Carly Fiorina, the former chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard, has stated she will “likely” launch a 2016 presidential campaign for the Republican nomination. Fiorina previously has run unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in California, but recently ignited interest after she spoke in January at the Iowa Freedom Summit. Fiorina isn’t entirely a stranger to presidential politics having served as an adviser to John McCain during his 2008 presidential bid.

Report from CNN:

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said Thursday it’s “looking more likely” that she’ll run for president in 2016, though she acknowledged she faces challenges in the wide-open Republican presidential primary field.

In an interview on Boston Herald Radio, Fiorina said her primary concern right now is introducing herself to voters, and raising enough money to compete.

“Of course people don’t know me and they need to get to know me,” Fiorina said. “Do we need to raise money? Yes. Do we need to raise as much money as Jeb Bush? No.”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s team has telegraphed plans to raise $100 million in the first quarter of the year, an eye-popping sum intended to discourage some of his potential GOP opponents from the race. Fiorina said, however, she believes there are other ways to compete.

“Money is important, but money is not everything, and I actually think good, old-fashioned, on-the-ground, reach-out politics counts for a lot,” she said.

Her announcement late last year of her interest in the potential 2016 race surprised many political watchers, as she’s never held public office, and made just one run at it, a failed challenge to Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer in 2010. Since announcing, she’s hired staff and is headed to New Hampshire later this month, with an announcement of her decision reportedly planned for May.

If she were to jump in the race, Fiorina could likely self-fund to some degree, as she did during her 2010 run for Senate.

Fiorina has many strengths but she faces several hurdles, which she identified, such as name recognition and finding major sources of funding. She’s not even a blip in any primary poll I’ve seen but that would change, presumably, if she made an announcement. Assuming her views hasn’t changed since 2010 when she ran for senate, she considers herself pro-life and holds very conservative views on other topics such as the economy and national defense.

It really would be interesting to see her compete as not only an outsider from the political world, but also as a woman who has toppled many glass-ceiling hurdles in the business world.


  1. Sure it would be interesting to see someone from outside the political world and a women compete but that are also two strikes against her. Haven’t we been saying for the past 8 years that we have in office a man who isn’t qualified and was only voted in due to his ethnic background? Are we going to vote for someone simply because they are a women and we need to challenge the Democrats for electing “THE FIRST WOMEN PRESIDENT” to show we aren’t bigots? As far as her being a CEO I applaud her accomplishments but we also had an accomplished CEO named Ross Perot run in 1992 and he wasn’t anywhere near qualified for the position. Running a corporation where you say jump and they say how high is one thing but the workings of Washington is completely different. I suggest she run for Congress and get a feel for how Washington really works and then think about the White House in the future the same as I would to Gov. Palin or Dr. Carson. She has excellent Conservative principles but so far she is merely spouting the right rhetoric.

    • I hate to agree with Bob on anything (Surfisher will say we’re the same person again), but I do agree, here.

      But Bob doesn’t mention her main problem: she’s unattractive. She’s like Maude from TV. But by “unattractive,” I mean her demeanor, not her looks. She just has a history of making enemies for no good reason. A Hillary/Carly campaign would be unbearable.

      As for Fiorina’s management skill, her own Wikipedia page calls her “one of the worst CEOs of all time.”

    • Bob — glad to see you’ve returned from your hiatus of being send back to Israel for more Zionist reorientation…..

      Looking forward to reading more of your circumlocution… kid… 🙂

  2. First time I’ve seen her is in this video Nate posted:

    Starts strong, then gets boring with way too long religiousness, but ends strong.
    As a speaker is somewhat unpolished (but not to the point where one would say it hurts her message). Comes across as genuine, but lacks the charisma that makes one a Star (like Ronald Reagan…but than no single runner on both sides has anything close to that nowdays).

    Key points that resonate with ALL Real Americans and score BIG:

    1) Small Business is the backbone of America — and Big Gov is crushing it!

    2) Liberals are concerned with the sanctity of life for endangered frog species and flies — but not with unborn HUMAN children!

    3) Hillary Clinton has traveled tens of thousands of miles across the world, but has accomplished NOTHING — except the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi (gets standing ovation here)!!!

    4) The Citizens of America’s worst enemy is our Ever Growing Bloated Government, and it must be ended and returned to its roots of limited Gov by the people, and NEVER AGAIN by professional politicians!

  3. I commented on how awful a Carly/Hillary campaign would be.

    A friend said he heard that Bill Maher calls Hillary “America’s ex-wife.”

    I said that was Hillary-ous.

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