A spokesman cautions this major announcement is not necessarily that Carson is running, since he hasn’t yet decided. However, there are plans for a major speech and possible 2016 presidential announcement by Dr. Carson on May 4 in Detroit, Michigan.

Report from the Washington Times:

Ben Carson will make a major announcement on his 2016 presidential-campaign plans in three weeks, CNN reported Monday night, citing a spokeswoman.

But while the network reported that the speech will be made May 4 in Detroit, spokeswoman Deanna Bass cautioned that her boss, the first major Republican to start a presidential exploratory committee back in February, may either run or not run.

“He will make an announcement. But he’s still very much in the exploratory phase, so he hasn’t made a decision yet,” Ms. Bass told the network.

Mr. Carson, 63, would be entering a field becoming increasingly crowded with tea party favorites such as himself. Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio already have officially tossed their hats into the ring.

If I had to bet, I’d wager there is a greater than 50% chance Carson is running. There is little to no downside for him. Worst case, he runs and fizzles out but raises his profile for a Senate seat or another presidential run down the road. Detroit fits his message of economic prosperity and cultural revival, so an announcement from the Motor City is appropriate. He’s been spending time at all the right gatherings, including CPAC, and the recent National Rifle Association conference in Nashville. Furthermore, he’s doing fairly well in most polls. You’d have a harder time making a case that he shouldn’t make a go at it.