Over the weekend during an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Dr. Ben Carson stated he is in fact gathering people and putting resources in place if he decides to launch a presidential campaign. The time frame would be sometime no later than the month of May, possibly before then. Prior to the campaign announcement, Carson indicated an exploratory committee would be coming in the next couple weeks which would allow fundraising toward the possible campaign.

Report from Fox News:

Dr. Ben Carson acknowledged Sunday that he is building a campaign team for a potential 2016 presidential run and indicated he will make a formal announcement by May.

“We’re making sure all the infrastructure is in place — personnel and rationale,” said Carson, a conservative favorite expected to run in the Republican primary. “We’re putting all of that together.”

Carson indicated on “Fox News Sunday” that he will, in the next couple of weeks, announce an exploratory committee toward a White House bid and that he would make public in May whether we will formally enter the race.

The 63-year-old Carson continues to do well in early polling.

He finished tied for fifth in a Bloomberg Politics/Saint Anselm New Hampshire Poll for potential GOP candidates released Sunday.

He finished behind former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Carson tied with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

At this point, I can’t see a reason not to wait. Over the next few months, candidates who made a splash early may begin to fade from the hype which opens the door to new blood later in the spring. We could see a new candidate announce on the Republican side every month from now until Labor Day and still have some left over.


  1. “We could see a new candidate announce on the Republican side every month. . .”

    Yeah–flavors of the month. . .

  2. Ben is known as the surgeon who separated conjoined twins–who had been connected at the brain. I wonder if he can do anything with Cruz and Rubio?

      • Well. . .first, you have to have a brain. . .

        Omigod, I see that Santorum is now playing the “kid card” in a new book. I guess if you don’t have substance, you can shoot for sympathy. . . .

    • Conjoined used to be called “Siamese twins.”

      Italian twins, Scalia and Alito, are called “Scalito” since they are also inseparable.

      Maybe we need a name for the Cuban twins: “Crubio”? Or maybe “RubiCruz,” sounding like “Rubic’s Cube,” which is more fun and less transparent, however. . .

  3. If there, was anybody I would have to carry on President Obamas tourch, it would be him. They man is overqualified for the job. And besides, he looks more honest than everyone who’s running. He received the highest civilian award in America! In the Army, it’s the Medal of Honor. Americans need, water, food, stronger military, job creation as well as a stronger dollar to preserve our standards of living. After all my research of him, ( wow ) Americans need him. This is my biased opinion, of course, just hope someone feels me on this one.

  4. The man has won so many awards for being dedicated. I know the country would be rewarded if we elect him. Because, he’s just a dedicated son of a blessed family. With a good ruler the people rejoice, in contrast the people suffer. I’m tired as a American, not having the resources readily available to me torwards my education. If you have not heard yet, he’s all about that. As of today in America, a lot of cities have a five out of ten or lower rating on education. And that’s what my daughter needs? She needs a chance at a good education, like South Korea and Germany. Why are Americans having to move state to state to find the resources they need when it could be universal throughout the richest country on Earth (America) Gerrrrr!.. stop with all the misappropriation of tax payers money. Legalize weed if you have to generate more revenue in our states!

    • Being president ain’t brain surgery.

      But, then again, being a brain surgeon ain’t the same as being president, either.

      Why not have him go into rocket science?

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