There is some legitimacy to the argument that 2014 may turn out to be both good and bad for Republicans in regard to the 2016 presidential election. On the on hand, it gives them some increased clout in states like Ohio and Florida, two must-win swing states. However, at the same time, GOP gains in the U.S. Senate allow the eventual 2016 Democratic candidate run against the Republican-controlled congress and separate him or herself from the Obama administration.

Report from The State Press:

On Nov. 4, Republicans seized the Senate and the governor majority while keeping control of the House of Representatives — a feat that hadn’t been accomplished since 2006. Obviously, it was a huge win for the Republican Party, right?

Not quite. If we look a little closer, we can see that the Democratic Party now has everything to gain in the presidential election coming up in two years. While the Republican Party is celebrating, Democrats will be getting down to business.

Comparing the 2010 Democratic electorate to this one, there has been a marginal increase among women, Latinos and voters in the western U.S. — a fact that is being undermined by the Republican Party domination.

Although a majority of millennial voters ages 18 to 29 supported the Democratic Party, their voter turnout rates plummeted from 19 percent in 2012 to 13 percent this time around. Low voter turnout among this demographic aided the wave of Republican wins.

Considering younger voters are more likely to vote in presidential elections, we can expect voter turnout to be much less of a problem for the Democratic Party in 2016. Not to mention, during the 2010 midterm election, the Republican wave of voters helped the GOP to major victories — but President Barack Obama won the Presidential election in 2012.

With strong potential Presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton representing the Democratic party, who’s to say that history won’t repeat itself? [Emphasis added]

The question will be something political analysts will ponder for the next two years. Can Democrats replicate the turnout model conjured by Barack Obama in 2008, and repeated in 2012, if he is not on the ballot? If they’re able to do so, Republicans will have a lot of work to do if they hope to overcome that in 2016. If Democrats cannot repeat the formula in 2016, will the next presidential election resemble 2000 or 2004 in terms of issues and turnout models?


  1. File under “Back To The Future”:

    Among the half dozen candidates being considered to run the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) are Mass. Rep. Joe Kennedy and Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro. Mr. Kennedy is the grandson to Sen. Bobby Kennedy and Mr. Castro is the twin brother to HUD Secretary and former Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro. The decision as to who will be appointed and lead the comeback will be made by Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

  2. File Under “Deja Vu:

    Chairwomen of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz made an “AUTOPSY” video (see link) entitled “Our Party Has A Problem” and will appoint a committee of Democrats to investigate what went wrong in the recent mid-term elections.

    The article is entitled: “Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The American People Believe In Us That’s Why They Voted Against Us”

  3. After the euphoria of soundly defeating Obama and his ilk, reality now sets in.

    All good people should fear that the Dems will win back the Senate and even the presidency in 2016 — thanks to Mitch McConnell.

    The ultimate Neocon, the Establishment’s true apparatchik, Mitch McConnell has stated that his goal is to destroy the Tea Party:

    (and Mitch McConnell did a hatchet job on Tea Party candidate Bevin…to the point that he brought Bevin’s wife to tears, with Mitch McConnell’s ugliness in ads).

    If Mitch McConnell is elected Majority Leader in the Senate (which is a near certainty) — expect him to do NOTHING but PRESERVE his post as the MOST POWERFUL REPUBLICAN in the nation for the next six year (his ultimate goal, and nothing else).

    Mitch McConnell has stated that repealing Obamacare is unrealistic, so will never happen, thus he won’t pursue such “nonsense” (according to him); he’ll instead work on “soft” issues that Obama may agree!!!!!!!

    Mitch McConnell has failed to comprehend that it was the Conservatives/Tea Party block that showed up in force to win these Repubs elections! And as such our demands are that Obamacare be dismantled, and no quarter given to Obama on any legislation (but ACTUALLY have Obama investigated and brought to Justice for his Lawlessness)!

    However, Mitch McConnell will be a happy camper just to be The Repubs BIG Boss— so will make sure that no-one rocks the boat, for he may fall out of it, otherwise.

    This being the case — Mitch McConnell has assured his end as “Big Boss” come 2016 (the Dems may bring back another NON-PRODUCER, such as the creature known as Harry Reid, again)!

    Unless the core of Patriots — the Tea Party — challenge Neocon Mitch McConnell, and ensure that one of them becomes Majority Leader (Ted Cruz would be best, freeing Rand Paul to run for President), we will see a DO NOTHING Senate under Mitch-the-Con, and the Dems will once again getter the better of US come 2016!

    • Wrong addy on Mitch’s ugliness toward Bevin:

      and, video: Matt Bevin concession speech (a must watch if you are a Patriot!):

      What true words Matt Bevin says about the hatchet job the Mitch McConnell Establishment Machine did: “Our campaign was about the Future of the United States of America, that’s what this has been all about. The attacks we have received (by Mitch McConnell) have made them smaller people, have cheapened their accomplishments, have weakened their platform and has ERODED OUR FAITH in the political process, and our political leaders …. But we should never reply to lies with lies, we are bigger than that …”!

  4. “One of the things I’m very proud of in 2008 and 2012 when I ran for office was we got people involved who hadn’t been involved before……To the 2/3 of voters who choose not to participate in the process yesterday I hear you too.”
    President Obama 5th of November 2014

    Is the President claiming the two thirds population that didn’t vote as his mandate here? We know he believes that he would have gotten more of his agenda through that was bequeathed by the voters if it wasn’t for the obstructionist republicans. Is he claiming republicans kept people from voting?

    The article entitled: “In Defeat Obama Tells GOP: My Mandate Is Bigger Than Yours”

    • I kind of think that’s what he’s saying. As in, the majority DIDN’T vote for Republicans so Obama is still the elected leader who received the most votes out of all of them. Even with that said, in reality that isn’t the way the system works. Branches of government are separate but equal meaning it doesn’t matter how many votes put you in a site.

  5. From the article entitled ” Obama’s Iraqization of America” by Daniel Greenfield:

    “When it comes to Iraq Obama lectures the Sunni’s and Shiites on getting along and forming a government that won’t exist for the benefit of a single group at the expense of the other. But in America he runs exactly that sort of government. Only 27% of whites see Obama as a “Uniter” compared to 78% of blacks. Those are Sunni-Shiite numbers and numbers like that have consequences. Obama rules not by inspiring people but like Maliki and the ISIS he divides and conquers……..In 2012 Obama decisively lost white voters 59% to 39% of every sex and age in almost every state.”

    I know how you feel about using the race issue as a crutch but this article needs to be read because it points out it isn’t simply the number of blacks appointed by the President to high office but the agenda he has been attempting to get through and the grievance peddling henchmen like Rev. Wright and Sharpton that leech off of it.

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