Unofficial in the sense that it’s technically a forum, not a debate, and it’s not sanctioned by the Republican National Committee. It’s called the American Recovery Policy Forum, and it will feature an hour long panel discussion which will include Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio. The forum will be moderated by Jonathan Karl of ABC News. This will be the closest we get to a debate until August.

Report from ABC News:

Three of the most talked about potential GOP presidential candidates will appear together this weekend at a panel sponsored by the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, in this year’s first forum of presidential hopefuls.

At the group’s winter meeting Sunday in Palm Springs, California, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will participate in a panel discussion on domestic economic issues, including health care and energy policy. ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl will moderate the discussion.

The Arlington, Virginia-based Freedom Partners is a not-for-profit advocacy group affiliated with Charles and David Koch, two of the country’s best known conservative mega-donors.

The hour-long “American Recovery Policy Forum” featuring the senators is a first of its kind for the organization. It’s an attempt to have the organization play a more active role in shaping the national political dialogue, according to James Davis, a spokesman for Freedom Partners.

You’ll be able to watch it live streamed on Sunday from ABC News, see details below.

Time: Sunday, January 25, 2015 @ 11:30pm ET / 8:30pm PT
Live Stream:
Candidates: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio
Location: Palm Springs, California

If you miss it, which you likely will, I’ll post the full video on Monday.


I’ve been unable to find the entire video because it has not been released per RNC rules governing forums.


  1. Har. The GOP establishment outlaws debates, so now we’re going to have “forums,” “discussions,” “seminars,” “symposiums,” “assemblies,” “colloquiums,” “conclaves,” “convocations,” and “councils.” Note that the three in this “forum” are NOT establishment players.

    In addition, the networks can pick a few candidates to face off on “Face the Nation” and such programs. I’m gonna have to stock up on popcorn.

    • Unfortunately I can’t either. I believe that is because the entire video has not been released per RNC rules governing these forum events. They can’t be live streamed more than 15 minutes and they can’t be released in entirety.

      I will make a note that the full video isn’t available.

      • Thanks for the excerpt – let me know if you are able to post it later, in increments; maybe that would be a way to get around the silly regulation?

        This was helpful, TYVM!

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