Not to be forgotten amid the Jeb Bush/Mitt Romney palooza happening in the world of presidential politics, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has begun assembling his 2016 team. Paul had been holding the top spot in many primary polls during the last quarter of 2014 but his numbers have dropped in the last two months.

Report from Fox News:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has hired a campaign manager in preparation for a possible White House bid in 2016, according to a published report.

The Washington Post reported late Tuesday that Paul had announced the hiring of Chip Englander, who most recently oversaw Bruce Rauner’s successful campaign for Illinois governor. Citing people familiar with the hire, the paper reported that Englander would officially hold the title of senior adviser at Paul’s political action committee. However, those people also said that the 33-year-old Englander had been assured that he will take over operation of the campaign once Paul talks the matter out with his family.

“America has intractable problems and it’s going to take a transformational leader to fix them,” Englander told the Post. “Senator Paul is going to be the bold, transformational figure in this race.

Also, here’s a story from Politico on the way Paul is positioning himself against the other candidates:

Jeb Bush is “a Big Government Republican.” Mitt Romney “had his chance.” And Marco Rubio’s recent jabs on foreign policy are “silly” and “childish.”

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is back in insurgent mode, lobbing bombs at his potential Republican presidential rivals and looking to take back a political spotlight that Bush and Romney have been hogging lately. Paul is also heading to New Hampshire and Nevada this week, hoping to strike a fire with voters who want a new voice to carry the GOP’s message to the White House.

“You need a candidate who reaches out to new constituencies and is able to bring new people into the party,” Paul said. “Because if we do the same old, same old candidates, we are going to get the same old result.”

Rand was also asked if his father, Ron Paul, would join him on the campaign trail in 2016:

Indeed, in the interview, Paul flatly said, “No,” when asked if his father would join him on the campaign trail should he run.

“It’s just I need to represent the ideas and present ideas, because if I were to run, obviously it’s me running,” he added.

If I was Rand Paul, I might not be too disappointed that Romney is also entering the race. If there is a melee between the establishment candidates, it may split the field and allow for a non-establishment candidate to emerge.


  1. Rand is trying to portray himself as a “new” option. Which is silly, since he would just be “some yokel from Ken-tuck” if it were not for his father. So he’s just one more dynastic option. And now, he’s trying to distance himself from his father.

    • Ron Paul will always be a shadow behind Rand Paul. At times his father will be his greatest asset, as well as his greatest liability. Ron Paul cannot be stilled and he cannot be quiet. From his Texas home, he has a number of projects moving, especially his Home Schooling Curriculum. When completed and
      online, the curriculum’s first six years — instructional videos and course materials – will be free. The paid section of this site should be finished in late 2015. Paul promises to deliver an “education in liberty like no other,” including specific courses on “the economics of the Austrian school.”

    • Goethe — what “dynasty” are you mumbling about…?

      Get a grip, Rand is the only viable Libertarian that can win — so stop your asinine nonsense, kid.

      • As I noted above, if it were not for Ron, Rand would be seen as just another yokel from KEN-tuck.

        A dynasty only needs one predecessor. After all, they call it a “Clinton Dynasty,” and it is composed only of two people: Bill and Hillary.

        Ron and Rand are also two people–except that they are VERY different people.

        I still think Rand is the best GOP prospect, but you need to wake up and smell the coffee: (a) Rand is riding on Ron’s coattails, and (b) The two of them disagree on a lot–to the extent that Rand says he doesn’t even want his dad to campaign for him.

      • Rand Paul is NOW in the bottom of the polls for his party….
        No Democratic challanger like Obama this time….
        We’ll see

        • By that do you mean that Hillary has no obstacles this time? Nonsense. She has the same big obstacle she had last time–herself.

          • To the contrary on losing….
            It makes ya BETTER…..
            There are ALWAYS things for you to get past….
            But she will be better having lost the last time….
            Besides….even if some primary her?
            THAT will make her better….
            The GOPer’s are the show this time….
            We’ll see

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