties and spending time on the campaign trail.

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